Google Wallet is one of the many Android apps that make use of near-field communications technology or NFC. While this technology has already been available in a lot of high-end Android devices, most banking institutions have yet to make use of this technology. This is because initially, the app did not support multiple credit cards and major debit or credit cards. However, in early August, that changed when Google updated the application. Now, users can freely choose the card that they want to pay with. In addition to that, the company also enabled support for major debit and credit cards.

These updates have caused a rise in demand for the use of this application. In fact, on a recent press release by Google, it was stated that since the update, usage of Google Wallet had increased by more than double. This success was credited to the relatively easier way of financial institutions to partner up with Google Wallet.

Besides that, some of the updates that the company had applied include the possibility of using the bank’s card arts, migration of Google Wallet to a secure cloud server, integration of Google Wallet with several banking institutions and many more. In fact, the migration to the cloud server was a move widely embraced by both the users and the financial institutions. Other than speeding up the implementation process, the use of cloud server allowed the user to deactivate their Google Wallet account remotely through a computer. This, in turn, made Google Wallet even safer than before.

Institutions such as Barclaycard US, Green Dot and Silicon Valley Bank had already implemented Google Wallet for their customers. It is expected for many others to follow suit. The fact that the implementation would be free for any potential banking partners made Google Wallet a very lucrative market to go into as well.

Do you use Google Wallet or are you still considering it to see if it gets adopted to more institutions?

Costea Lestoc
With a lifelong affection for gadgets, Costea carries a tremendous passion for the tech space and strives to give you the latest news from this domain.
  • jesse

    still not available in Australia :(

    • Brookz

      Or Canada :(

  • Would love to use Google Wallet but AT&T and Verizon restrict its use.

  • Dave

    I’d like to use google wallet. I’d like to use it so much inf act that I was planning on switching from iphone to android … but AT&T is blocking the use of Google Wallet on the Galaxy S3.

    The EXTREMELY anti-competitive nature of blocking existing applications because they hope to offer a competing service later (ISIS) aside …

    This is software that leverages our sensitive data. We the consumers should be able to choose which entities we want to trust in this regard. AT&T wont allow this and is blocking our access to services offered by Google so that we MUST use a competing service they are offering.How is there not an uproar forcing them to stop such behavior?

  • Evan Wickes

    you can DL the apk file & install it after you check “allow non-market installs” may need to be rooted. i’m on vzw, & i have G-wallet. i’m also rooted so not sure if this is a requirement.

    • Curtis DeMott

      I have a Verizon GNEX and NON ROOTED and HAve the new Google Wallet and use it all the time. People need to stop complaining and spend your time looking for the app and side load it.

  • Cory

    I am on Sprint, who does not block it, I have been wanting to use it but so far most of the places around me that have it are only fast food places or CVS.

  • Belveniu

    Nice article.

    • Belveniu

      love to read more . who is costea? good job newbie