Opinion: Tim Cook’s unimaginative jabs at Android are just damage control

by: Bogdan PetrovanSeptember 19, 2013

tim cook apple ceo Deerkoski

I set out to read BusinessWeek’s new interview with Apple’s top executives hoping for some provocative, thought-inducing statements. Instead, CEO Tim Cook, seconded by design boss Jony Ive and software chief Craig Federighi, served up a reheated soup of passive-aggressive jabs, truisms, and hollow arguments.

For what it’s worth, I understand that it’s a CEO’s duty to present facts in a way that allows the company to save face, no matter how harsh the reality is. I won’t fault Mr. Cook for saying that he doesn’t really lose sleep over the 80 percent global market share of Android or the $200 billion that has evaporated off Apple’s market cap since it debuted the iPhone 5. I just wish Tim Cook would find some fresh arguments to support his optimism for Apple, preferably some that are anchored in reality.

It’s getting a bit tiring to hear that people buy devices to keep them in drawers or that the market can be divided into Apple and “junk”. Above all, it’s getting old to hear about fragmentation and how it cripples Android:

[quote qtext=”In Cook’s view, the incompatibilities between various Android versions make each an entirely different species. The Android operating systems are “not the latest ones by the time people buy,” he says. A recent survey of smartphones sold by AT&T showed 25 Android handsets; six did not have the latest operating system. “And so by the time they exit, they’re using an operating system that’s three or four years old. That would be like me right now having in my pocket iOS 3. I can’t imagine it.”” qperson=”” qsource=”” qposition=”center”]

It doesn’t matter that most users don’t even know the version of Android on their device, never mind the predominant version in the market at a given moment. Or that most are perfectly satisfied with their device even if it doesn’t run the latest version of Android.

It doesn’t matter that Play Services, the framework that Google’s increasingly using to roll out new features to its operating system is present and updated on 98 percent of all Android devices. Never mind that app developers repeatedly debunked the myth of unbearable fragmentation.

Forget that Android runs on thousands of devices of all types, from 1.6-inch smartwatches to 21-inch All-in-One PCs. For Apple, that’s not versatility and diversity, it’s a weakness.

It probably doesn’t even matter that fragmentation has found a way inside Apple’s well-groomed walled garden.

All that matters is that Mr. Cook has a big, nasty boogeyman to scare off Apple users looking to the green grass on the other side. And that, at the end of the day, those users can buy an iPhone 5c, a “great phone” that Apple “figured out a way to sell at a lower cost”.

  • Chris Beveridge

    I think I was hoping for the same thing from your article, as you were from Tim’s. I’m not sure the “Android Answer” was anything more than our own platitudes, and I see very little statistical backup in this article for them…which, considering the subtext is calling out Tim Cook’s rehashing of well known questions about Android with no stats, the Author returned well known answers with no stats as well.

    • Christopher Sass

      Aren’t the statistics/examples sitting in the highlighted links within this article?

    • NeedName

      I was hoping for some substance in your comment. . . guess we are all out of luck.

    • Brandon Miranda

      Very good! Atleast one person is open-minded.

    • Damodara das

      Two quick points:
      1. This is an *opinion piece*. The author is not required to substantiate any of his claims.
      2. Despite point one, the author has provided no less than *seven* pieces of evidence (eight if you count the article by Mr. Cook) to back up his claims.

      This is an opinion. No evidence is needed for an opinion to be valid. Despite this fact the author has provided evidence.

  • budde

    A good read I am sick of apple bashing android to.I wonder if Tim Cook told everybody that there aftermarket chargers for their iPhones will no longer work with iOS 7 that it has to be a Apple charger in order for it to work so no more buying you know cheap Apple Chargers from no gas stations are forever they find it has to be a Apple charger if not it will not work with the new with the phone

  • NeedName

    Apple: “Hypocrisy is in our DNA!”

    • nameofthewind

      and deception :D

  • Here’s the way I look at iOS vs. Android:

    1. They both have fragmentation, but Android is worse. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_iOS_devices

    Personally I use to think that I had to have the latest version of Android, but now, no. As long as the device works and I have the features I need, I’m happy. Some love their Gingerbread devices. My father’s T-Mobile SGS2 runs 4.1.2 and its so good. And he doesn’t care that it wouldn’t get upgraded again.

    2. iOS is very easy to use, a 2 year old can figure it out, but its limited to what you can do with it. Case in point, my nephew loves his Mom’s iPad and he has fun on it. While Android, takes a little while to get use too and function, but a lot less limitations including widgets, customization especially on the homepage, and more.

    But to the average consumer, none of that really matters as much as you think. To me, its about overall price of the device and accessories, the features such as apps, removable storage and more, and options…being manufacturers to choose from to get that device you want. In MOST cases, a Android device such as a Smartphone or Tablet is less expensive than a iOS device.

    Tim Cook has the right to his opinion, but I disagree with him. My devices are used regularly and worth the price.

    • viaimages

      i have 2 Tmo SGS2’s one on Gingerbread 2.3.6 and one on Jelly Bean 4.1.2. i actually prefer GB more than JB. GB is much more fluid, less heavy, and 2x better battery life than 4.x ~ 4.1.x has more options and the security patch

      • mobilemann

        wow, wasn’t expecting this!

    • RaptorOO7

      The problem is with ios YOU HAVE TO UPGRADE to use the new crap they add to itunes or appletv or some other addon sales feature they make money on. If you don’t install the latest itunes you can’t sync the new iphone or ipod touch. If you don’t have the latest ios you can’t use certain features or buy things. Google makes it so you can udpate the parts that ACTUALLY NEED IT to work, they don’t require the whole OS to be updated to continue to be relevant.

      So its not fragmentation on Android its now optimization on Google Services.

      • mobilemann

        you have to upgrade with android to use new features too. Try using miracast on a 4.1 device. Or adding lockscreen widgets. Or profiles.

        your iOS information is strange, you don’t need to sync if you don’t want to, and iOS 4 users can buy songs, xfer them, buy apps so long as they are compatible etc.

        why lie when you just don’t know?


        • Geezbeez8

          Miracast is a hardware limitation much like how the other iOS7 devices can’t use biometric access control. Lockscreen widgets? I really doubt that you have used an Android device before. Look for Widget Locker in the Play Store. You don’t have to upgrade your android device to get profiles, you can put a custom ROM in it.

          What raptor is saying is at least the choices for not including certain features in Android is more logical than Apple’s. Google made a point out of that by detaching Play Services from Android OS. Meanwhile, Apple chose not to include Siri on older iPhones so they can persuade users to upgrade. Apple chose not to include stock weather or stocks apps in their iPad. Why?

          • mobilemann

            thanks, for one of the more stupid replies, thanks.

            Siri, like airdrop and miracast (which needs wifi direct), is hardware dependent on noise canceling mic’s (which are now included in ipads etc) first, putting a custom rom on your device (i run cm10.2 nightlies) is upgrading it, and more than you should ever have to do. (although i do it to all my devices generally, because i don’t like TW)

            The point of getting an iOS upgrade when your not getting one feature, is to get the API’s for the new os, thus opening yourself up for a whole new generation of software. There are still phones sold with GB. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          • NeedName


            The only thing you’ve proven with your comments here is, the stereotype of “iFans” is correct.

