Think slightly different with SamsApple in new hilarious Conan O’Brien video!

by: AdrianAugust 8, 2012

I’m not sure exactly how many viewers regularly watch Conan O’Brien’s late-night TBS cable show, but “CoCo” might see his ratings plummet soon enough. I know that Android fans tend to get a bit overly passionate sometimes, especially when it comes to comparing their favorite gadgets with Apple’s iPhones or iPads, so Conan’s latest video might get him into some serious trouble.

In less than 90 seconds, CoCo, along with Nick Wood, VP Electronics at Samsung, Nigel Woodworth, VP at Dreamagination (say what?), and Stefan Jobes (clever, eh?) manage to rip Sammy apart, while trying to prove that Apple’s charges against the South Korean tech giant are complete and utter BS.

Apple fanboy? ISheep? I’m sure that Conan will be called that and many similar “affectionate” nicknames soon enough by Android fans, but the truth is the video is hilarious. I mean, I for one chuckled all the way through Nick Wood’s speech and burst into laughter when “Jobes” entered the scene. And, for crying out loud, it’s humor, guys, it doesn’t have to be true or fair, it just has to be funny.

Not only is the clip funny and witty, it also gives us some unprecedented insight into Samsung’s future plans and handling of current operations. Did you know, for example, that Sammy is planning to soon launch a Macrowave oven, VacPro vacuum cleaner, and a iWasher? I would buy one of those in a second! After consulting with one of Samsung’s new “smart guys”, of course.

As much as I enjoyed Conan’s video poking fun of  “SamsApple” in more ways than I ever imagined (that “think slightly different” slogan is pure genius), I can’t help but want to seek some late-night retribution for Android. Leno, Letterman, anybody…?

  • 3n-forcer

    haha :D sarcasmn, i love it!

  • MasterMuffin

    Think slightly different X)

  • Evan Olfert

    Not available in my country. Whaaaat…

  • Peterson Silva

    Funny how they have to put the Galaxy in a specific position (in the app drawer) for it to be similar to the iPhone. The way it works is different .-.

  • Piyush

    Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?

    • prashy

      Do u really know anything about computing??

    • They invented the square.. oh and arrogance.

  • Michi

    great! laughed a lot

  • I laught out loud :D

  • I love how every apple enthusiast who feels Samsung “copied” apple can’t even pick up an Android device and turn the Bluetooth on…what a joke! Iphone users should just stick with their entry level smartphone and get over it and realize there is a thing called competition!

  • Tweeg

    I love how apple enthusiasts talk like Steve Jobs was Alexander Graham Bell.

    The “i” in their products stands for idiot.