Owners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 may want to read the news sitting down, for Telus has once again bailed out on its initial promise to bring Android 4.0 ICS to the two tablets. The carrier has just updated the ICS upgrade schedule for the umpteenth time, bringing along the not so thrilling news.

The new schedule now puts the ICS update for both the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 on track for a September release. You know the signs are not really encouraging when the carrier doesn’t put a specific date and instead just planks down a month. But hey, we have our reasons to be skeptical.

Back in June, Telus said that the ICS update for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was to come in late July. Meanwhile, the old schedule put the update for the Galaxy Tab 8.9 in August. What’s even disconcerting is the fact that the “Testing Status” for the two tablets hasn’t changed a jot. You’ll still see the same “OEM not yet submitted” entry.

As for the LG Optimus LTE, the handset can expect to get ICS as early as August 20. By the way, the update has just hit the Optimus LTE on Bell.

We’re sure you’re quite disappointed with the latest delay in getting Ice Cream Sandwich on the device. Go ahead and let your feelings and frustrations be known in the comments below.

Bams Sadewo
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  • lim

    soooo bad… even 7.7 in Malaysia… until now still no update yet…

  • danielrh

    YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING. ME. This is the last time I EVER buy a Samsung device. I have been waiting for this upgrade for half a year almost.

    • ThomasM195

      This is NOT a Samsung delay…

  • The Transporter (Malaysia)

    Koreans are known for their fast pace on Technology Innovation. But on Technology support it is the worst. Delay and delay and delay and ……. Make me think of how I waited for S2. S3 is a triple No due to its horrible + terrible upgrade support.

  • Semper Arden

    Better later than never

  • mSg

    booo.. I think they focus more on releasing new gadgets to compete against apple rather than supporting the ones they have already released.. I’m so disappointed with this news. :(

  • ewing999

    Next time ill go with Asus for a tablet.

  • dick v

    I just updated my 7510 galaxy 10.1 wifi only to 4.04. I had to use KIES installed on my laptop. When checking tablet settings, no update was availably, but when I connected through Kies, there it was.

    • Guest

      did you use your USB cable, or is it possible to update the tablet using Kies through Wi-Fi?

      Thank you!!

      • Cyber Ground PC Internet Cafe

        have to use usb………….

    • DinoPhdFilipovic

      Did you use the USB Cable, or did you update the tablet using Kies through Wi-Fi?

      Thank you

  • anthonyg

    this is some bs. i guess its time to get rooted and do it myself.

  • bryan

    Asus for me next time also…or Ipad

  • dusek

    I will definitely consider buying other tablets in the future. You know, the ones where the manufacturer actually supports upgrades in a TIMELY manner. So long Samsung.

  • AB

    Download Kies and update if asked……connect your 10.1 and there it is, 4.0! You can confirm by going to settings and then about device.

  • adamson11

    so much for waiting samsung… yeah koreans manufacturer are really bad in making promises anyway.

  • BJag

    ICS free upgrade for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is ready today 20 Aug 2012

  • bobobobob

    While I am very happy with my Samsung Galaxy s3, I sold my galaxy tab 10.1 and decided to go with asus for my tablet. The transformer prime is an excellent device and will even get the jelly bean update soon, the nexus 7 might even be an option but the prime will be excellent for school and work with the keyboard and usb port.

  • Gal

    what about the 8.9 is it available?

    • Cyber Ground PC Internet Cafe

      tried with Kies yesterday……but not yet……….

  • Patient500

    Downloading as I type! Just went to the “Update Software” on my 10.1 and clicked update. YIPPEEEEE!!! Finally, now if I could get my Bionic to ICS.

  • deDust

    My next tablet wiIl not be Samsung for sure.

  • Josypoo

    I’m checking over the air and through Kies every single day on my Galaxy Tab 8.9″ Wi-Fi and there’s still no update. Jelly Bean is out now and it’ll probably be another year before that’s offered, too. Won’t be looking at Samsung for my next tablet. I’m considering rooting…

  • Microsoftfromnowon!

    I will never EVER buy another Samsung tab! Its not a threat, its a promise! Disappointing at least!

  • nais

    you people do realize that that pretty much everybody else now with a tab 10.1 has ics its just the ones you whiners have that are locked by telus and won’t see the upgrade for a while until you actually put a little effort into something and upgrade it yourself

  • Gal

    finally getting the update right now !!
    galaxy tab 8.9 in israel

  • Ed209

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to wait for Telus to push out an OTA update for Galaxy Tab 10.1 It’s available online.

    I manually upgraded mine to ICS 4.04 and it is awesome!!

    A huge improvement and again it wins over the iPad.

  • mathew

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  • The Transporter

    ICS update for Tab 10.1 officially roll out in Malaysia. I think Singapore too. I updated my Tab 10.1 this afternoon using KIES. Enjoy…..