The Android-killer that wasn’t? Tizen is “almost dead”, says industry insider

by: Bogdan PetrovanJuly 3, 2013

Tizen Logo genie

Yesterday, news broke that Samsung would delay the release of the first smartphone running Tizen, a Linux-based operating system that the Korean company has been developing together with Intel and other partners.

According to the Korean website iNews, the reason for the delay of the device, widely thought to bear the GT-I8800 code number, would be the lack of a strong ecosystem of apps that users can install at launch. The GT-I8800, a phone that is similar to the Galaxy S3 when it comes to specs, was initially pegged to launch in the third quarter of 2013. However, the report claims that Samsung and Intel have postponed the phone’s debut by two months, in an effort to muster more apps and more support from developers.

But this delay may be more than a simple bump in the road for Tizen. Eldar Murtazin, the Russian tech blogger with connections deep inside the mobile industry, just tweeted that the Tizen project faces termination.

Tizen is Samsung’s attempt to reduce its reliance on Android, which, although wildly successful, Samsung can’t control as much as it would like to. Intel helped Samsung for similar reasons – the chip giant was off to a late start in the mobile revolution, and control over a successful alternative to Android would have provided a major boost.

Some industry watchers have seen in Tizen a viable threat to Android, especially since a group of major international carriers have announced its support for the project. However, if Murtazin is onto something here, Tizen might be joining Bada, Meego, or Meltemi in the cemetery of failed operating systems.

In a follow up tweet, Murtazin alluded at what the future holds for Tizen:

It may be that not all the work of the Tizen team would be in vain, even if the operating system won’t make it to the market in the current form.

Would the untimely death of a potential competitor good for Android? What would happen if Android would kill all its competitors? My colleague Gary Sims attempts to answer these questions here.

  • We need more competition but Samsung is not capable of that. They can just make gimmicky features. I hope Android faces some serious competition. More competition = better for customers.

    Apple is just copying Android & Samsung is copying Apple. They both are not helping Android.

    • Well, they are the boss of the system, so maybe the other players should provide the serious competition?

    • MasterMuffin

      Ubuntu Mobile and Sailfish Os, bring it on!

      • Benjamin Pavel

        Ubuntu might be a threat because of its openness.
        Let’s hope more devs will be interested in Ubuntu Touch OS. =)

    • Cristi13

      “They can just make gimmicky features”, yet another hater without reason.Copy that, copy up, copy down, as long as they are providing more features to the customers (copied or not) we shouldn’t care, oh and hello, reality check, all companies copy (but only apple makes such a big deal over it, though). As Bogdan Petrovan said below, what about the other players to provide some serious competition?

  • monkeypox69

    People act like Android has no competition. What the Hell are iOS, Windows, Blackberry then?

    • jmoney

      Please tell me how blackberry is any compition for android

    • Andraz Pirnovar

      Well, iOS is a competitor.

    • gommer strike

      I mean to be fair, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phone *are* competitors. If a 3rd party poses even a 1% threat, that’s 1% that could have been Android’s share and vice versa.

    • Cristi13

      Out of all ios is the only serious competition, blacberry is shrinking and wp is growing so slow(unlike some analyst predictions).

  • kascollet

    Samsung doesn’t need Tizen anymore : they have obviously partnered very tightly with Intel around Windows 8/X86 devices (see the wide Ativ line that was just announced).

  • supermitra

    Windows Phone is definitely an OS to be accounted for. I fell in love with it very quickly, even though I run Fedora in my Desktop PC and own a PS3. I still find it hard to believe this OS is developed by the same (insane?) team that keeps working on that dreadful Outlook. Ih ih ih

  • nishantsirohi123

    i wonder why samsung ditched bada in the first place.
    From what i know, Tizen was samsung’s plan-B against android, and WP, having an ecosystem of their own against those sourced from third party

    it was great, even though it seemed like an android clone(thanks to touchwiz skin). Samsung should have worked on it, considering it had a presence in the market for a while, i have seen people who were fan of it
    the wave 3 had the among the strongest battery backup in its class (if you check gsmarena reviews) even with a 1500 mah battery

    but then it is samsung’s decision

    • If you ever used a Bada phone, you would know. Lack of apps, silly restrictions and unoptimsed hardware are just some of the problems.

    • If you ever used a Bada phone, you would know. Lack of apps, silly restrictions and unoptimsed hardware are just some of the problems.

  • Jaun Lombard

    The problem is (I think) besides apps…is that it LOOKS LIKE ANDROID! The only operating systems that will be valid in future is IOS…ANDROID and WINDOWS. Samsung with all its partners were properly the only threat that could have done something…Ubuntu won’t become big, because Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG are not supporting them!

    If Tizen was like Windows…looked different than the rest…then I would have bought it, but it looks like a cheaper Android version (yes it supports internet stuff better than Android, but to me and the normal customer…look and feel of the OS matters more!

  • iKrontologist

    Hahaha….. Tizen isn’t DEAD and it’s actually doing better than Bada OS…. if that’s possible. Since Bada quickly became the #3 Mobile OS behind Android and iOS! Love it when the freaking HATERS…. get skunked! lol… Serves ’em right…. especially here on Android (Samsung Hater) Authority’s web site! Gear S2 is now on it’s way with….. yessssss…. TIZEN!!! mwahahaha….. ;-P