First Tizen smartphone to arrive in October, despite reports to the contrary

by: David GonzalesAugust 14, 2013

What’s going on with Tizen nowadays? Not much, unless you count those earlier reports about its supposedly obvious yet still untimely demise. For the longest time now, people have been saying that Tizen is either dead or delayed. Now a new report on DigiTimes says just that — that Samsung has delayed further Tizen development, according to unnamed industry sources.

Samsung, which started co-developing Tizen with Intel as a kind of exit strategy from Android, has reportedly “slowed down” its development of the Tizen OS, seeing as how it might benefits some of its biggest competitors on the Android front. We’re talking about other Android phone makers such as LG, Sony, and HTC, of course. And if the reports of the delay are true, then the delay is actually quite a reasonable move for Samsung.

And yet, despite these reports of a delay, a blog called Tizen Indonesia claims that the first Tizen-powered smartphone is going to be released in October of this year, first in five countries where carrier negotiations have already been completed by Samsung. These five countries are China, France, Japan, Russia, and the United States. It is also said that Huawei will be involved in the development of Tizen-powered handsets (specifically, for China).

It is said that the carriers involved in the deployment of the first Tizen smartphone include NTT DoCoMo, Orange, France Telecom, and Sprint. And the reason why the phone is going to be released in the countries where these carriers do business is that they have been determined to be the countries where the highest rate of success can be expected.

Would you be interested in a Samsung-branded Tizen smartphone? What about one from HTC? There’s a possibility that it might be released at the next Samsung Developers Conference, which will scheduled to happen in San Francisco, California. Do you think it’s worth looking forward to?

  • Siphiwe

    I think it’s bad timing from Samsung, 2014 is the perfect time to launch Tizen OS and it’s first smartphone!

    I for one, won’t be buying a Tizen powered smartphone anytime soon. I’ll probably buy the third generation Tizen flagship smartphone if the OS proves to be successful. For now, I’ll leave it to the “beta testers”.

  • Ray

    Definitely not for me right off the bat. I’ve got WAAAAY to much tied up in Android and Google to even consider switching. Ask me again in a another few years, assuming Tizen has actually taken off, and I might start considering it.

    Good luck to them… they are going to need it.

    • mobilemann

      like what? industry standard calendars contacts and email? The ecosystem isn’t hard to get out of, you can take everything.

      • Ray

        Everything… except for the small fortune in apps and games I’ve purchased, which I dare say 99% of them wont be available on Tizen for some time.

        Tizen is still VERY immature. It has quite a few hard years ahead before it can compete with the likes of Android or even iOS. That’s assuming it actually gets off the ground to begin with.

  • End in sight

    Why would you ask about an HTC Tizen phone? That doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, I can’t understand a business model that would contemplate licensing Tizen to HTC. Call me crazy…

  • Roberto Tomás

    I like Tizen itself — Samsung can delay all it wants, Tizen is an independent Linux Foundation Project… someone will make a phone on it sooner than lter. The thing is, it is basically the same sort of HTML5 OS that FirefoxOS is: so there’s no hurry.

  • Jaun Lombard

    If it drops the Android and iPhone look like Windows 8 did and they can put it on a phone with the S4’s spec…I am in!

  • they should first target developing country / market first. there are lots of market to be covered.

  • Timothy Anderson

    I doubt I would buy one because I have too much invested in the Android/Chrome ecosystem. For example, if I have a Google play movie, app, game, etc, I doubt I could use it on Tizen, unless they allow Google products on their store. I also have tablets, chromecast, GoogleTV, Chrome OS, etc. all of which work seamlessly together. Not to mention that my son and wife are similarly invested. I like the ubiquity of the Google ecosystem. I get something once and I can use it almost anywhere, including my desktop. I really like Android and its improving all the time with all kinds of new features constantly added. I really don’t foresee what the compelling reason would be for me to jump ship, but it would have to be something amazing for me to even consider switching. If it is just merely a copycat/clone of Android, then I definitely will not switch. Android is also well established which means that one would expect it to have staying power. Tizen may come and go, if nobody supports it, so there is definitely a risk in buying into it.

  • xiyou849

  • Trent Richards

    I am quite invested in Android and am also very pleased with it. I have zero interest in Tizen because so far all it looks like is a “me too” OS attempt by Samsung.

  • ijKs

    I would definitely not mind a 3rd successful platform. Yeah, I still don’t count Win8 as a success :P. With Android currently being an orgy fest of royalty/patent payments. I mean even Microsoft gets paid with every Android phone. Samsung will probably release it in South East Asian markets along with newer Africa/Middle East markets for “testing” and maturing.

  • Charles Chambers

    I strongly dislike Samsung’s take on android, so I probably will stay away from Tizen. I like Google. Plus, I bet if Tizen did have any innovative features, it wouldn’t take long at all for someone on android to mimic them.

  • songti


  • GrayGrantham

    What I am hoping for from Android, Tizen or whoever… I want a smartphone that will double as a pc desktop, preferably with a full blown linux disto avaialbe to it, I want ot be able to put in my pocket and use it as a phone and I want to be able to plug it in to either an HDMI TV or HDMI/DVI monitor, powered USB Hub (keyborad, mouse,printer) and use it as my deskto PC.

    I want to consolidate my Cell Phone Bill with my Internet Access bill.

    Give me that and you can call it crap, I will buy it.