          • mobilemann

            kid, i rock a gs3 (i747 us lte) running cm10.2 nightlies. (and i have a note3 shipping oct1) i’m a technology fan. Android is so good, idiot kids like yourself don’t need to lie about it’s competitors.

          • NeedName


            . . . and you continue to prove the stereotype true. Just continue to hide in your mother’s basement, and try to convince the world that you are a “technology fan” so you can “justly” bash all non-apple things ;) ;)

            . . . no one can see through it, really ;) ;)
            . . . you’ve got us all convinced ;) ;)

          • mobilemann

            Or I’ll just comment where I want and not worry about luddites and idiots who think only good can come from any one platform.

            Have a good one!

    • Jaun Lombard

      I would have still bought a iPhone if it came with a better contract in my Country. I am happy with my Android, but every time I see the iPhone 5 it feels if my phone is not polished enough. I am waiting for the iPhone 6 and Samsung S5.

      iPhone 6 = I hope for a bigger full HD screen!
      S5 = New touchwiz interface and new interface for Android itself…because Android is feeling old, eben my Jellybean update felt new for a day then became same old same old.

      • Billy Royle

        so throw nova launcher on there and be done with touch wiz…it amazes me when seeing people on an android still using stock sms, themes and keyboards

    • Ivan Budiutama

      Here’s the way I look at iOS vs. Android:

      1. The fanboys (of both sides) are annoying as hell. I can also compare them to some Jehovah witness in term of evangelizing both. I also impressed by this at the same time, as these fanboys seem to defend their faith stronger than Samsung/Sony/Google/Apple stockholders.
      2. iPhone is about prestige, it is celebrities phones, in my country often the “brand ambassador” celebrity use iPhone regardless their role promoting SGS4 or SXZ1, more to it, iPhone is “cool” it is the brand, not the function. In this case, you can have an Android phone with Jarvis, Iron man technology and arc reactor that can last your phone for 1 year without charging, but it will still be considered not prestige. Believe me, I don’t understand how it works, it’s more like religion than science or fact
      3. OK, it’s not fair to bash too much, there are more about “keeping iPhone” than the scary religion-like faith and prestige. It’s the service. iTunes is one example. My boss, while of course in the basic is Apple minded, was also considering to move (to Android of course, with yada yada about Samsung is beating Apple to kingdom come), but he got a lot of musics already syncs, and sadly Google play store here just offer app. Really Google? Where is the music? What about other payment method? I find 1 out of 5 people pirating apps simply because they can’t buy them legally due to your limited “only CC” payment method. Expand your wing here, you’ll thank me and yes, iTunes and even Windows Phone already available internationally and in Windows Phone case, you can already buy App using Phone Credit/Balance.

      Sorry for the long post.

  • wezi427

    I used to have an iPhone. I actually like the product that Apple has to offer.The gap that used to be there between IOS and Android is gone. The quality of the Android phones has been brought up, the HTC One has shown that.
    My only issue is that some phones are not supported after they are released. I bought my RAZR Maxx the day that it cane out. I bought it for the battery, which still holds strong to this day. I received two updates since. This phone can definitely handle the 4.3 update, I’m sure that I’m not going to get it. That’s my only issue with Android. The real issue is the manufacturer and provider.

  • Stan

    Apple has nothing. At this point iPhone looks attractive only to Apple zealots or to people for who some reason are unaware of Samsung, Lg, Sony, HTC, etc. Maybe iPhone 6 will be the next best thing since iJesus, but right now it seems like the company is out of breath and ideas. An hour ago i visited Apple store with my new bezel-free LG G2 just to gloat at the iPhone that looks like it’s been designed 10 years ago,

    • Kash Gummaraju

      lol i did that with my htc one

    • Nech

      <3 the G2.

    • RaptorOO7

      iphone 6 will simply accept the phablet and suddenly they will have “innovated” yet again. They rip off Samsung, HTC, SONY, Motorola, and WindowsPhone. Pretty sad.

    • Grumphus

      In fairness, Apple still has the developers.

      When is Plants vs Zombies 2 coming out for Android again? Fall? What about all those other apps and games? I find it even sad that I can’t play Peggle, Bookworm or Super Crate Box on my Samsung tablet. Also there seems to be a lot more kiddie games on the iPad than Android (Disney titles).

      I agree that Apple seriously needs to step up but Apple definitely has something that prevents its loyal customers from switching to Android.

      Not to mention all the previous iOS users that may have already purchased lots of apps, games, books and music in iTunes.

      • Whitaker

        The day I pick my phone OS based on which platform gets Plants vs Zombies 2 or Super Crate Box first….

        • mobilemann

          his point works over the entire eco system to be fair, although only about 3 of us commenting here are remotely fair.

          • weed

            Thats 2 fair ones then, plus one who think he is.

          • mobilemann

            glad there are others out there.

        • Grumphus

          Ok, guess I’ll just mention Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie (which are all free apps now). :)

          I love Android and I use an S3 as my daily driver because I like exclusive Android apps like Tasker etc. but if someone comes up to me and tells me he wants a phone for better gaming or a tablet for productivity, I’m gonna recommend an iOS product. Hope those people don’t fall under the zealots category, they’d sure be insulted.

          This is all based on my first week with an iPad after years of using Android.

          P.S. Hello fair commenters :)

  • Sundar Bhandari

    Tim cook has no idea how android works probably. Androids biggest advantage is its flexibility and fragmentation. Its not about whether you have the latest OS or not for an average user. Its about the features, specs and apps they want. As long as getting the latest OS goes. That’s where custom ROMs comes to play. You can have the latest android OS by rooting it. And yes I admit its not an easy task for an average user but that’s how android is meant to be and will be for a long time. Everyone can participate in the development of android that’s why its the fastest growing and improving OS. Just get over it Tim and all you biases apple fans. Android is the best as it is and can be better obviously. Personally I can’t wait for new nexus phone with 4.4.

    • mobilemann

      it’s cool, 90% of the commenters here have no idea how iOS works.

      • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

        Even a 2 year old can understand how your pathetic ios works. And 100% of apple cult members are too retarded to understand android, I’m sure you are one of them as you probably need apple to tell you what to do and they tell you not to usr any electronics other than apple.

        • mobilemann

          Dude I use Android. Rage harder cocktail biter

          • NeedName

            ;) ;)
            fixed it for you. . .

            don’t give up. . . we believe you, really ;) ;)

  • Greg Cardall

    “And so by the time they exit, they’re using an operating system that’s three or four years old. That would be like me right now having in my pocket iOS 3. I can’t imagine it.”

    That’s not even apples to apples. iOS doesn’t do incremental – Android does. So someone having an Android three OS releases behind is really like running 4.1.2 Android. I’d wager that the gap between iOS 6 and iOS 3 is far larger than Android 4.3 and 4.1.

    Sorry, Mr. Cook – but my superior logic has rendered your comments irrelevant.

    • thereasoner

      His comments are, besides an act of desperation, an out right lie!!

