The HTC Dream goes out for a walk on a sunny day

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 19, 2008

Well, photos like these are to be expected now that the official release of the G1 is only days away. So here you have it – has posted a few photos of what he claims is an HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 that he managed to get thanks to some contacts at Google.

The photos are not large by any means, but they are well exposed and nice and clear. You don’t get stuff like that too often in spy shots. In any event, stay tuned here next week to get live photos and video of the T-Mobile G1 from the launch event, which I’ll be at.

The device in the photos lacks any obvious branding and has the markings of one of Google’s prototypes, like those we’ve seen at shows like Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It certainly looks like the phone we’ve been waiting for, bent shape and all.

The rest of the rather small photos are in the gallery below.

[via AndroidCommunity]