The definition of open acording to Android chief Andy Rubin

by: James TromansOctober 20, 2010
Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin

There has been a bit of ‘banter’ flying around between Steve Jobs and, well, Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and TweetDeck CEO Iain Dodsworth (who was pulled into the fray by Jobs). For those that didn’t hear it, Jobs spent five minutes in Apple’s 4th Quarter Earnings call laying into Android, in particular, describing why Android isn’t truly ‘open’. I’m not sure what prompted him to do this, but Rubin’s response was subtle, smart and to the point:

the definition of open: “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make”

For those that don’t speak code, these are the commands you can type into any Linux based machine to install Android. In other words, Rubin said “This open enough for ya?!” The Tweet made by Rubin was later retweeted by Google’s CEO and TweetDeck CEO Dodsworth even went so far as to denounce the notion that Android is a hard platform to develop for. Job’s used TweetDeck as an example to show how fragmented the Android OS is, but TweetDeck has subsequently said,

Did we at any point say it was a nightmare developing on Android? Errr nope, no we didn’t. It wasn’t.

I cannot imagine that Jobs would respond to the comments made by any of the above. If he does, it really does question the professionalism of the mobile industry. With that said, I’m all for it!

[Via: Mobile Beat]

  • Howie_in_AZ

    Why don’t I have access to the 3.0 branch, Mr. Rubin?

  • It’s a good point; It’s only open once an iteration is finished, and only Google employees can checkin changes to forthcoming iterations. As such, future ‘Android’ is not open, but past ‘Android’ is, and developers could make their own branch (and they do) whenever they want based on past iterations.

  • CactusCat

    Howie, without resorting to name calling, your question to Mr Rubin as to why you don’t have access to the 3.0 branch is absolutely the stupidest question of the week. Why don’t you have access? It’s not finished dude. What would you do if you did have access? Would you finish the coding for it? Would you test it on different hardware? Would you simply gripe and moan because it didn’t do this or didn’t do that? Sure you would. That’s why its not available to the general public yet. It is NOT finished. Thats the same reason why you can’t buy a 2012 car. They’ve already started on them in the planning stages, the designs are drawn, many parts have already been manufactured, etc. Why don’t you have access to them? They’re not finished dude. If you want to have access to some code, why not just go out and write your own OS and call it open source and give it away? And then what would you think if someone asked you to release your work before you were done with it? I’m sure you can do much better than Mr. Rubin, don’t you?

  • DouglasReyes

    Android is the best.. and that’s why Apple is jealous , they know that can’t compete with android, in Apple they charge you for every shit that you download