As you already know, Samsung and its carrier partners are rolling out the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update in a variety of markets already, mostly European ones, but not only. However, the U.S. Galaxy S3 versions will be updated only “in the coming months,” maybe as late as the first months of 2013.

Getting back to Europe, we have good news for UK Galaxy S3 buyers who have chosen Three as their mobile operator. The Three UK Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is apparently available to download and install right away.

The carrier’s support pages for the Galaxy S3 do not mention the Jelly Bean update yet, but you should definitely check your phone to see whether you received a notification about the update. The update measures 285MB in size and will get you Android 4.1.1 and all of its goodies running on the Galaxy S3.

Just make sure you have enough battery juice to get you through the update and start upgrading. As for everyone else in the region – and in other markets – just sit back and wait for your mobile operator to push out Jelly Bean to your Galaxy S3!

  • Young_Tech_Babe

    Is the UK version and the USA version of this update really THAT different? It requires months and months of “added work”???? Come on.

    • Yep.

      Three UK use the original version of the SG3 with 0 hardware differences apart from a SIM-lock and a few bits of bloat. Since they use the same hardware as most other operators selling it, it does not need much testing.

      • Jogging_Teacher

        You have to write tons of totally different UI code… because one device has dual-core and the other quad-core? I would think it would just be a compiler option setting… not… totally rewrite different code… for months.

        I write Windows executables that run on 20 different types of CPUs… with very little coding changes.

        • Sally_D

          Isn’t Samsung/Verizon only adding “simple UI skins”? Minor UI changes?

          Or is nearly all of the code Google releases… totally useless?

          I would imagine Google’s code would run 99%-100% fine on the S3. And Samsung/Verizon *CHOOSES* to make those 1% UI changes.


    • Danny Dodge

      UK S3 – quad core exynos processor, 1gb ram
      US S3 – dual core snapdragon (?) processor, 2gb ram. couldnt get much different lol

  • Aaron

    It doesn’t allow me to update my phone?

    • Chris

      I’ve been onto three customer/technical support about mine not updating. Apparently, it is being done in batches, by imei number.

      • morris worrell

        Also been trying for days but nothing? Can’t get kies to load on my laptop! Just soooo bloody frustrating….. AAAARRRRGGGG!!!

        • Chris

          I got fed-up of waiting in the end so I downloaded the official firmware and flashed it myself through mobile Odin. It is really snappy.

  • Slab Bulkhead

    So it takes manufacturers months to release an update despite having a legion of paid programmers while a couple neckbeards working on Cyanogenmod can get it done in a couple weeks. I find that interesting.

  • Stuart

    I’m in the UK on Three.. Got my update, well done Three

  • Blackhex

    Is JB compatible with a 64GB MicroSD card with exFAT formatting, like ICS? I have a i9300.

  • Got the update and it’s amazing. You really see the changes but it definitely seems like iOS. But works great and I can really recommend it (“: