The Galaxy S3 effect: iPhone 5 rumored to have a 4.6-inch display

by: Bams SadewoMarch 24, 2012

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Bigger is better. That seems to be the conclusion of a recent survey that says the majority of smartphone owners want their next phone to have a bigger screen. While the 3.5-inch display of the iPhone was distinctive at the time of its introduction, which was five years ago, Apple seems adamant in keeping it, on the basis that a 3.5-inch display is the optimal size for operating your phone with one hand. Is Apple about to have a change of heart by introducing a bigger and sharper display for its iPhone 5?  Welcome to another edition of the iPhone 5 rumor mill.

Reported by the Maeli Business Newspaper from South Korea, an anonymous industry source has spilled the beans on the possible bigger display of the next iPhone. The source said that Apple has asked its suppliers to start producing the 4.6-inch Retina display for the iPhone 5, with a release date set for the second quarter of the year.

Yet, another fresh rumor coming out from iMore seems to suggest otherwise. The iPhone 5, apparently, will only come with a new 4G LTE radio and a smaller dock port, but the display size will be kept the same.

Conflicting rumors are nothing new when it comes to the iPhone – or any other hot smartphone for that matter. If the iPhone 5 does come with a 4.6-inch display, it’d make for a very interesting showdown with the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. The 4.7-inch display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 would still best the supposed bigger display of the iPhone 5 though.

From a worldwide sales figure standpoint, the Samsung Galaxy series is one adversary that Apple is keeping a very close watch on. Their designers probably curse Samsung for every inch or two that the Galaxy S phone is gaining in display size with each new version, but we think that the rumor of a 4.6-inch display of the iPhone 5 seems more like a wish list of a hardcore fan.

What do you think?

  • Droidkin

    Apple is screwed on this screen size thingy. They have done a brilliant job of convincing the Apple faithful that the only size appropriate for a smartphone is 3.5″ Those 3.5 inchers aren’t going to want a bigger phone, regardless of the size it might be.

    What is Apple to do? Say sorry if you want a 3.5″ buy a 4s….and not get the latest and greatest iPhone technology. Make two iPhone 5s, a 3.5″ and a what ever size bigger 5s. The bigger mess Apple will face is the fragmentation of the iPhone market. Will developers update all those hundreds of thousands of apps to work on a larger display? If they don’t, how do they deal with the backlash from the new iPhone 5 owners….when their favorite apps don’t work properly on the their new phone.

    Or do they keep the 3.5″ phone and slowly lose more sales to a market that is clearly favoring larger screens.

    In chess terms…Apple check.

    • Steven03pg

      Do you follow apple consumers? They will LOVE the larger screen. I guarantee it. The only reason they defend their 3.5″ vs the bigger ones is because – since Apple is just making 3.5″ screens it must be the optimal size. Once they go bigger everyone will ditch their 4’s and 4s for the 5.
      As far as the fragmentation, not so much. Once its “officially” announced, if there is a bigger screen, the devs will already start working on the upscaling and such before the i5 is even out. Its not like us Android users with the 2456461 different screen sizes .. its just two screen sizes for apple.
      My friends that have an iphone always defend their screen size and thing my s2 screen size is not needed, but I guarantee everyone will jump the ship and be quick to jump the ship.
      Look at the 4s as the perfect example, why would anyone spend $800 (when they first came out) to upgrade from the 4, when the 4s isnt even that much better? … because its a new apple product, its a new iPhone, thats why.

  • Phablet

    I think 4.6 inch for the new Iphone is still far too small. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note and I wish it was a bit bigger
    6 inch would be nice or even 6.5 if they can build it with an edge to edge screen, this would be the limit for sticking it to your ear!

    • alex2792

      So, you want a tablet that makes phone calls and looks rediculous while doing it?

      • Droidkin

        Not any more ridiculous than talking to your smartphone or tablet.

      • With all due respect, who gives a flying rat’s arse how you “look” when you’re making a damn phone call???


  • Dfsfs_d

    imagin appel teaming up with samsung wich i know will never happen. but if they did the could make a ultra phoje that would probebly be number 1 for many years

    • sjay

      apple are getting the quad core proccessrors for the iphone 5 from samsung and there camera sensor from sony.

  • wonshikee

    There’s just no way Apple will do that. It’ll be like 3.7″ at most.

