Tizen 2.0 screenshots reveal that Samsung’s UI designers are competent

by: ŠtefanFebruary 18, 2013

When people think Samsung, they think Android, but that would be doing the company a disservice. Samsung has released a handful of devices running Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, but more importantly they’re also working on a brand new operating system with Intel called Tizen. In case you haven’t heard of Tizen, it used to be called MeeGo back when Nokia was working on it a few years ago. But then Nokia gave up on the project, so Samsung took over their work and renamed the OS.

With that out of the way, let’s get to today’s news: The Tizen 2.0 SDK is out, and thanks to SamMobile, we have some screenshots of what it looks like. We’re not going to lie, it’s nice. It’s super nice. The lines are clean, the design is tight, and it kind of reminds us of Nokia’s N9 due to the rounded icons.

When will Samsung announce a device running Tizen? That’s the question everyone is struggling to answer. Assuming for a moment that a Tizen phone is going to hit store shelves this summer, why would a consumer buy one instead of going for a device powered by Android? Don’t people want access to Google’s ecosystem? Don’t people want access to the Google Play Store?

Mobile World Congress is just one week away, so we hope we’ll get some answers there. If not, then there’s always Samsung’s rumored Unpacked event that’s scheduled to take place on the 14th of March. Again, we’re struggling to see why someone would want a Tizen phone instead of an Android phone, so Samsung has to do a good job at communicating why we should care about their new platform.

Why do you think Samsung is working on Tizen? Is it purely to piss off Google by showing them that they can switch OS whenever they please?

  • Good luck tizen, you’re just couple of years behind…

  • cycad007

    Gotta admit…the interface looks nice so far. The big question is can Tizen survive *WITHOUT* native Google services/support built-in? If so, Google has just helped create an enormous competitor for itself in Samsung.

    • ConceptVBS

      Google needs Samsung, more than Samsung needs Google.

      • Cycad007

        I’d respectfully disagree. Google has search, Gmail, Zagat, YouTube, Translate, Talk, Offers, Books, Music, Voice, Docs and Maps. What critical online services does Samsung offer?! does Samsung offer?

        • swift11

          Tizen is compatible with all Google services of course.

  • Isn’t tizen supposed to be able to run Android apps? Even if it does all of these mobile operating systems that have been announced lately is getting ridiculous IMO

    • MasterMuffin

      No, I think it only runs HTML5 apps. If I remember correctly only Sailfish can run Android apps.

  • joser116

    Its great Samsung is doing this. This only pushes Google to work harder on making Android better.

  • Rob Mahon

    I get a feeling they’ll announce a Dalvik VM emulator to go with this, allowing Android compatibility, with a Touchwiz Tizen UI, so 80% of people won’t even notice that they’re not using Android. All comes down to the app store, and a VM to emulate the best apps out there will help to boost things up, (though it was only a minor help to Blackberry it appears so far). Any new phone ecosystem is going to have to fight hard to get the appearance of a large amount of apps, and emulating Android is realistically the only way it’ll happen for anyone not called Apple/Microsoft. (and even then, I wonder if Bluestacks will ever get their stuff running on Windows Mobile once the spec gets a bit up there).

    • swift11

      OpenMobile’s ACL is a Dalvik clone so Tizen is 100% Android compatible.

  • hmmm

    Great to see…
    about time…

    android and ios are the next symbian.

  • David Bucci

    With a Linux core, they could make a play similar to Ubuntu for Android, where the Android userland is running alongside their native userland/graphics stack. That’d allow them to leverage Android (though likely they’d need their own app store – hmm – maybe not, if it was running Android in a pure sense, can Google object to an additional userspace/UI also running?), and still go “native” for their core user experience, giving them one less layer of emulation, and presumably improved performance and other advantages.

    What would be interesting is to see if WINE running in this space would permit any extension into WinPho space … is WINE headed toward API compatibility with Win8, anyone know? Not that WINE running old-school Win7 and earlier apps wouldn’t be interested, especially for tablet form factor. (Samsung knowing a thing or two about tablets)

  • Cristi Istrate

    The new Bada ?

  • ConceptVBS

    Tizen can run Android apps.

  • Ignacio Martín

    When a company grows that big as Samsung, things like this happen. They want their ecosystem and their own app store (control everything). Sure it can run Android apps, but through a through a compatibility layer, as Tizen’s architecture is not the same as Android’s. The kernel is not the same, neither is the display manager and Inter Process Communication mechanisms. Thus, they won’t integrate very well.

    I’d hoppe to see Ubuntu Phone OS rise instead of Tizen, because it has more potential to seamless integrate with a desktop user space.

    As an Android/Ubuntu fan, and despite Tizen being linux, I won’t give Samsung more power. After seeing what they want to do with Samsung Apps, I don’t like the idea of more fragmentation.

    After buying an expensive Smart TV from Samsung, I realized they want a walled garden ecosystem. I couldn’t even change the search engine from Bing (really?) to Google.

  • hot_spare

    Is this a design direction used in their GS4 UI?

  • john

    Well…it will still compile and run linux programs and better APIs. I didn’t mind darvik and Android slowly transitioning into a Java-like- machine, but Tizen would be interesting. Can’t fault Samsung for trying.

  • I already bought my stuff on google market, I won’t buy them twice on samsung.

  • zippero
  • zippero

    Tizen demo on a Galaxy S2 last May by Samsung Executive VP Jong-deok Choi:


  • jump

    Tizen isn’t as Open Source as you think, it drops EFL to merge with Bada:

  • mnu4u4u
  • Sounds like Samsung is getting ready to flex its muscles against Google when it comes to $$$$ swapping hands…..and being THE #1 android seller doesn’t hurt either..pretty sure Google is screwed