Telus HTC Desire HD Ice Cream Sandwich update canceled

by: Chris SmithJuly 14, 2012

We have recently seen a variety of Android devices get their Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades, even though Android 4.0 was unveiled seven months ago – ICS is currently found on around 10% of available devices, but not all Android handsets and tablets out there will get it.

One of the devices users would have wanted to see upgraded to ICS is the HTC Desire HD, but it looks like that’s not going to happen, at least in certain markets. In Canada, Telus announced that its Desire HD ICS upgrade has been canceled, as the device tested poorly when running Android 4.0.

The carrier issued a simple statement, without explaining exactly what went wrong in tests:

HTC has cancelled the HTC Desire HD ICS upgrade due to poor device performance during testing.

The HTC Desire HD, launched way back in 2010, was once HTC’s flagship device and we expected it to be able to run a variety of new Android versions. But apparently Telus’ version will stop at Gingerbread, so in case you want ICS on it you’ll have to find a way to install it manually, not that we’d advising you to go down that road.

  • tntdaddy

    HTC has already released a statement saying that’s incorrect. While Telus may have canceled it, HTC still intends to release the upgrage, rumored to be released on July 25.

  • JS22

    i was looking around for some information about this because im thinking about getting this phone so i went on the HTC website and about 50 clicks later i find this link:

  • Daniel Schall

    What a shame.

    I am currently running ICS on the Desire HD and the performance roxx!
    Maybe you guys should hire some of the custom-ROM developers, they seem to do a better job than you do..