Tiny Thief

Back in May, Rovio announced plans to start publishing third party games alongside its own titles under a new brand, “Rovio Stars”. Apple iOS users have already seen the first fruit of this effort, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. Now it is Android’s turn. On July 11th, Tiny Thief (from 5 Ants) will arrive to Google Play.

Tiny Thief is a puzzle game, but unlike Rovio’s usual offerings – it isn’t a physics-based title. Instead, the game is more of a medieval themed stealth-puzzle game that has candy stores, bears in cages, pirates, dragons and even some sort of steampunk robot-like device.

Tiny Thief also features over 30 different stages with more than 50 different characters to interact with. You’ll even find well over a hundred items to collect.

The game certainly looks like it has potential, though it remains unseen whether or not the 3rd party title will achieve the same kind of success as 1st party Rovio games.

What do you think of the Rovio Stars 3rd-party publishing brand, will it prove successful for Rovio? What do you think of Tiny Thief based on the trailer?

Andrew Grush
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