      • BDPSU

        Doesn’t matter – his brainwashed cult customers will lap-up whatever he tells them.

        Why would you make your presentation so much about your competitor if your competitor was garbage?

        • mobilemann

          FYI, you are the same thing. in a cult and brainwashed, just for a different company.

          If you don’t see any good in what iOS 7 bring (there are some cool features) your just a fanboy.

          • mobilemann

            then again i’m on an android blog. Asking people to be fair, maybe isn’t fair lol.

          • BDPSU

            Uh, no.

          • mobilemann

            uhh yes. Read your comments. They are the same as apple fanboys.

            if you think that’s healthy, that’s you. But you look just as pathetic as kids saying “apple is magic” to the rest of the world. You are the same thing.

          • BDPSU

            There is no comparison between the cult-like behavior of iSheep and Androids users.

            Why are you here, anyway? I NEVER go to crApple sites.

          • mobilemann

            sorry bud, but you are portraying the exact same mentality and behavior. There’s no need to compare because they are one and the same.

            And i’m here because i’m an Android user. I’m using a GS3, and upgrading to a note 3. Doesn’t mean i automatically hate Microsoft and Apple, i leave to stupid people.

          • BDPSU

            Whatever. Think what you want.

          • lil bit

            He is just here to yell everyone else how stupid they are, yet he fail to prove his claims of superior tech knowledge. Plus he have a inferiority complex to teenagers, wonderer what they did to him to have him repeatedly keep on bashing them.

            He’s a lost cause, you are right, he can think whatever he want and no-one should care about it.

          • mobilemann

            lol, when you’re not a teenager, you will realize what a stupid, lazy idiotic age group it is. The worst part of adolescence, where you know the least, and think you know the most. I’ve told you what i’ve done. Have you ever integrated google now into your plex/sab/sickbeard/couchp setup? Can you ask your phone for a TV show and have it on your big screen? I also wrote launchers for jailbroken iOS, (via dreamboard) and generally nerd out hard on mobile. Only recently gotten into android development.

            how have you integrated your mobile products into your car? (much prefer android for this task actually, due to idiotic Apple BT restrictions) Have you done anything neat with your phone besides perhaps a custom rom?

            I wouldn’t mind flaming if it wasn’t done by people who have no idea what they are talking about, and it should be apparent; I only flame kids who are like “hurr durr, apple sucks!”

            have fun updating your facebook profile.

    • RaptorOO7

      So Crook & Co. every iphone that is able to run ios 7 has the FULL ios7 feature set. NO IT DOESN’T! So stop lying to people about it. They have had to cut and gut features for several generations of phones and certain new features are hardware specific like SIRI which seemed to work just fine when it was a separate product until jobless wonder got his hands and wrecked it. ios is not perfect and once again they let it out with a FLAW that they need to patch. I suspect they do that or get caught with their pants down so they can show “look how quickly we patch” Android can’t do that on carrier controlled hardware. Maybe, but we don’t leave the barn door open either.

  • ConCal

    Honest opinion: iOS 7 is just barely on the level of Android 4.0 ICS (2011).

    • BDPSU

      If that. My friend is a long time iPhone user, and he absolutely HATES iOS 7. He drools over my N4 with Android 4.3.

      • wiz_kid

        maybe around 4.1 because of the fluidity. But yes, the design is terrible. Sloppy, sloppy sloppy. It’s exactly what apple fans insulted Android users over. http://sloppyui.tumblr.com

        • APai

          one ***king phone and they can’t get it right!

    • Cao Meo

      No way, ICS allows much more freedom, better sharing options and looks better…

    • mobilemann

      in some ways it’s worse (defaults, actionable notifications, customization)

      in some ways it’s better (intelligent background app updates, system wide game pad api, better notification control, ecosystem)

      I realize it’s an android blog, and i love my 4.3, but is tim cook really that wrong? There are still GB devices being sold. *braces for brutal retaliation by people who don’t realize i’m their peer!*

      • TimIsWrong

        Yes, he’s very wrong. Giving an upgrade to older devices that doesn’t include ALL the features of the current os upgrade but claiming they are running the “latest version of ios” is hypocritical at its core. Let alone the fact that he then points to an OS that they’ve been copying features from for the past few iterations of their own os just to catch up, and that OS they are copying so heavily has had more features for years. . . .


        The reality is, if you want the latest full version of iOS you MUST buy the newest hardware. . . every freakin year!

        Suck my what?!?!?! you say Tim?

        At least with Android, depending on the device you buy, when you do get an upgrade it’s a FULL upgrade of an OS that’s still 4 years ahead of ios. . .

        • mobilemann

          I always thought it was to extend the apis and allow a whole new generation of apps to ensure compatibility

          Kids are stupid.

        • mobilemann

          “At least with Android, depending on the device you buy”

          let me fix this for you:

          you get anywhere from 0 to 2 updates.

          Do you think my gs3 which has 4.3 added miracast hardware? The same thinking is behind people who complain about airdrop.

          my gs3 on cm10.2 didn’t even have MHL out working until 2 months ago (thank god as i hate TW roms)

          Tim wasn’t that wrong.

          As for comparing it to 4 year old android, I really don’t think you’ve used iOS. I couldn’t stand android until 4.0, and really 4.1 as it was so much smoother.

          • Josh McMurdo

            if ya hate tw roms, why get a gs3, im not hating just curious, bc the beauty of android is choice, and the gs3 had pratically the same hardware as the n4, with the n4 for alot less. I am the proud ower of a gs4 btw and have a n7 2013, so i love stock and tw

          • mobilemann

            Lte, camera mostly.

    • lil bit

      I guess iOS7 would be a bit ahead of ICS but iTunes and restrictions pulls it down to incomparable levels, one simple cannot compare an OS wearing diapers (brand iTunes) to standalone operating systems. I have seen too many iPads that refuse to boot with the message “Connect iTunes”, i even seen people running around in airports asking laptop users if they have iTunes installed and would allow them to connect to get their iPads back to life, others also report to have seen this in various airports.

      Imagine if my devices were not standalone? How would i repair a problem in my PC or upload content to it then? Connect it to a washing machine?? Apples ways simply does not compute and is incomparable.

      • lesportif

        Dude, iOS devices can be configured to work 100% without iTunes since iOS 5. People are dumb, not the products.

        • mobilemann

          people are really dumb. It’s not like Android isn’t awesome enough to stand on it’s own without a bunch of kids making up stuff about their competitors. (it is!)

          why not embrace technology as a whole, and urge the best of all platforms to converge on Android?

          because teenagers are stupid.

        • lil bit

          That’s not true. Bricked iPads with Connect iTunes message is the reality.

        • Roddisq

          That is false.

          • Guest

            Nah true story… teenagers are stupid

      • On a Clear Day

        Apple and Sony have a somewhat similar business model – suck ’em in and lock ’em up in “our” world (through deliberately designed incompatibility issues); and thus feeding our cash cows forever and ever. Apple is not so much a tech company as it is a company that sells tech devices specifically designed to trap and hold you in its ecosystem and keep you beholdin to the their rules.

