The week in Android Apps

by: Derek ScottJuly 25, 2010

The past week or so has produced some worthy mentions in the Android application department.  Notable new or updated apps that can be easily downloaded from Google’s Android Market are:

  • Barnes & Noble’s NOOK e-reader – read more than a million e-books right from your Android device
  • Time Mobile – stay connected to the latest news from Time Magazine
  • – find the best deals in over 65 cities with Groupon
  • Vlingo Super Dialer – a voice dialing app that connects users to businesses on the Web
  • Shazam Encore and Shazam Freemium – popular music ID service that now offers unlimited tagging and recommendations
  • Opera Mini 5.1 web browser
  • AOL News, Apps, & Sites and AOL Daily Finance – Stocks & News
  • Graffiti – Palm’s old school text input comes to Android devices


  • Google Voice – improved voice dialing speed

Coming soon

  • BBC News

Do you have any to add or that we missed?  Please let us know.

  • HerbMCarter

    How about “Edwin” ? It seems an ABSOLUTELY GREAT app.

    Android Market description
    Edwin is a speech-to-speech voice assistant and accessibility utility. Uses speech recognition and text-to-speech together!
    0.4 / 0.4.1
    * Intro tutorial
    * App launching
    * Location for Maps, weather & time
    + More
    Edwin is still evolving. Please email feedback, suggestions and issues.
    Twitter @neureau
    Package: com.neureau.edwin

    I thought it was absolutely GREAT.

  • HerbMCarter

    How about the fact that you can use the standard voice search on the Droid to do math

    e.g.: What is 3.2 times 5
    What is the square root of 65

    Try it – IT WORKS right from the standard “voice search”

  • HerbMCarter

    Note that on the above – the 1st is a free app, and the 2nd is already on the phone.

    Give them a whirl.