The Best QWERTY Android Phones of 2011 Compared – Part Three!

by: ChintanMarch 18, 2011

How are you doing QWERTY Android lovers? We are back with the concluding post in our QWERTY Android series to cover some more recently launched Android phones.

Let’s get started with the MetroPCS’ first 4G smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Indulge. Well, they are offering one of the world’s first commercially available 4GLTE enabled phone at at a fraction of the cost, with $50 and $60 plans.

Samsung Galaxy Indulge

Let’s have a quick peak at its features:

  • OS:Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Processor:1 GHz
  • Display: 3.5″ HVGA TFT
  • Weight:151.6 gms
  • Size:5.2″x2.4″x0.6″
  • Full Slide-out QWERTY keyboard
  • Camera: 3 Mega pixel (with auto-focus)
  • Memory: External Storage upto 32 GB with included 4GB memory card and preloaded Ironman-2 as well.

The good thing which stands for it is that it is contract free! And, it also has a decent call quality and responsive QWERTY. But, it is known to have weak battery life. The camera isn’t that impressive either, but it works. We feel that it lacks the spark that its more premium Galaxy siblings like Samsung Epic 4G has.

As its priced at $399 with no contract cellular service, so, we reckon that you may well indulge in the Samsung Indulge if you can bear with the cons of the device.

Have a look at it’s video review:

Samsung Galaxy Pro

Now, let’s get down to the other Samsung’s darling – The Samsung Galaxy Pro.  Well, this candybar QWERTY device was launched very recently at the SEA Forum in Singapore.


Let’s have a look at its specs:

  • 2.8″ TFT capacitive touchscreen display
  • OS:Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Camera: 3 MP
  • Memory:Internal-512MB External-2GB microSD included with expandable upto 32GB
  • Weight:103.4 gms
  • Processor: 800 MHz
  • HSDPA, FM Radio and GPS
  • Accelerometer and Thinkfree document editor
  • Digital and Proximity Sensor

It has a sleek design and a affordable price. It also has a pre-loaded collection of exciting games. On the top of it all, it has a powerful battery. Although the features don’t compare with the other top Android Phones in the market, we think that its worth its price and will feel good in your pocket.

Have a look at its video:

HTC Cha Cha

After Samsung, we move on to HTC – Awarded as the 2011 Device Manufacturer of the year. HTC recently announced the ‘HTC Cha Cha’. Cha Cha is a Facebook oriented phone, having a dedicated FB button. And, it is pretty much a sibling of HTC Salsa smartphones with a full QWERTY keyboard. HTC Cha Cha comes pre-loaded with the HTC Sense UI to let you instantly upload your pictures directly to FB, easily. And, you may even let your pals know which song you are currently listening by pressing the FB button.

Now, let’s take a sneak peak into the other features it has to offer:

  • OS:Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • Screen:2.6″ with 480 x 320 resolution
  • Camera: Rear- 5 Megapixel with LED flash, Front-VGA
  • Weight:120 gms
  • Dimensions:114.4 x 64.6 x 10.7 mm
  • Memory:512 MB internal with microSD up to 32 GB
  • Processor:600 MHz
  • HDSPA support
  • micro USB v2.0
  • Accelerometer and Proximity Sensor

Albeit, the phone has only a 600 MHz CPU, but don’t forget that it also boasts an Gingerbread for high speed access to functionalities. And, it has a good camera too. And, it has a less than average weight than most QWERTY Androids we discussed. We feel it’s superior than the Samsung smartphones we described above due to superior and innovative features like the OS and Facebook.

Cha Cha is that it is the first HTC device to feature a BlackBerry-style form with a full Qwerty keyboard. And, its primarily aimed at the Facebook addicts, i.e. the younger users. It’s price would be in between the HTC Desire S and the Wildfire S. All the FB addicts – plan out your budget, this device is a really the one to watch out for.

Here’s a quick video preview, courtesy of MobileBurn:

Motorola Droid Pro

And, finally how can we forget the Motorola Droid Pro. The special thing about it is the enhanced security and hot shot capabilities. It is looking to be a worthwhile Blackberry alternative.

Lets scroll through its specifications:

  • Processor: TI OMAP 1GHz with dedicated GPU
  • Memory:2 GB internal with 2 GB pre-installed microSD card and expandable upto 32 GB
  • Display:3.1″ with 480×320 (HVGA) TFT
  • Camera: 5MP with LED flash
  • Dimensions:4.69″ x 2.36″  x 0.46″
  • Weight:134.09 gms
  • OS: Android 2.2 Froyo with Moto App Platform

The Droid Pro wears a $299 price tag at Verizon. And, it has awesome looks with really great features. But, it has some cons as well : its paltry internal memory and poor HVGA display. And, although made for business purposes, it does not possess good enterprising abilities equivalent to Blackberry. So, it might be a potential threat to Blackberry, but, we recommend the Blackberry Bold 9780  instead.

Here’s a video review here:

So folks, when you are buying your new QWERTY Android, don’t forget to scroll through our series of posts. And, do weigh in on whatever features you wish in your future phone. Is it a good camera you admire in a QWERTY Android? Or do you wish for Gingerbread rather than Froyo? Are a social networking enthusiast and wish for special features like the Facebook button and excellent connectivity?

