Samsung reminds us that the Galaxy S4 is coming. Like anyone needed it

March 7, 2013

    times square samsung galaxy s4 launch billboard (4)

    The Galaxy S4 is coming. Did you know? Just in case you didn’t, Samsung is happy to let you know through a new blog post and some Times Square billboards.

    A week ahead of the launch of the Galaxy S4, time is slowing to a crawl for Samsung fans and tech bloggers alike. Luckily, Samsung is throwing us some bones in the form of a few (more or less) inspired teasers.

    Today, Sammy is reminding us that people coming on March 14 in New York’s iconic Times Square will get to experience the new Galaxy S4 before anyone else.

    To drum up the event, the Korean giant has installed a few billboards around the Square. Looking at the pics that Samsung put on its blog, I can’t help feeling that I am looking at frames from a sci-fi flick, with the huge displays and bustling city life going on in their flickering light. But that’s just an old man talking.

    times square samsung galaxy s4 launch billboard (2) times square samsung galaxy s4 launch billboard (1)

    People in the Times Square on the evening of March 14 will get to watch the livestream of the launch event and “experience the Galaxy S4” whatever that means.

    Are you excited about the Galaxy S4? Do you think Samsung can repeat last year’s performance? Tell us in the comments.


    • Ian

      I am excited to finally see the device…

    • Raaj Ra

      I think Galaxy S4 will have the power to search for ET life! What do you good people say?!?

      • barcle

        no need to go that far.
        the power to search iPhone user nearby, that would be good enough :)

        • Pavithra

          Well, if really there is an iPhone user nearby ;) :P

          • Raaj Ra

            Is this the real meaning of the ad? Be ready 4 the next galaxy? I mean – a galaxy without iPhone?

    • Siphiwe

      I am so looking forward to it, it’s as if I’d be introducing it myself. I just can’t wait, and the days seem to be further and further the closer we approach.

    • yungqb7

      This is the phone I’m waiting to upgrade to. Just give me a release date for it already lol

    • nolikey

      couldnt care less. I just got forced upgraded from galaxy 1 vibrant to S III cux my new provider refused to use my old provider cell, and I actually preferred my initial galaxy, samsung isnt evolving nicely, the overall quality isnt there anymore, and the samdung apps suck now…

      • Leon Roberts

        I know a lot of guys who still rock the Galaxy S, You just need to root & mod it to use Cyanogenmod and you can run Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on it.

    • alenbr

      Be Ready 4 The Next Galaxy

      MILKY WAY!

    • tech freaky

      best phone till date..u suckers

    • Bone

      This could be it, was posted on various sites.

      • MasterMuffin

        Just a render

        • D’Ander McSullivan

          One of the ugliest one.

    • lollicup04

      I like this render alot more than the square looking one