Temple Run updated to fix problems with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Gary SimsMay 18, 2012
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I am not a huge gaming fan, probably because I just don’t have enough time. But there are moments like standing in a queue or waiting for someone, when a little mindless distraction is welcomed. And that is where Temple Run comes in.

It isn’t complicated, it doesn’t take hours of game play to get somewhere and you don’t need to invest your life into it. In case you have’t play it, Temple Run is a simple endless running maze game. You need to escape from some nasty looking Monkeys who are upset because you stole some treasure from the temple. The gameplay is simple – swipe left to turn left, swipe right to turn right, and so on.

Sounds great. But here was my problem. Temple Run didn’t get on very well with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and, you guessed it, my main Android device runs Android 4.0. In fact Temple Run worked so badly on ICS that after playing it my device would crash and reset! So, of course it got uninstalled.

But here is the good news. Temple Run has been updated to fix “compatibility issues with Android 4.x ICS devices”. And true to their word, Imangi Studios seem to have ironed out all the major problems. Temple Run now runs flawlessly and my device doesn’t crash when I exit the app!

According to the “What’s New” section, along with the ICS compatibility changes, this release offers general bug fixes and also resolves a problem that caused low resolution textures to be used on high DPI devices. Imangi Studios are keen to hear about any bugs from users and mention that they “are committed to making Temple Run the best game on Android!”

So if you uninstalled Temple Run because it wasn’t working properly then go back to Google Play and give it another chance!

  • One of the cool games from Android……

  • James Childress

    Funny….I haven’t had any issue playing it on the ICS OS in my Xoom. I am using the official version provided by Motorola.

  • Mark Cairns

    It is impossible to play it on the Samsung Note if were unfortunate enough to upgrade to ICS.

  • It is very cool games for Android and i Phone both users.