Tizen OS officially unveiled at MWC

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 27, 2013

Tizen Handset

Tizen is another Linux based operating system, like Android, which is being developed in a joint venture between Samsung and Intel. The initial idea was to create an open source operating system free from Google, where carriers would have more control over the content.

The new operating system has been demoed at MWC this week, but as well as showing off the interface and apps there have been some important announcements regarding the future of this fledgling operating system.

Huawei has now joining the Tizen Association, which steers development of the operating system, and European network provider Orange has signed up as another carrier looking to take future Tizen powered handsets to market.

Japanese network provider NTT Docomo has confirmed that it wants to be the first carrier to offer a Tizen smartphone, and we’ve already heard that Samsung is planning on shipping out Tizen handset later this year. Similarly Orange has committed to bringing Samsung and Huawei smartphones powered by the new OS to market in 2013. This certainly puts the pressure on Google, as Samsung is the go to manufacturer for many consumers looking for a non iOS smartphone.

Orange and NTT Docomo have both stated the first Tizen phones will debut for around $300, which puts them towards the top end of the market. Orange also has plans to bring Tizen to emerging markets sometime in 2014, which could see budget models also using the new operating system.

What do you think of Tizen? Is this a sign of growing tensions between Samsung and Google, a sensible business decision to diversify away from Android, or a win for us consumers via a broadening of choice?

  • Marcus Thomas

    MORE carrier control?

    • I agree. Would not consider that to be a consumer friendly idea. Sounds like a surefire way to undermine any good points Tizen may have to offer.

  • souheil

    Competition is in favor of the consumer as choices emerge price drops down ;)

    • Omar O’Hara

      How much do manufacturers pay to use Android on their handsets? How will this make the price of handsets go down?

    • Robbie Rob

      Competition can be good, but not if all of Asian backs Tizen and drops Google. It’ll be another American company that sinks.. while another Asian company ( Korean in this case ) get’s all your American dollars.
      Google makes money from Android exactly the same way Apple does from it’s phone. Apple doesn’t charge itself for iOS huh? Google and Apple have about the same amount of Apps in their stores – 700,000. Google charges EXACTLY the same percentage for profits from the store as Apple – 30% is kept, while 70% goes to the developer. Google makes BILLIONS from Android. Additionally to $Billions made from the Google Play Store, Google makes another $1 Billion a year from ads that run on android phones – just ads !

      All the Google nuts have Google painted as this Robin Hood company. They were worth $100 million in the year 2000 – Has anyone reasoned why they are worth $130 Billion in only 13 years?

      Ok – another point- this is why Samsung has basically stolen Android. Tizen looks like Android and feels like it. They’ve used Android and now will make their own phone run an OS – so that their phone looks and feels just the same as when it ran Android ! Ironic IMHO… Google asked Steven Jobs back around the year 2000 to join Google as CEO. Jobs declined but wanted to befriend Google. Jobs hired a Google man and has him join Apples board of directors. Google’s ‘mole’ helps Google steal Apple ideas. Google Android phone looked like a blackberry until they got the iPhone ! Now Samsung befriends Google – uses Android and quality handsets to make their phone the ( by far ) #1 Android phone in the world. Samsung sold 50% of all Android phones in the world in 2012. Samsung who has been planning this now wants GOOGLE PLAY STORE PROFITS for itself !
      Samsung Tizen Store can make Google/Apple kinda money in just a few short years !
      I love it when people repeat the whole Google – Android is “Free” and hata great company. Google is like A N Y company. They make TONS of cash by keeping you locked into using their products.
      Google makes Billions from Android every year – Oracle estimated Google makes 10 million dollars a day from Android ( that’s NET – not Gross ).. That’s 300 million a month or nearly $4 BILLION a year cash- Samsung says “This is the kinda money we want from a ‘free’ os ! ‘ Nothing is free – you pay for the phone – all the cost are hidden – you pay a carrier or buy air time – they make every dime and BILLIONS MORE…

  • Joshhud

    yeah sorry, im more committed to Google and Android than Samsung

    • Vivghkl

      Thank God i have choice then and can afford to use any platform I choose as well as having multiple handsets.

  • cycad007

    So begins the end of Google/Samsung’s profitable relationship. How can Google not view the action as a threat (to their business & to the Android ecosystem)?! Further, I imagine it must feel like a slap in the face given that Google gave Samsung the opportunity to manufacture/showcase the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus devices….sorta how Apple felt.