        Like any dictatorial person or company Apple must continue to taut its obvious greatness lest its followers blind faith wane, wander and cause them to turn to the truth for solace.

        • Harry

          That’s every company that existed ever in the history of the planet. Do you think that google isn’t locking you into its services. It just so happens that google doesn’t have a hardware business and you can be locked into “their world” on any platform. They figured out the ultimate con and worked it better than anyone else… how to lock you up and provide you with the concurrent illusion of freedom. It’s the “our jail lets you wear your own clothes strategy”.

          Furthermore, android authority is not a fair medium for this sort of debate to begin with… fanboys gonna posture, apple fans and android fans are every bit as bad as each other when it comes to objectivity.

          • On a Clear Day

            In the movie Leap of Faith with Steve Martin and Deborah Winger there is a scene where Winger’s character accuses Martin – who is playing an evangelist road show preacher with a heck of a road show – of being being a manipulator. Martin’s reply is, “Manipulators are sneaky, I’m obvious.”

            The difference between Apple and Google is that they are obvious and I have feely made the choice to involve myself as the price of using their ever so tempting services with them. I also am smart enough to realize that it is not for my sole benefit that they do these things.

            Apple on the other hand – in keeping with the nasty character of their “genius” founder Steve Jobs – has built a prison like ecosystem that was and is specifically designed and orchestrated to suck you in and keep you locked and beholdin’ to whatever dictates they deign are most advantageous to making sure you remain an indentured servant to them tasked with perpetually feeding their cash cow.

            Apple is – in character and approach to the market – like a full of herself diva who thinks that she has a right to do, say and act as she wishes and play a perfect bitch right out of central casting.

            Fortunately, even into such delusional paradigms as Apple’s eventually a bit of reality must intrude; so don’t be surprised when the continued attrition of their market and the wising up of their now foolish followers who buy into their half truths continues to erode and the “the great and powerful wizards of Apple” find themselves out on the street unemployed – only a matter of time.

            The bigger they are; the harder they fall.

          • Tom

            Recently gained market share at the expense of Android and record breaking sales. Furthermore, Apple doesn’t exist to screw the people and bring an end to western civilisation. They make products and make them available for purchase… If you like what they make buy their stuff, if you don’t like what they make then buy something else.

            It’s not satan’s secret weapon to bring about the end of days… they make gadgets and have a particular ethos in the way they do it. I don’t recall them ever threatening to rape and pillage your village if you refused to buy their telephonic machines of evil. You need to calm it down before you give yourself a hate induced heart attack.

          • So well said.

          • DrewNusser

            Last I checked you can use Google services on pretty much any device. When’s the last time you used AirPlay or iMessage or FaceTime on anything without an Apple on it?

        • APai

          sony used to be like that, it’s however, changing of late (thankfully)

  • Brandon Miranda

    I’m sorry but AndroidAuthority.com is REALLY biased in their articles. I mean I love the site but c’mon. Us Apple bloggers don’t talk about you Android bloggers like that. :/

    • Chapman Scarborough

      I guess you have never been to Daring Fireball?

    • Yes Man

      Maybe you should read the comments over at idownloadblog, if you like Android there, you’re stupid or have a horrible laggy device that isn’t iPhone.

      • Brandon Miranda

        I have devices from both OS and only of the best.

    • NeedName

      yeah, apple/ios focused sites aren’t biased at all and apple/ios fans constantly praise Android. . . . .

      • Brandon Miranda

        Not like that. In a sense since it’s an iOS blog. There’s bias in and of it self. But this site REALLY bashes on Apple. They show the least bit of open mindedness and are adamant that Tim Cook and CO. have it out for them and that Android is the best.

        • TechDevil

          Wrong. We do not think Android is the best – but we know that Apple doesn’t even try. It knows it has its iSheep and it abuses it to the fullest. Tim Cook shows absolutely no intelligence in his comment above towards Android, and it’s a shame a man with his front-position in the media is able to talk like that. We bash on Apple because everything they do, goes against general consumer intelligence. “We have a fingerprint-scanner, BUY PRODUCTS FROM US” is almost like their slogan now. It’s sad, basically, that we live in 2013 and Apple is still a major electronics company. Electronics and technology involves innovation, and that is a word not in Apple’s vocabulary.

  • thereasoner

    Clearly there is no other company on earth that insults the intelligence of your average joe to the level that Apple does! Tim Cook not only twists reality in an effort to deceive and manipulate,in doing so he is in effect saying that he believes that consumers are stupid!!

    • Brandon Miranda


    • BDPSU

      Well, his company’s consumers are. Maybe not stupid – but certainly brainwashed cultists.

  • Brandon Miranda

    I’m sorry but you folks over here are REALLY biased. I love the site but you guys write as if Apple has something out for you guys or as if you guys are in middle school and you are upset and hate Apple because he was bullying you. Like c’mon. Us Apple Bloggers don’t talk that way about your favorite operating system (which is a good one at that). That’s why I’m currently making my website that will be both Android and iOS. Because I truly believe that I can write without bias. And I will make sure the people who write for my site are as non-biased as they can possibly be. You guys rock but… Grow up… And your readers as well…

    • MiKe Reyes

      loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. IT’S A FREE WORLD WE CAN DO WHAT WE WANT.

      • abazigal

        Is there a reason you have to sound rude while you are at it? I am pretty sure that even when debating something as potentially contentious as Apple vs Android, we can still phrase our replies appropriately and engage in a civil and respectful debate.

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!


        • NeedName

          you obviously haven’t read the ifan comments here that are generally derogatory and attack the person.

          apple fans attack everyone in a vicious manner then do exactly what you do, “you don’t have to be rude. . .” such hypocrites when they receive back what they put out.

          apple fans started the bashing on Android before it was ever released. . . and have continued to this day. So, they ought not cry when Android fans lash out at them in the exact same manner.

    • Yes Man

      Apple/iPhone users do nothing but bash Android. Tim Cook just bashed Android in this article!! There’s no such thing as non biased…everyone has an opinion and they’re going to share it, even if it’s on the sly. Telling us to grow up is about as immature as me calling you dumb for having your own opinion. If you don’t like the site or readers, don’t read it. Good luck on your website though, I hope it does well.

      • Brandon Miranda

        Thank you!

    • Yes Man

      Oh, and the website IS called “Android Authority” not “iOS Authority”. It is going to be biased somewhat. Just saying.

    • Enough already. I had a chance to read some of your previous comments and from what I read, your an Apple fan. Of course your not going to like the discussion here which in this case is on Tim Cook’s same old comments about Android. We are entitled to our opinion. But instead of telling us to grow up and about your unbiased site, join the discussion and give us your opinion.

      I added to the discussion above, try reading that.

      Otherwise I don’t care you think because you didn’t add anything to the discussion. By the way, I voted your comment down. Have a nice day.

      • Brandon Miranda

        I see my comment has brought on alot of rage.

      • Brandon Miranda

        But I will add. Android is a very good OS. I was and am an iPhone user but 4.2.2 and up REALLY threaten to change that. Especially like devices from the Nexus range.

  • Hihi

    This is ridiculous.

