TomTom Android app confirmed to arrive in October

by: Bams SadewoAugust 30, 2012
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The Android ecosystem has its fair share of navigation system apps, with Google’s home brewed offering doing a mighty fine job already. However, it certainly won’t hurt to have TomTom finally jumping onboard. After a not so subtle hint two months ago, TomTom for Android is ready to direct you to your destination and stop you from getting lost — and it’s coming pretty soon.

The Android version of TomTom, which will be showcased at IFA event, is bringing along many features that one expect to see from TomTom, such as on-board maps with new map interface, updated routes, traffic redirection, intelligent routing, advanced lane guidance, spoken street names, 2D/3D driving view, and even speed camera alerts.

Optimistic about the October launch of TomTom on the platform that it has seemingly forsaken in the last couple of years, TomTom managing director Corinne Vigreux said that bringing TomTom navigation app to Android smartphone is a significant milestone for the company.

While many features on the app can be used for no extra cost, users will have to cough up more dough for the use of HD traffic and speed camera alerts through in-app purchasing.

There’s no word yet on how much TomTom will cost, but we should be hearing more details  as we near the release date. In the meantime, how excited are you about TomTom finally finding its way to Android?

  • Shivam

    I mean its really nice, but no matter what it has to offer, nothing beats the freshness on Google Nav

    • Shivam

      I mean freeness

    • I can think of one think! Not available in my Country!

      • MasterMuffin

        :O where do you live, it’s even available in finland!

  • suleman zahid

    yeah good app but y u pay for such an app when u have all the things free on google navigation

  • iphone

    U could all ways downlode it fir free from 4share or otger website from your computer lol

    • MasterMuffin

      true if you’re a 9 years old kid (your comment looks like it has been written buy 9 or less years old kid)….

  • tBs_Battousai

    Meh, Google navigation and trapster are all 90% of people will need, and they are both free…

  • Steve

    I have a Tom Tom in my car. Let me tell you. If their app is anything like the unit in my car, I will pass. Tom Tom absolutely sucks at giving directions. It always directs me to take longer routes and just last week, I was going to the Bronx Zoo and when it said I was at my destination, I was more than 8 miles away from the zoo. I selected the Zoo as a Navigate to POI (Point of interest) figuring that since it was such a famous place it had to have the proper location. It wasnt even close. True, I havent updated the map since I bought it a few years ago because I refuse to pay for something that should be free, but come on…. Unless the Zoo packed up all the animals and made a move in the last couple of years, 8 miles is too far to be a simple error to where the entrance to a parking lot is. Tom Tom sucks and until they get their act together, Google Maps is the way to go so my Droid Razr is my stand in for turn by turn navigation

  • Abhishek

    Navfree is the best thing to have happened on Android which is for free and accurate and that too with offline mode with no data charges.

  • Andrew Davis

    I used TomTom on the iPhone since version 1.0. Nothing currently on Google Play compares. I am very glad to see this on its way.

  • Henry Boyle

    I know about the navigation app being yet released by the Tom Tom for Android, is this the same app being talked about here? If yes, then I think this app lacks lots of things in it which should be improved.

  • Nelle Dodson