    Let’s see how Google handles this. I’m going to wager that we’ve seen the last of the Samsung Nexus devices.

  • zzz

    Without google, we’d still be using hotmail with 2mb. I for one am looking for more google integration, not less. Without google, there is no platform, fools!

    • Robbie Rob

      I used to think like you then I came to the realization that Google went to being worth $100 million in the year 2000 to being worth $130 Billion only 13 years later because they aren’t the ‘Robin Hood’ that the open source community believes them to be. The Richest tech companies in the USA: Apple, Microsoft, and Google. People often repeat “Its free” of Android. Yes and so is iOS – You think Apple charges themselves ? Google makes money the same way as Apple. Google Play and Apple Store both have about the same amount of Apps in their stores – about 750,000 Apps. Google charges developers EXACTLY the same amount as Apple does: 30% of profits. That comes to BILLIONS of DOLLARS a year. Want more ? Google makes another $ 1 Billion on ads that run on android phones every year as well. All android phones use Google search obviously so searches on android cash in. Each person averages about 30 searches a month on google. ( with a conservative 400 million droid phones out there – that comes to nearly 1 trillion searches a month. ) Google gets paid $20 for every 1 thousand searches – Can you say “Cha-Ching!” ??

      I used to think Google was this great company. They are actually no different then any company. They got us locked into using gmail and other services. A system that keeps you using their products.

      In case you didn’t know the two main guys who started Google asked Steven Jobs to come be the CEO around 2000. Jobs took it as a compliment and wanted to help Google. Jobs hired one of the main Google guys to join the Apple board of directors. When Apple planned the iPhone they were light years ahead. The guy Jobs hired was basically a mole for Google. All plans for the iPhone were given to Google so they could make their Android OS look like Apples. Its funny how Android looked more like Blackberry until they got Apples ideas. This is why Apple won the lawsuit against Google in the USA.

      Now it’s IRONIC. Google’s Android wouldn’t be as big without Samsung because Samsung is the world largest phone maker- they have arguably the best overall Android Phone. Now Samsung HAS STOLEN Android – by making their own ‘Android’. They used Google just the way Google used Apple. They stayed buddy buddy with them long enough to use Android – make their phone popular and now Samsung makes a worthy OS called Tizen, but unlike other Linux OS’s ( like Badda ) Tizen can do HTML 5 ( like Android ) ..Tizen looks and feels like Android, except it can do even more ! Tizen can run on all smart devices ( like bluray players, TV’s, and even cars, and net books ).. Samsung has the Asian market behind them – Many big Asian companies are backing Tizen. Adoption of Tizen will be slower in the USA, but Sprint already has agreed to carry Tizen in the USA. Android apps will port easily to Tizen – so the Tizen app store will grow faster then Androids grew at first. But remember it only took Android 5 years. I used to never like Apple much. I liked Microsoft more. Apple has been stingy on what standards it adopts but I recognize now they are one of the few American companies left that has some integrity. Google bought Motorola, but mostly because they needed Motorola’s patents to fight dozens of companies suing Google for stealing their property. Now a Korean company called Samsung has taken the best of Android and made it ‘theirs’ by making some changes and calling it Tizen. In 5 years Google will be lucky to be 75% the value they are now if Tizen becomes the Asian Android I believe they will. Many Asian companies don’t like Google and will support Tizen over Android. The Billions Android makes today ( from a ‘free’ haha operating system ) might not be coming in just a few years.

      I do believe adoption will be slow in the USA, but Samsung doesn’t need the USA to grow Tizen. Samsung has said it wont cut Android completely and I believe this much is true for awhile. Samsung will need to use Android awhile longer to sell phones in the USA. Notice Samsung never mentions Android in ads anymore? Go the the official Galaxy 4 homepage.
      No mention of Android at all. I believe the S4 will be sold in Android and Tizen flavors.

  • Skipper

    I bet on LG’s WebOS rather than Tizen

  • IncCo

    wow what a shitty os

  • Nex Unit Xyber

    Its a load of SXXT!

  • Aren

    Samsung have long been annoying me over all the stupid patent rubbish going back and forth. I’ll buy an HTC next.

  • john

    Tizen is more similar to Android many realize. Although it is much less polished, I always liked the idea of lighter OS and app based experience.

  • symbolset

    “where carriers would have more control over the content.”

    Lost me on the second sentence. Don’t really need to know more about Tizen than this. Informative article though! Gets right to the point.

  • MasterMuffin

    “Huawei¬†has now joining the Tizen Association”
    Me thinks we has an typo