    Let’s think about Office suites, there is MS Office and there is ummm… Open Office. If the latest version of MS Office came out in 2012 and the latest version of Open Office came out a week ago in Tim Cook’s opinion it would be better to use Open Office because it is the latest and newest Office as opposed to MS Office which is one year old. This is ridiculous. The fact that he thinks his argument is legit makes me worry about is adequacy.

    iOS 7 is by no means better than ICS. Now, in September 2013 is better to have Android with ICS than iOS 7 because you can make it look like whatever you want and there is more customization that you can do on Android. If there is a version of Android which is even better than both it doesn’t make iOS 7 better than ICS.

    • Balraj

      Have you used ios7
      Just curious

      • Hihi


        • Balraj

          No wonder your comment was meaningless

          • Hihi

            Nice arguments there.

            If I claim that Froyo or Bada OS is better than iOS 7 would you go and buy a phone with Froyo and use it for several days before refuting my statement? No. You would just watch reviews, look up info about those OS’s and conclude that they are not as good as iOS 7.

          • Balraj

            I have done my part of research..
            Ics>ios7..not true completely
            Partially in certain department, yes
            I don’t comment just like that.I get my facts right before commenting

          • Hihi

            What are you talking about?

            You implied that one has to use two items to conclude that one thing is better than another. Do you still stand by that claim?

            Now you are implying that I didn’t ‘get my facts right’. I watched reviews and I know features of iOS 7. So I did ‘get my facts right’.

            How is iOS 7 better than ICS?

          • Balraj

            I again checked n I still believe ios7 > ics
            Just because ios7 ui is similar to ics ..doesn’t mean ios7>ics
            Btw just don’t forget android itself is a copy of ios
            If you still believe ics I is better then I’m not continuing this conversation…

          • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

            Android was in development since 2003, typical apple retards who are brainwashed and arrogant fools who dont do proper research and read their facts on apple biased websites.

            Apple cult members cant wake up from their deluded minds where they think having restrictions, no choices and no freedom is better

          • Balraj

            I’m not a Apple fan
            Btw ios came first, so much for being in development since 2003
            Maybe your a android retard..grow up !!!
            I read un biased sites..maybe your a fan lol
            Stick around..I’m not going to continue the conversation
            Fans will never understand

          • mobilemann

            people can like android, and iOS dude. Why are you so angry?

          • Hihi

            You didn’t give a single argument as to why iOS 7 is better than ICS. ICS is very customizable, the way is looks may be changed completely, the way you interact with it also may be changed completely. And iOS 7 doesn’t have any advantages over ICS. So this argument that “because iOS 7 is the newest OS on Apple phones and ICS is not the newest OS on Android phones, ICS users should feel bad” is not legit.

          • CpuKnight

            How is ICS a copy of iOS? If anything , Im pretty darn sure iOS copied a few features from Android. Im pretty sure notifications were copied. Even in iOS 7, the homepage is nothing more than your list of apps and notification bar. Nothing much honestly.

          • mobilemann

            i did

          • mobilemann

            Intelligent background updating, a gamepad api (system wide) Far more tightly integrated with the hardware (look at anandtech’s benchmarks, it’s a beast) much more granular notification controls, ecosystem are a few.

            Android is far better than iOS at a ton of stuff too to be fair. (defaulting applications, bluetooth sharing, actionable notifications, customization, and shared user file space accessible by multiple applications (no sandboxing is good and bad though)

          • mobilemann

            he’s simply saying; perhaps before you write long paragraphs about one thing vs the other; that you should have experience in those things.

            it’s not a hard concept to grasp, unless your allegiance is firmly to one company. If that’s the case, your a pathetic fanboy.

          • mobilemann

            he’s simply saying; perhaps before you write long paragraphs about one thing vs the other; that you should have experience in those things.

            it’s not a hard concept to grasp, unless your allegiance is firmly to one company. If that’s the case, your a pathetic fanboy.

  • BabyGerald
  • Balraj

    I agree with 5c s***
    Most ppl care for latest version of android
    Google app “keep” itself doesn’t support android 2.3
    I hope kitkat will solve everything
    Its easy to control a closed system but not an open system
    Cook is right in os not reaching even flagship devices in time
    That is bad…getting 4.3 when 4.4 is out etc etc
    Problem is too many os update..every time a new os update n oem needs 6months time
    Google is to be blamed..max two(I’ll go with one) update per year is enough
    It will give oem time to upgrade also
    Fault is in Google side..Android 4.1 then 4.1.1,4.1.2,4.2,4.2.2,4.3 now 4.4
    Horrible..poor oems

  • thartist

    If there’s one thing i hate about… well… everything, is ‘parties’.
    In nerd-related activities, ‘communities’. I’m referring to their bias.

    If there’s one thing i envy about Apple as an Android user, is being at the very latest OS version.

    Let’s be honest, we’d all love having 4.2/4.3 in a phone other than flagship/nexus older than a year, which is the majority of stuff.

    • Greg Cardall

      I do agree with this – all the way. I wish Google would make the same demands Apple made with the carriers by saying “Don’t put any shiz on my phones you distribute”. That still leaves the manufacturers to load their custom UI’s/software, and that’s still a huge bottleneck in terms of timely OS releases. Maybe we’ll get there, one day…

      • abazigal

        Google’s primary aim is to put Android in the hands of as many users as possible, to encourage the usage of their cloud services.

        Why would they bother with trying to dictate how carriers and OEMs modify their OS, when this would slow down the rate of release of Android products? At the end of the day, you are still using Android regardless of what skin has been layered on top of it, what bloatware it comes bundled with, or even what version comes in your device.

    • NeedName

      Apple NEVER fully upgrades old hardware to the latest “full iOS” upgrade. NEVER!

      It would be like getting Android 4.3 without all the features that make 4.3 worthwhile, only security updates and necessary patches. . . and maybe a lame feature here or there.

      The whole idea that ios devices are running “the latest version of ios” is a complete misnomer — they don’t get the “latest version of ios.” They only get the “latest ios version number.” That’s a very big difference.

      • mobilemann

        what is the iphone 5 missing out of iOS 7?

        the 4s didn’t get airdrop because it didn’t have wifi direct. (hardware) just like my GS3 didn’t get miracast when i went up to 4.3 in CM10.2.

        It’s still the new OS, just missing one thing. I’ll take that over nothing, just due to the fact that i can use app’s created for the new API’s. Android users can’t do that, and it sucks.

        The entire end paragraph you state is completely false. You get the entire new OS, with one feature missing.

        don’t see why you need to lie about it.

  • RaptorOO7

    How do you call the 5c a “great phone” its a plastic piece of CRAP! Lets see, the 5c gets an outdated processor, no OIS, no snazzy fingerprint scanner, no burst mode, no slow mo (ripped off Samsung again), neither 5s or 5c can support 802.11ac ( 5which their access points do support), neither supports 1080p video recording, neither can do simultaneous Voice and Data on LTE (Verizon or Sprint).

    So a plastic phone with lower specs and they charge more than the Moto X which has better specs and better features. Huh, I guess isheep really are blind.

