ThinkPower claims to be world’s fastest battery pack

by: Jonathan FeistAugust 12, 2014

Hey look, another mobile power pack to keep our devices juiced up on the go. If you were to stop reading there, you would be missing out on why ThinkPower is in a league of its own and worth looking at.

ThinkPower is a new Kickstarter project for a mobile power pack, this pack is rated for 10,000mAh and has a nifty trick up its sleeve, it can recharge from empty in just 90 minutes. The trick here is that ThinkPower is designed for Lenovo laptop owners, and actually uses your laptop charger to charge the ThinkPower battery pack. The result, as mentioned, is 0 to 100 in just half the length of a Micheal Bay movie.

ThinkPower battery pack

If you are like me, you were immediately turned off by the thought of needing a Lenovo laptop charger. Do not fret, Zettaly Inc, the company behind the ThinkPower project, has outlined that nearly any laptop charger rated 18-20V and 45W+ should work, provided you can get an adapter to the Lenovo round or new rectangle plug style. They are also working on more ThinkPower units that specifically suite the other laptop manufacturers, but that is down the road a ways.

ThinkPower has two USB outputs, one at 1A suited for your smartphone, and the other at 2.1A to suite most tablets. The unit is designed to last in excess of 500 cycles, comes with a digital display to keep you in touch of current power levels, utilizes Samsung SDI battery cells and intelligent power management by Texas Instruments.

ThinkPower battery pack

Head on over to the ThinkPower Kickstarter page before September 4th if you want to get in on the campaign. Currently, early bird backers that cough up more than $40 will get their very own ThinkPower battery pack and a companion braided USB cable.

With all of the external power packs out there, does ThinkPower’s super fast charging rate stand out for you?

  • BB

    just about exited to read but when i read the word “kickstarter”, nvm.
    kickstarter meaning = disappointed, never come out, fail.
    Got too much experiences with this kickstarter bullshit and always disappointed and just silent after all.
    Anyone who read this remember, disappointed, never come out, fail and please. Never put any hope on kickstarter.
    and hope anyone that got hope remember this after 1 year from today date.

  • toiletduck7

    sigh, wish there is a universal version of this device coz i surely need one right now… :(

  • When I saw the pic, I though it might be a Lenovo product :P

    • Chris

      And you were wrong

    • dodz

      yeah reminds me of the thinkpad, they even used the same font and 45 degree angle style

  • jz100

    So do they have some magical batteries in there? Not even counting the fact that faster charges shorten battery life.