Telus to start offering the Samsung Galaxy Camera on December 7

by: Bams SadewoDecember 5, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has been out for a few weeks now in the U.S. via AT&T, although a new Verizon variant apparently will be released as well. If you’ve been thinking about importing one to Canada, you may want to hold off that thought for now.

According to Mobile Syrup, the Galaxy Camera is set to land in the Maple country in the coming days. To be exact, Telus will start selling the hybrid camera on December 7.

The price hasn’t been mentioned by the carrier. Given that the Jelly Bean camera is offered for $500 on AT&T without a contract, you can probably expect to shell out something similar to that. If you decide to get one with a plan, a leaked internal document reveals that you can only activate it on Telus’ tablet plan.

Anyone planning to get their hands on the Galaxy Camera and its 16MP camera sensor?

  • dogulas

    I have tried to get the Galaxy Camera from AT&T without a contract and apparently it’s false that you can buy it without a contract. Can anyone prove me wrong? Very frustrating.

  • dogulas

    AT&T isn’t actually allowing purchase of the camera without a contract. Neither their website nor customer service allows it. Not in the original announcement right?

  • dogulas

    Also, has anyone done a google hangout with this? Does it use the camera? Obviously there is no front-facing camera…

  • AndroidHobbit

    why the F@#& would anyone spend their money on this camera?
    I just don’t get it… Smartphone cameras are good enough nowadays, even in low light, and if you are gonna carry a point and shoot, might as well get a quality one…