    • BDPSU

      iSheep are blind – and stupid. Whatever crApple comes out with, they will LOVE it.

    • abazigal

      First off, I thought it would be pretty obvious by now that it’s not so straightforward to just compare specs between an iphone and android phone. For one, Apple puts in a lot more work in optimising their hardware and software, so their products often work much better than their specs would otherwise suggest (relative to Android handsets at any rate).

      To use a parallel, why did the ipad sell in the quantities it did despite being less capable than a full windows tablet? The windows tablet had more features for the same price or cheaper. More features mean you are getting better value for your money, right?

      The answer, in my opinion, is because in this case, people aren’t getting more of what they want for their money, but instead being given more issues that they need to contend with (in this case, all the baggage that comes with a full desktop OS). Complexity isn’t the key selling point here. Simplicity is.

      I suppose the MotoX is great if you like looking as though you are suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, just to activate the camera. That said, I feel the 5c remains a great phone simply because, as cliche as it sounds, it “just works”. It’s still an iphone5 spec-wise, and even if the 5c was never released, you know that there are going to millions of users opting for an iphone5 this year.

  • raj

    Cook should Cook up something to dish out to his fans
    So forgiven

  • Cao Meo

    I think Apple bribed big tech sites to have favorite reviews.

    I stared at iOS7 for hours and couldn’t see anything interesting. The color scheme was certainly childish.

    And they call 5S finger print scanner “game changer” smh…

    • NeedName

      It is well known that apple does certain things to ensure that big tech sites give them favorable reviews. This has been especially true since the release of the first ipad. That’s why you’ll NEVER see those sites hold any apple product to the same standards they hold everyone else to.

  • Franz

    tim cook what he meant by the defragmentation is that developers can not work well because they are too many versions there so the apple app store is better than google

  • Nezumi

    That type of article wouldn’t have happened just after a new iPhone launch a few years ago. The fact that it did tells you all you need to know.

    I read a commentary a while ago that Google is getting better at design faster that Apple is getting better at web services.

    I agree. Google seem to be innovating in ways that Apple aren’t. Hint: Thinner or Gold coloured aren’t innovative. Apple fanbois also can’t talk smack about plastic cases anymore…

    I’ll leave Windows Phone as soon as the new Nexus ships. Now that’s an ecosystem that’s (sadly) going nowhere.

    I have already returned to Android for tablet use and am enjoying the software selection on my new Nexus 7. Looking forward to the new Nexus 10…

  • not a spark

    I tried using an iPad and yes it does have good apps but you can’t to simple things like clearing and apps cache and data or having apps draw over others, or battery settings so you can see where you battery is going.

    • abazigal

      The point is precisely that you shouldn’t need to do all these. For example, given the ipad’s long battery life, you would be able to use it however you wish without needing to pay any attention to how much battery life you have left.

      IMO, the only reason I might want to see which apps are draining my battery is if the device in question has a fairly short battery life, which in turn requires me to ration it.

      • BDPSU

        LOL crApple tells me I shouldn’t need to do these things…and I’m an iSheep so I agree.

        • TechDevil

          You hit that right on the spot! I laughed so badly when he wrote about the battery life, I almost fell out of my chair. Seriously, genuinely awesome comment, you win my like!

  • APai

    there used to be a time when apple did not care too much about android. now that much of the world’s users do not care about apple and their products – cook and his bunch of crooks are out to attack anything they find in their way. and fail at it, hilariously.

  • Oluwafemi Akinwa

    I can’t believe it that a CEO is this gullible. #epicfail

  • Klein Tamás

    He clearly never seen an android phone before:D

  • Valtheus

    Kudos on your article Bogdan! I never liked Cook anyway.

    There are parts of Apple that i still love, like OS X. But iOS and the latest devices from Apple, they simply cannot compete with android, and this is coming from an Apple fanboy more than 15 years. Now i have my S3 and Nexus 7, and i love them. Working with an iOS device feels outdated for me. Its gonna feel even more outdated after google releases 4.4.

    Still there is an issue with android and its ability to install the vanilla version to any device. If they managed to give you that option somehow, Apple would start taking android really seriously.

  • Alex Zhao

    Only articles about apple can get so many comments on AA

  • Fox Ray

    I am a iPhone user for nearly 5 years now, I own an iPad, MacBookAir and iMac. Am I a Fanboy? I don’t know, nor do I care, I am not going to go stand outside in a row just to have the latest new thing and I will buy a new iPhone when I feel like it.

    I love to read the stories about iPhones on this site because they are funny, yes they are biased but still funny to read, and truth be told they have far more comments than Android posts. (so the iPhone is allot more interesting to talk about than your own favorite brand huh) One thing is sure ‘you all hate Apple’, the reasons are not important and probably vary from person to person. Let’s face it, one does not talk as much as you guy’s do about a product that you don’t actually care for. So you love to hate it.

    Now you call us a brainwashed cult group, while the only thing I see is Android fans trying to do the exact same thing as what you accuse Apple for doing. With other words you are trying to convince that Android is allot better than iOS. And to do so you use biased opinions and statistics. For example, it is true that Android owns 80% market share, but far from that 80% are High-end devices. Little is shared about just how many of those 80% are in fact High-end devices. I have many friends with Android phones yet only two of them own a High-end device. Most of them with a low-end device do not even have a Data plan and use it just as a phone loosing the smart part.

    So let’s go back to the definition of being a Smartphone : 1. It needs to be a phone 2. It has to be able to send text messages 3. Must be able to browse the internet 4. Be able to send and receive e-mails 5. Have a calendar. Extra features like being a portable music and video player, gaming platform, Siri and so on are features to make the phone more attractive.

    Now both the iPhone and Android devices do these things perfectly, the iPhone does not send funnier messages than Android and calling tech support with an Android phone doesn’t necessarily gives you a nicer tech person on the other side. So if we look at the Mobile Internet usage market share we do indeed see that more iOS devices access the internet than Android. Now I usually have a jab at my friends about this by telling them that they are way too busy changing the look of their phone in staid of actually using it, but honestly my best guess is that allot of Android phones are low-end devices with no data plans. People that can afford a high-end device being it iPhone or Android usually can afford a data plan as well otherwise it would just be plain stupid to even buy one. But it places the market share of Androids High-end range in a lower percentage than what you would like us to believe.
    When it comes to features you always use a particular device to compare it to the iPhone depending on what the discussion is about, never the same and always the one that has better specs on paper. For example for certain features some love to scream about the N4, but when it comes to the camera they do not speak about the N4 because it has only 8MP just as the iPhone does so we need to use another handset to counter it. IMO not a wise move because many Smartphone users actually do believe the Marketing strategy from many Smartphone builders ‘More Megapixels the better your pictures are’. Wrong! Or does one actually believe that the Lumia 1020 with its 41Mp takes better pictures than my Nikon D800?