    • Dak666

      That’s what alex2792’s girlfriend said to him too

      3.7″ at most

  • Crapple

    Apple will say they were the first to a 4+ in screen and sue Samsung.

    And all the Apple fanboys who were defending the 3.5 in screen to death saying that it is the only size that is correct will start boasting about how awesome the larger screen is and that Apple revolutionized screen sizes.

    • I want a phone that fits comfortably in my hands i don’t want a tablet SIZE phone i think APPLE nailed it with the IPHONE 5 I look forward to getting it.

  • alex2792

    I’d prefer something around 4in,but I’ll be getting iPhone 5 regardless of the screen size so whether it’s 4.6 or 3.5 doesn’t really matter.

    • Brianepatt85

      Blind apple fans. Shame…. android is so much better.

      • alex2792

        I’ve used Android for over 2yrs, and to say that it’s crap compared to iOS would be an understatement of epic proportions. I prefer smoothness of iOS and apps that don’t look like aborted CS 101 projects.

        • Brianepatt85

          I have a iPhone 4s and a galaxy s2. Android is so much better it seriously isn’t close IMO. Every major app is available for android but yes if you want a bunch of more useless apps and pizza boy go with iPhone. Unless you jailbreak you cant even get 3rd party apps! That’s one reason why a iPhone isn’t even usable for me (many other reasons). Yeah you can jailbreak ur phone but then your dreading a update. You shouldn’t have to dread a update to the OS.

          When you click on your app drawer icon its very smooth too. That’s all iPhone homescreens are is a app drawer. ALL APPS WORTH GETTING LOOK JUST AS GOOD ON ANDROID. Netflix looks better on android btw. And the hardware doesn’t even compare android phones win. If I were out I wouldn’t waste any more money at apple app store because in 2 years it won’t even be a argument what OS is better.

        • Dak666

          When did you use it for over 2 years? 2007-2009?
          Judging by your comments Brianepatt85 is right. You are a blind Apple fanboy

          • alex2792

            From 2009 to 2011? My last phone was photon 4g that I dumped the day iPhone launched on Sprint. Best thing I’ve ever done!

          • Brianepatt85

            Your last phone wasn’t a photon…. why would you buy that over galaxy s2? How much did you pay for your iPhone? Just curious

          • alex2792

            I got the photon cuz its a world phone and I was traveling not to mention the fact that S2 came out a month later. I ended up selling it for $300 so I got the iPhone for free with a new contract.

          • Brianepatt85

            How did u get iPhone for free? You should still be under contract w/ photon. Don’t lie. You’ve probably never even owned a android phone. Hey you should try android once I’m awhile instead of hating on things u dpmt really know about.

          • Brianepatt85

            in* don’t*

          • alex2792

            Easy sold photon for $300 paid $125 ETF got iPhone for contract price $199 so I did pay $25 at the end of the day.

          • Brianepatt85

            How did you get a iPhone at contract price? If you got a iPhone at contract price that means you bought ur last phone at least 18 months ago.

        • Aaron5662

          you apparently did not look at the simple task of Android which are not so simple with the iphone like drop box you can edit it in iphone Android that’s simple of all simple and iphone cant do it what about TRUE multi tasking iphone you download something go and play a game do something else most cases the download will pause again not a TRUE multi tasking phone gotta look at the simple stuff that makes the phone so much better then move up to the bigger stuff that will BLOW iphone away

          • Aaron5662

            sorry i am kinda tired and i did not read through what i said before i posted it i mean drop box you can not edit it with iphone as with android you can

  • Brianepatt85

    iPhones won’t be 4.6. Ppi is to important to apple. I’m sure they don’t wanna lose resolution on (undoubtedly) there most important launch to date. Ill be surprised if the screen isn’t bigger but I’m guessing close to 4.

  • John Kokonas

    I’d consider buying an iPhone if it came with a larger screen… and Swype

    • Dwilks

      See that’s the thing, I have the original galaxy s and don’t use swype, I installed GB keyboard from the play store. Oh, and is it possible to even change the keyboard on iOS?

  • Monica

    I’m really looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I personally prefer Android phones but would love an opportunity to check out both of these side by side. I watch videos on my phone a lot and am sure the larger screens would be awesome especially since they are high resolution. I get HD at home through my employee subscription to DISH and love being able to get the same great quality when I’m on the go.

