This War of Mine, our favorite Android game of 2015, is now 70% off

by: Kris CarlonMarch 18, 2016

This War of Mine teaser

Our man of apps, Joe Hindy, spends his life wading through apps – the good, the bad and the ugly – in order to highlight the very best for you. Last year, the very best of the best was This War of Mine: our choice for best Android game of 2015. An engrossing and sometimes uncomfortable survival game that sees you fighting to survive in a post-war environment, This War of Mine is currently 70% off.

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The game usually comes with a hefty $14.99 price tag, so to be able to get it for less than five bucks is one of the best game bargains you’re likely to see. Back in November last year it got a temporary half-price discount, but this is so much sweeter. There’s no telling how long the $4.99 price will stick around, so now is the time to act.

The game sees you taking control of a band of survivors that must scavenge, evade and outthink the snipers, soldiers and scumbags that litter the ruined city. As Joe said in his best Android games of 2015 roundup: “it’s an unrepentant, gruesome and merciless rollercoaster ride that manages to succeed in almost every possible way.”


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  • Lindle

    It’s 67% off (66.66666% really) But this is still far too expensive for me. I’ll just wait for a steam sale to get it even lower

    • Dorian “doris” Anreiter

      I just bought it for 4 pounds from the Google play store. If you can’t afford 4 quid for a game how do you own a device to play it on?

      • Lindle

        What I am saying that it’s too expensive for a mobile game. That price is already a PC game for me. Since it is available for PC, that’s definitely where I will get it. Also $300 for something you will be using for a long time (around 3 years) and very often is not that expensive compared to a game for around month
        Edit: I bet I can get it o Steam for less at winter sale this year

        • Dorian “doris” Anreiter

          Fair enough. My viewpoint has always been that even if a game that costs 4 pounds just entertains me for 2 hours. 2 pounds an hour for being entertained is a reasonable amount. When one considers viewing a motion picture in a cinema costs about 4 pounds an hour, or drinking in a pub is around £7 an hour 4 quid for a game seems fair to me. However I can understand your reasoning.

  • ѦՊԻ

    Frankly , This game is awesome but I hated the missing “Saving progress” option .

    • BarneyStinson

      That’s intentional. In war there is no save button and this game is trying to be an experience. You make a decision there is no way to revert it. Anyway automatic save always happens after night ends. So there is a hack you can do. Whenever you got killed during the night force close of game and the you get back the morning before ;)

      • ѦՊԻ

        Thank you

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Just bought it… But going to wait to play it on my G5 ?