    “Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs.” The only innovation that Apple did with the iPhone was creating the iPhone, everything that followed was not innovation but rather adding features and so does Google with Android. Yet for one reason or another the world is looking at Apple to innovate, nobody looks at Samsung to innovate and when the S4 was released (an upgrade from the S3) nobody reacts the way they do when Apple releases an updated version from their high-end device. (I know mentioning the high-end wasn’t needed)

    TouchID for example isn’t innovation and no iPhone user looks as if it was, it is a feature. Some (like people on this site) find it a useless feature and have the need to express it, for me who has to use a 6 digit pin code pushed by policies of my company it will be a blessing. At least if my company security policy will accept it but that’s another story. At least it will be a much more useful feature than having my phone looking at me to see if I close my eyes ^^

    Weirdly enough the ones looking at Apple keynotes to see what new innovation there is is … you. Are you guy’s really that scared? Don’t worry we won’t rub it in your face that the A7 beats the SnapDragon 800 in every benchmark, oh I just did. (Just joking)

    Android users should stop thinking in black and white or good or bad, it’s all about what suits you and what lifestyle you like. I for one do not like the look and feel of Android and do not have the time nor want to spend the time on altering the look and feel. A friend of mine with a Samsung Galaxy S4 tried to convince me once with a demo, I will even forget the fact the phone crashed twice during his demo. I will admit that Android does have a couple of features that are appealing like for example Widgets, but the real question was do I need them to be able to do what I do on a daily basis. The answer was no, fact is that my friend actually admitted that Android could never give me what my Apple environment gives me after giving him a demo of my own.

    And now we have come to the point why you are unable to convince an Apple user, don’t throw specs at him on paper that mean nothing, don’t try to bully him by telling him his phone is outdated and so on, if you really want a shot in convincing them create an ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with our environment.

    If Android had one you would know what I am talking about, so stop the childish brainwashing name calling and try to actually use those Android handsets so that next year Tim Cook cannot use those stats against you.

    • Arvind Ramani

      well after part readin part skimming through in india we dont really care much for ur long speech.. just that the brand value / features /whatever it is just doesnt justify its price … 40k somethin ? we dont have contracts never will we ever.. almost every damn person in the billion has pre paid… and if and ever apple actually releases a prod at 100 – 200 usd in indian price will the majority ever think about apple…

      edit : oh but it was a nice view on apple hater in the us …

      • Fox Ray

        You are right and I did not mention this point because we are less faced to this. All tho that even to European standards it is still an expensive phone, but so are the high-end Android phones.

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Not for Nexus 4 unlike apples real junk of an iphone 5c but cultist will still buy tgem as their overlord tellsthem to. I guarantee that when apple literally sells exrement and label it with apple logo that their brainwashed cult members will guarantee will buy it. That is the power of apple, they will say what their fans should think and believe.

    • Josh

      Negative responses are always more prominent in everything in life. People generally don’t comment as much about things they approve of. Apple isn’t special.

      • Fox Ray

        That would actually make sense if it was written by iPhone users, Android user don’t have to approve nor disapprove what Apple does because it does not affect them.

        But it is true that writing idiotic remarks is allot easier than writing constructive criticism for most.

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Yes because apple fans are retarded and obnoxious who thinks that apple is perfect and all their products have no faults whatsoever.

          For ex. I was an apple user with the iphone 4 till it had battery issues where the supid thing was overheating, I asked in apple community and guess what? Theywill blame the user and not the device. Apple fans are sooooo deluded that they wI’ll NEVER ADMIT THAT APPLE IS NOT PERFECT.

    • Remigiusz Nowak

      Your thinking is very biased and one piece of advice, leave home and see something new because your thoughts are outdated and not true, you say it because you don’t know either us or Android itself. We believe not only in Android but whole Google and open (not proprietary) software idea. These are higher values than your iPhone and iOS, etc. Google is only the company that represents that state. It’s all about moving forward with innovations. Read something about green economy concept. It is new world, maybe it is still not time for openness but younger generations understand it. Older generations are just threatened that they won’t catch up and lose all their world and understanding of it, just will be lost. Just open your mind and start thinking out of the box. Btw Android community is much much better than iOS’s, maybe sometimes geeky but friendly and intelligent.

      • Fox Ray

        So Android has nothing to do with Google having its search Engine by default on all those handsets and having even greater revenue’s from advertisement ^^ Or Google understanding that creating it own hardware for its own software runs smoother and more stable and being able to charge high-end dollar for it ^^

        Boy its worse than I thought … and than they call us brainwashed

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Oh god you really are a brainwashed isheep. You probably think that apple actually makes something and that everyone else copies themeven vertical integration strategy, the pure arrogance of this company just as its obnoxious fans who think their cool while all else are nerds and cheap or poor people. They refuse to accept that they really are stupid and retarded who can’t use real technology

          • Fox Ray

            You sir cannot even respond to whats actually written, yes you do need a SnapDragon 800 Quad Core to compensate for your own stupidity.

    • Remigiusz Nowak

      With iPhone you are stuck with only one solution and one size of screen. Grab every high-end Android device and you will get bigger screen size with Full HD resolution. There is NFC and wireless charging. Grab N4 and use it for few days, yeah camera is only average, but still you can take quite good photos, for some nothing more is needed and what is more N4 costs from 199$ without contract. Now compare to 5C, which is plastic, N4 has glass on both sides and it is high end finish. It is very stylish comparing to toy-like 5C. I have compared N4 with iPhone 5, (5C is almost the same), and Nexus was as fast as ip5 or even faster, and stability was good on both, yep only camera was not as good as ip5, but it was much much cheaper, got bigger screen size, NFC, wireless charging, not proprietary stick (micro usb, which is just everywhere, even pen drives have microusb now), quad core CPU that gives extra power in multitasking. But these are only features. Buying Nexus you have pure vanilla Android that for me is perfect and much more convenient and easy to use. Even changing the wallpaper is so pain in the ass on iOS. Whatsoever, iOS is great for elders. Piece!

      • Fox Ray

        You my friend clearly haven’t understood a word of what I have been writing but I am not surprised.

        First off all, whats the deal with having to bump your phone to another phone to share stuff? I can do it to a full room of iPhone users without having to bump them.

        And whats the obsession with bigger screens? I find it hilarious that S4 users on the train and bus have to use it with two hands, that’s great innovation. And FullHD, oh yeah its way better than watching a movie on a 55″ screen, kudos to you my friend.

        And having to carry SD cards and USB sticks around for your phone, that is indeed a step forward ^^ great innovation there.

        And if you are unable to change a wallpaper in iOS, well a word comes to mind but for the peace sake I’ll leave it to that.

        • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

          Just like apples deluded one size fits all magical specs right?

          Tell me iSheep why did they increase the screen size again?

          Apple fans are in hardcore denial that they are brainwashed. Did you know that your precious 64 bit processor is made by Samsung? If you don’t, you really are deluded.

        • deepen03

          S4 users have to use both hands? they must have some small hands or aren’t using their phones properly. I have no issue with one hand operation of my S4. I used three iPhones in the past, most recently an iPhone 5 before I got my S4 in April. the 5 just feels small to me when I see other people using it!

    • Kraone

      “fact is that my friend actually admitted that Android could never give me what my Apple environment gives me after giving him a demo of my own”

      What is it exactly that your Apple envrionment gives you that Android’s can’t ?

