Three new Chromebooks

At their developer forum in San Francisco, Intel has offered up three new Chromebooks and one new Chromebox, all using their Haswell processor. That architecture is going to “improve battery life by more than 2X over previous generations, while offering increased performance” according to the Google Chrome Blog.

Neither Google or Intel were forthcoming about availability or price, but this signals a move to a more premium device. Details on final hardware also weren’t offered up, but a Toshiba Chromebook was showcased, along with Chromebooks from Acer and HP. An Asus branded Chromebox was the lone desktop model running the Haswell processor.

This marks Toshiba’s foray into the Chromebook realm, and Asus’ first Chromebox. While Chromebooks have run a variety of processors, from the ARM chipset in the ubiquitous Samsung book to the i5 chip from Intel in the top-end Pixel, today may represent a shift in thinking and direction by Google and its partners.

Four devices, all introduced simultaneously, and all running a Haswell processor. While Chromebooks dominate the sub-$300 price point — and often reflect that in build quality — such a large shift toward Haswell chips seem to offer a bit of maturity to the lineup. In development for nearly two years, the Haswell chips are robust, power sipping hardware, which Google notes will “improve battery life by more than 2X over previous generations, while offering increased performance.”

As this develops, we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for official info from all three manufacturers, as well as Google.

  • joser116

    Google, you made my day. This made me more excited than Apple’s announcements.

  • טאאטר

    לפטופ גרוע

  • Samuel Gabbay


  • This excites me, though, I’m not too excited about the Toshiba branded Chromebook. We’ve owned various Toshiba devices in the past, and they often stop working after a very short period of time.

    • vakama75

      I still have 15 years old Toshiba Laptop that still work ^^
      Me I’m excited to see Asus Chromebook.

      • Yvan Philogène

        Don’t get too excited. With Intel processor, we may only see this box from Asus.

        They may launch a chromebook, but with an AMD processor, and for school only.

        Maybe, I hope, I’m wrong.

        • degeus

          It was anounced ant IDF 2013, I think they’ll have Intel processors :-D

    • Geary B

      I have had the same experience with toshiba… HP is the way to go for this price poiny type hardware

      • Yvan Philogène

        Indeed, this 14″ device looks very thin and provides 9.5 hours of battery life. If it’s priced around 350$, it would be a very nice product.

    • Ryan Castle

      Toshiba was like my dead last choice for PCs after I bought two of them. As I said after this “You can’t spell shit without Toshiba.”

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    Please give me Chromebook in Scandinavia!

    • degeus

      Surely you can get them online. I bought all my chromebooks on Ebay, 3 of them. The ARM Samsung’s are very cheap these days (but, admittedly, don’t offer the best ChromeOS experience possible). Go for a an S5 550 instead, those are really the best.

      • LiiIiikEaBau5

        I don’t know how custom taxes works in your country, but in here its really difficult to get more than 200 norwegian krone. I hope i can get this in Norway without any extra taxes

    • Bjajjull

      In Sweden they’re available. So you can buy them in Scandinavia.

      • LiiIiikEaBau5

        But not in Norway

        • Bjajjull

          Ok. If you are living near the border, you can find them at “Elgiganten” if you’re intrested.

          • LiiIiikEaBau5

            Thanks. Im not far from Aare – Sweden.


          • Bjajjull

            No problem. The closest Elgiganten is unfortunately in Östersund. I’m not sure if you can order via internet and get it to Norway.

            Anyway, good luck ;)

  • steve blow jobs

    toshiba is crap. ive owned their laptops in the past and will never again.

    • Ryan Castle

      You can’t spell shit without Toshiba.

      • DL33

        Wouldn’t it be you can’t spell Toshiba without Shit?

    • dodz


    • Kevin Thomas

      I find that hard to believe, I’ve been running my Toshiba Satellite Laptop for almost 4 years, without a single problem or defect.

      To be honest Toshiba is what I automatically look for now, I trust the brand that much.

  • Spruce Cycle

    Ppl are damn fools to be buying chromebooks.

  • Demetrius14

    Toshiba has become less in power over the years compared to other companies, especially Asus. With the nexus 7 being one of the most sold tablets in the world, there is no doubt that Asus will continue to dominate if they are with Google.