In 2011 we can expect really awesome phones with cool features due to the tough competition in the market. Who will make the cut? Will the Facebook phone HTC Cha Cha be the marketbreaker with its gingerbread?Can Samsung, with its line of Galaxies do it? Or does Motorola’s Droid 2 or CLIQ 2 interest you? With so much to choose from, its likely you will find everything you are looking for.

One of the the wonderful things about Android is the sheer variety of phones available. Android enthusiasts – hit the reply button and tell us which QWERTY deserves your dollars and attention this year. who you think can make it? Who you think is the best of all? Obviously, we know no phone is  100%  perfect. Some might lack the great camera you seek, or possess a processor that’s not quite good enough, or ultimately, fit your budget.

You can tip us with whatever QWERTY Android which you think deserves a mention over here.

Be sure to to check out part one and part two of this series as well!

  • Shiv

    Theres a Motorola phone with android 2.2 and candybar Qwerty, thats not mentioned here ? Any reviews on that ?

  • Mari-O in Bangkok

    “Cha Cha is that it is the first HTC device to feature a BlackBerry-style form with a full Qwerty keyboard.”

    Not correct. The HTC Snap was. That is why this Cha Cha is sometimes referred to as the “HTC Snap 2.”

    BTW, the best candybar phone ever from a keyboard perspective had to be the old Blackberry Bold 9000. The BB Bold 9780 you reference shrank down the keys, which is simply suboptimal. I own a Droid Pro and the similarly small keys are really unfortunate. Sure, you can get used to them but it is not remotely as fun to use as the BB 9000 was. Same issue with the Torch. I don’t even have huge fingers. Just an ease-of-use thing.

    I hope the Galaxy S Qwerty turns out to be the kind of email workhorse I have been waiting for. The HTC Snap is decent but really no-frills and WinMo 6.1 for chrissakes.

    (My company will not permit me to use BBerry or I would be rocking a BB Bold 9000, as outdated as it is.)

  • seventieslord

    Thank you for the great reviews. With this I was able to do my research. There are six phones out there that satisfy my needs:

    – packaged with Android 2.2 or higher
    – GSM
    – QWERTY landscape

    Cliq 2, Vision, Droid 2 Global, Xperia Pro, Desire Z, Evo Shift.

    and I was able to narrow it down to the point where I finally know what phone I want: The Droid 2 Global. Why? Basically these phones have little more than aesthetic differences between them (aside from the Xperia’s camer and the internal ROMS ranging from 1-8 GB) – they all come with 2.2 or 2.3, screen sizes are basically all the same, same ram, all upgradeable to 32 GB SD, similar battery life. Aside from Xperia’s camera, the Droid 2 stood out for its 1.2 GHz processor, and the 8 GB internal ROM, which gives it close to 40 GB usable storage room.

    The Motorola Solana is going to be better in every way – dual core, half inch larger screen, double the RAM & ROM, better camera, likely packaged with 2.4, and it will have the number keys where they belong, by themselves on the top of five rows – but who knows when it will be out and what it will cost.

    that’s it, I’m buying an unlocked D2G.

    • Darcy Alexander

      Hey Seventieslord,

      I have a Droid 2 Global and it’s one heck of a phone. I don’t care what touchscreen phone lovers contend – nothing can beat physical buttons! I’m pretty demanding of my devices, and get to play with the newest ones all the time. Still, I always find myself going back to the good ‘ol trusty Droid 2 Global. I remember the first time it fell to the concrete from 5 feet when I was running. I was expecting to pick up a shattered device, but it just had a few knicks. Since then, i’ve dropped it probably 100 times. Still keeps on ticking like a champ.
      Still, the Droid 3 looks like a deliciously tempting device. That is looking like the phone to get, and with it’s TI OMAP dual core processor, puts it in Samsung Galaxy S II performance area. Still, the display of the SGS II with it’s eyetastic super AMOLED goodness makes it hard to put down.

      Thanks for the great comment, and for the compliment. You can rely on us to keep the QWERTY love flowing!

    • ben

      the htc vision and htc desire z are the same thing and u wont be able to get them ive tried so hard

  • seventieslord

    The QWERTY slider will never die. I thought for a while that it was going to… but there are too many enthusiasts, it seems.

    Any news on the Droid 3/Solana? Do we even know if it’s going to be a GSM phone? I wanted an Epic 4G Badly only to find out it was CDMA.

    Although the D2G looks like my best option, I’m starting to backtrack a bit. I’ve been doing more research and apparently its bootloader is locked and might never be hacked. I’ve rooted my LG Eve and flashed a ROM onto it with no problems but I’m not an expert. I don’t know what a locked bootloader means to me, but it probably isn’t good. It probably affects my ability to unlock, root, load ROMs and upgrade to Gingerbread, or some or all of the above.

    Apparently Gingerbread is miles faster than FroYo, and speed is the most important thing to me (hence why I want this phone) so anything I buy should have an upgrade to GB either available or anticipated. I’m getting cold feet here. Can anyone ease my concerns?

    On the other hand, one of the unlocked D2Gs on ebay right now claims to be rooted and running a ROM called Fission…. so that’s good. Rooting is absolutely essential, I need my root-only apps. Of course I can’t ask him for details or even if I can bid from my foreign country, because he has his “ask a question” feature turned off…

    Know any other good phones I’m not considering? Apparently there is a Milestone 2 which is a GSM version of the Droid 2. And it comes unlocked… I’d settle for the 1GHz processor…. I think.

  • Thanks for the info.
    At least I have an idea on which phone suits me the most.