      • Fox Ray

        My text messages are delivered to all my devices, I can answer from any device. I can send pictures and movies through text messages (only to iPhone, iPad or Mac OSX users) My pictures are downloaded instantly to all my devices. My albums from itunes are downloaded instantly to all my devices. The documents that I am working on on my Macbook are synced live to my iMac so that I can continue where I left off, my browser pages that are open on my Macbook or iPad are open in my iCloud tabs so I can continue where I left off. My bookmarks in books that I am reading are sync to all my devices and when I open it on my iPhone it will be on the page where I stopped on my iPad. I could go on with AppleTV but you get the point.

        • NeedName

          Apparently people just down voted you to make the point that nothing you state can’t be done on Android. . . except maybe AppleTV, depending on what you are doing with it.

          The reality is, you and your friend are apparently clueless about what you can do with Android.

          The thing is, you can do all the same with Android via multiple methods, but apple forces you to do it their way and only one way.

          So, use apple if you like to be forced to do things “apple’s way” or use Android if you want to use other services/products than just apple’s and have multiple choices on how to do something/anything.

          . . . and you typify why Android “fans” dislike “ifans”. . . their general cluelessness. . . . combined with the *belief* that they are correct and only “apple products can do ___ .”

          • Fox Ray

            You have work arounds, our products do it natively thats the difference.

            But just for the fun, can you sum up all the solutions there are for Android for all the examples I gave?

            You call it forced and I thought I had the choice to use it ^^

    • TechDevil

      When you wrote “So let’s go back to the definition of being a Smartphone” you completely lost me and pretty much everybody else. That is not even a definition of any phone. A smartphone is defined by the user’s ability to extend the usage of the phone through apps. You can get a basic phone that is able to call, send text messages, and some of them even have the capability of browsing the Internet and receive e-mails. But they cannot get apps. Smartphones can, and that is the definition of a smartphone. Might want to do some mild research first, mate.

      The following isn’t the exact same situation, but I’m going to use it anyway: If a disaster happens in your country, that is all you talk about for a while. You don’t go around saying “I love the beautiful weather” even if you are a weather fanatic. The disaster is on everybody’s minds and mouths. It’s sort of the same thing with Apple. The disaster is iOS7, the lack of improvements and innovations in the new iPhone and a basic lack of IQ from Apple’s CEO. The guy has almost no idea what he is talking about, and that is what causes our frustrations.

      You can come over here and complain all you want about Android and the various products, but the fact is, the smartphones with Android have sold much better than Apple in the recent years. Why? Because the Android products offer people a better smartphone experience than Apple does. I, for one, hope that more and more people will realize that, and see that they are paying for products with little to no change, and will switch from crApple. Buying products from Apple may support your good “community” of Apple users, but you are actually buying products that go against basic innovation. Want innovation and smartphones to become better and evolve into amazing futuristic experiences? Android is there for you.

  • Arvind Ramani

    india has 1 billion population

    china has another 1 billion….
    when does apple ever think to conquer the biggest markets? its ideal of selling
    “dumb phones at huge profits to small number of rich ppl vs selling good phones at mid level profits at moderate to large number of middle to higer middle class income families in these 2 nations” is what is killing apple and will be its eventual downfall … :P

  • Arvind Ramani

    india has 1 billion population

    china has another 1 billion….
    when does apple ever think to conquer the biggest markets? its ideal of selling
    “dumb phones at huge profits to small number of rich ppl vs selling good phones at mid level profits at moderate to large number of middle to higer middle class income families in these 2 nations” is what is killing apple and will be its eventual downfall … :P

  • John Mortimer

    Apple full of crap, they said there is a m7 chip so not to look like they have copied Samsung gs4, but guess what??? There is no m7 chip and it’s a 100℅ copy cat gs4 setup but without any software included jokers

  • Josh

    Using a phone with only a 4″ screen… I couldn’t imagine it.

    • Edwin Walker

      I do it all the time, it’s comfortable to use. I don’t even have an iPhone… but I enjoy using others’.

      • BDPSU

        Who uses other peoples’ phones?

        • Edwin Walker

          Me, when I’m feeling envious.

  • John Mortimer

    Apple said there is a m7 chip so not to look like they have copied Samsung gs4, but guess what??? There is no m7 chip and it’s a 100℅ copy cat gs4 setup but without any software included jokers

  • Luka Mlinar

    CEO of Motorola (after Dennis) will be damage control.

  • suprafly

    ios 7 is clob of android OS that was already made available long before Apple came up with that idea. So really nothing new to it’s OS

  • matt

    Oh stop getting so butthurt over a minor jab at android, everyone takes shots at apple but when apple says anything back everyone loses their minds

  • Deteria

    This is Apples vs Oranges. Why don’t he compare Apple iOS vs Google Nexus?

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Apple did copied Android! Shut the hack off TIM COCK!

  • Pradaman Shorey

    1 of my friends who will kill anybody saying anything against apple is putting off his plans to buy 5s, he has 4s & after updating to iOS 7 he took this decision, not sure how many like my friend are out there…

    He said ‘ I’ll probably wait for iOS 8’

    As if that will make any difference…lol

    • NeedName

      The life of an ifan — “we’ll get that feature with the next iDevice/ios release”

  • Paul Potter

    Typical Apple rubbish. Steve Jobs mk II.

  • josep2

    Tim Cook is troll master. It’s funny and depressing at the same time.

  • deepen03

    the biggest thing with Android.. the Play Services updates. They even update much older devices with the latest Google Apps packages. There is fragmentation of versions of Android, but you still have more functionality vs. iOS even in devices that are 3 years old. Android 2.3 can do more things for you than iOS7, that’s a fact.

  • EliasAlucard

    Personally, I’m open-minded, therefore I don’t use iPhone (or any iOS-device really). It’s too closed and controlled environment.

    It can’t be easy to defend useless crap like the iPhone, at least Steve Jobs sounded persuasive with his self-aggrandising “great products” and “best computers” lies, but Tim Cook just sounds mediocre. I mean seriously, how many high-end 2013 flagship Android devices are running Android 1.5 anyway? Three or four years old operating system? Get the hell out of here. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is still way better than iOS 7.

  • S.Hawking

    Apple is running scared that’s all. They lost the plot some time back and ios7 is clearly a disaster – again. Prediction iPhone will be the next to collapse !
    The diversity of Android is clearly its major strength just as in Nature, it breeds the best while i0s is a prime example of inbreeding which eventually produces deformities and morons.

  • Roddisq

    Android is far superior to io7…but if you like one or another, it is something else.

  • Ben Bauer

    What many people do not understand is that the devices use older versions of Android because the software optimization is properly done (in most cases). It has been found that while Apple makes the new OS version available to all iPhones, it does not properly optimize the new software to the old devices which receive the updates. Many people have recieved the iOS 7 update and seen very serious performance issues following the update, because it is purposefully designed to make the newer iPhones faster.

  • Brian Shieh

    I can imagine iOS 4 in my pocket, Mr. Cook. iPod touch 2nd gen. :)

  • Jonathan Friennum

    Piece of Crap!! CRAPPLE!!!!