‘The Walking Dead’ on its way to the Ouya later this year

by: Andrew GrushAugust 27, 2013


It’s fair to say that when it comes to AAA titles and runaway hits, the Ouya is severely lacking. The good news is that the Ouya team seems to understand this, as evidenced by its recent creation of its “Free the Games” initiative, meant to attract new developers to the platform. While it still remains too early to tell whether Ouya’s “Free the Games” fund will bear any real fruit, the good news is that Ouya is at least getting one new addition to its library that is worth buzzing about.

Telltale Games have now announced that they are bringing the massively popular The Walking Dead game series over to the Ouya! What makes this news significant is that – up until now – there was no Android port of the series, though there were versions for iOS, the PS Vita, PS3 and Xbox 360.

According to TellTale Games, the first season will arrive bundled together this winter with the bonus episode “400 Days”. The upcoming second season is also expected to make its way over to the Ouya, though it is unclear whether it will arrive at the same time as other platforms or will also experience a delay.

Even though Season 1 of The Walking Dead is basically a year old, this is still a pretty big win for Ouya. The big question is whether or not the Android version will remain exclusive to the micro-console, or if it will eventually roll out to Google Play users as well.

  • wd

    bring watchdogs to ouya and it will be an instant hit

  • Mahdi

    What does AAA in this text stand for?
    Thanks in advance

  • APai

    ouya will have to be patient. if they work very hard and show that there’s a market for that niche. game developers will come. on the other hand, the moment they become viable, I’d bet google (already has one perhaps) and others will be interested to jump in headlong. the bozo from amazon will not be too far behind.