  • apparently men wanted big cars if they had small penises. now they want ridiculously bigger phones.

  • Gilgervais

    The Best size is 4 inch
    but some like me think instead of having one phone and one tablet you can combine the two and buy those kind of smartphone with 5.3 screen

  • EarthZone

    If you want true multitasking like a PC choose android, if you want smooth response without multitasking choose iPhone,,That’s all its so easy,, both phones have different priorities android optimized for multitasking yet very good user response(not like iPhone). in other hand iPhone is optimized for user response But bit of multitasking(very poor) . I think android win the battle. but iPhone team can not blame android that they have stolen their ideas,, Gurus of Unix Os dennis lane ritchie and ken Thomson Never blame iPhone team that their making bunch of Money because Unix Kernel (40bn $).

  • So many rumors, I really want to see new Samsung phone soon as possible :)

  • hmm thats nice and impressive rumor…..!

  • Cole Raney

    Ugh! I garuntee the next iPhone won’t be called the iPhone 5. I am betting on iPhone 4G. If not that, then I would guess iPhone 6. Not iPhone 5. Anyway these were rumors back in September and October. They didn’t come true then, I doubt they will now.

  • Lkj

    don’t think thats happening for a while. If they increase the size they will have to change the resolution to make it retina display. meaning they will have to manufacture a new screen, and all of the apps will have to be updated to be compatible with the new display.

  • james braselton

    hi there i will hold out a long time i have curently have iphone 4 in boring 2d when will apple release the roumered 3d iphone thats when i will upgrade oh fot too tell you about my 3d lg thrill with 3d screen i like 3d better then 2d

  • Kems

    Dear friends,

    Android and iOS got their own pros and cons. I have been on iPhone 3g initially, then for couple of years on RIM’s BB, and the first switch was to Android’s Galaxy S2. I am never regretting. I was totally new to the Android environment. But, let me tell you that there’s no looking back. I love my S2, as many of you do.

    At one of the forum, I saw a guy saying that Indians are poor to even afford an iPhone. I thought of replying to that guy, but, there’s no end to such conversations. I personally preferred S2 over iPhone 4S, for, a locked iPhone is priced here in India at 45000 rupees (USD 900). That’s way too much considering the competition. You can easily get a 32gb or even 64gb 10 inch Samsung Tablet with dual core for that price. Whereas, the unlocked S2 costed me 28500 rupees (that is USD 570). Gone through all the reviews available on youtube and internet and what boiled down at the end – S2 is by far the best phone and iPhone 4S was not even a match, leave alone a stiff contender. These pretty damm tricks of “Revolutionary, Revolutionaized, Unbelievable, For the First Time…..”, oh, WTF. Apple is good at marketing. If they produce a stunning product, like the iPhone 3G in the initial days, I would be one in the queue to grab the stuff first hand.

    As a customer, I simply want this – “If a phone can do wonders, respond to you in breathtaking way, the way you want it to be, and it comes at a lesser price than a REVOLUTIONARY iPhone, which has nothing but GOODWILL (As far as Stats, Samsung clearly threw Apple out of the woods and this is evident from the numerous suits Apple has instituted against Samsung to protect it’s flagship. Apple sensing defeat here!), I would go all out for the phone which is considered the best. Imagine a situation where the looks of the phone were sooooo revolutionary but it lacks the basic elements of a smartphone or is way behind the other competitors, I won’t be spending for the looks and the half eaten rotten Apple. I want that phone which is very responsive!

    At the end of the day, I would say, I loved iOS, i am even more loving Android, except that the ICS update didn’t turn out to be good (herein in India we are yet to receive it). But, hey, Samsung’s first OS update after such a huge success of the Galaxy smartphones. They will learn from this. BTW, an iPhone 8 will perhaps match with S3.

    If Apple proves me wrong, I will definitely buy iPhone 5 :p

    • akp

      awsome review bro i 2 have galaxy s2 and its far far better thn iphone 4s

  • blabla

    Apple’s move with the next iPhone will determine the company’s future. The company must keep setting the trend and it is lagging behind. The launch of the next-gen iPhone is the true test after Steve Jobs has passed away. I personally want to see the “WOW !!!!!” factor that i’ve seen in the first gen iPhone. Show us that Apple one more time !