Three things I wanted to see on Monday, but Google failed to announce

by: ŠtefanNovember 1, 2012

Monday was insane. Forget about the stuff Google announced for a second; America’s largest city, New York, got hit by a massive storm that caused some serious flooding. My heart goes out to those who suffered and I wish a sincere thank you to the first responders who risked their lives to make sure everyone was warm, fed, and safe.

But back to the mobile phone industry, there were three things I was expecting Google to unveil that they didn’t. One, I wanted to see the Nexus 3. In case you haven’t heard, there’s a rumor floating around the internets that a budget Nexus exists. Considering that the LG Nexus 4 costs $299, I was hoping that Google would do something crazy like announce a $149 smartphone running stock Android. Yes, it would have some compromises, but let’s be serious: Today’s “budget” smartphones were considered flagship devices barely two years ago.

The second thing I wanted Google to announce: Chrome Turbo. Back in 2005/2006, Opera launched a browser for dumbphones called Opera Mini. You typed it a URL, Opera rendered the webpage on their servers, compressed it by 90%, and then finally sent the results to your phone. Back in those days, phones were slow, screens were small, and 3G wasn’t ubiquitous. Opera Mini was a life saver. Fast forward to Monday, Microsoft announced “Data Sense”, which is basically Opera Mini, but built into Windows Phone 8. Why can’t Google, with their massive server farms, offer me a compression service?

And finally, where are the Nexus 10 accessories? That tablet is screaming for an official case. Better yet, imagine an official Samsung keyboard? The Nexus 10 would be a perfect laptop replacement if Samsung just launched the right peripherals. Maybe they will later in November? I don’t know, it just feels like a missed opportunity to me.

What did you guys want to see on Monday, but didn’t?

  • Guyfromitaly

    Nexus3 was a fake.
    Chrome turbo? Wth we are in 2012 not 2006
    The official cover was announced, keyboard for tablet is just shit

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Back in 2006, we had unlimited data. Today that’s not the case. Hence why I’d like to see Chrome Turbo.

      As for the Nexus 3 being a fake, my gut tells me that it’s out there.

      And as for the Nexus 10, didn’t see the cover. Thanks for correcting me! Still, I’d like a keyboard. I type quite a lot.

      • raindog469

        I still have unlimited data. Of course, that means I have Sprint, and I don’t live in a big city. So instead, I need low-bandwidth options to compensate for lousy coverage.

    • le_lutin

      “Chrome turbo? Wth we are in 2012 not 2006”
      What the hell has the date got to do with crappy 2g/3g speeds?

      You think Microsoft/Amazon/Opera have forgotten what year it is?

  • blah not evryone in the world is in the us…. data rates and speeds are still bad in the rest of the world and other than cities towns and villages have no 3g coverage in our part of the world……

  • Ian Findley

    Why would Google even mention accessories? That’s Samsung’s and 3rd party vendors responsibility. Also compression is provided server side by Google for chrome, I imagine they didn’t mention it for the fact that humans having recently discovered how to make bronze when Opera mini was released. We now have…Chrome (I know that was cheesy I couldn;t resist)

  • raindog469

    I already have Opera Mini on my phone. It’s right there on Google Play if you want it.

    But the reason Google isn’t bothering with server-side rendering is that modern web sites use way too much Javascript for that strategy to work well anymore. I don’t know how MS is handling it, but Opera Mini breaks a lot of sites for me, and Facebook in particular looks like it did in 2007 on it (I know, to some that may be a good thing). For just looking something up when your signal is marginal, though, it’s indispensable.

  • Nigel Wong

    What I wanted to see was that fake rumor about every manufacturer can make a Nexus phone as long as they follow the Nexus “standards” for hardware.. or some way to ensure phones can get updates within a certain timeframe. Here I am with my HTC One XL bought in July still stuck with ICS (well I have put CM10 on it but that’s another story) with no confirmed date for official HTC JB update and I expect the only way I would see android 4.2 is wait for CM10 merge with 4.2.

    Google has to do something with the OS upgrade and on monday they did not announce anything to address that and it is disappointing.

    • Same problem with Galaxy S3 (Yeah they released for some countries” but not mine). I should have waited for Nexus 4 or should have got Galaxy Nexus. :(

  • Nick Persinger

    Nexus Q

  • rdeleonp

    “Budget” and “Nexus” is a *bad* combo.

    Nexus 4 is great, but if they were to cut even more corners on a current day Nexus phone, the result would *not* be pretty.

    You want cheap Android phones? China has you covered with the myriad “models” available… Hell, look here:

    ZTE U950
    – Tegra 3 1.3 GHz
    – 1GB RAM
    – Android 4.0 ICS
    – 5 MP rear-facing shooter
    – VGA front-facing cam
    – 4GB ROM.
    – 4.3-inch display, very likely qHD (960 x 540 pixels).
    – 2000 mAh battery
    – unlocked, SIM-free
    – $160

    Let the Nexus line evolve at it’s natural pace. Eventually, we will get better devices and lower prices.

    • The least they could do was relaunch Galaxy Nexus at lower prices.

      • rdeleonp

        That was never an option.

        The Nexus line needs to advance every year.

        Otherwise, today we’d be using the equivalent of a “Nexus S Advance”, and that would be “Completely Unacceptable”™.

        • Well I said so because GN is still relevant and I don’t see how it is not going to be even after s few years.

          • rdeleonp

            Never said otherwise.

            GN will keep receiving updates, for as long as it’s technically feasible… but GN is not the future of Nexus; it’s the past.

          • Yeah but now potential buyers have to settle for 3rd grade phones with gingerbread (see galaxy pocket 2012, galaxy y etc.)

  • ooc

    I wanted to see my new GN2 in the palm of my hand, but apparently shipments are delayed . lol

  • Nick Schiwy

    32gb nexus 4?

  • I was expecting a Nexus phone with the following specs: 2gb RAM; quad core processor; 4.5+ inch, 300+ ppi screen; removable battery; SD cart slot.

  • Graham Laight

    I was hoping for the $100 tablet computer that had been rumoured in the media.

  • yut

    Cuba was affected too you know…