Just as the heat of the summer is about to kick in, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 X on Telus will have something sweet to cool them down. The Canadian carrier has rolled out the long-awaited Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S2 X – despite the initial plan of delivering it only from June 12. Hey, this is one trend that we can definitely get on board with, and one that other carriers should take note.

The ICS upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S2 X has been rolling out since yesterday, as reported by many ecstatic owners of the phone. Those who have yet to see the update notification on their phone may want to check the Kies desktop software, because that’s apparently where the magic is happening. Upon connecting your phone to the software, you’ll be prompted to download the latest firmware update.

Amongst the happy faces, some weren’t quite content to see how ICS looks like on the Samsung Galaxy S2 X. But that’s just human nature. Anyhow, we’d love to hear whether you’ve received the ICS update or not. Are you in the happy camp or the less-than-happy one?

Bams Sadewo
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  • Brianalattimore52

    I havent seen much of a change since the update, but a difference in how calling looks, if you want to answer or ignore the phone it is not a bar you swipe its a circle.

    • Berry5151

      Because that was the maintenance update maybe you haven’t actually received the ics update yet

  • Lypkie

    I don’t have it via Kies yet. I’ve been waiting forever…

  • RichardLAnderson
  • Mustang_man69

    I recieved the update via kies today. A lot of good things (even small things like battery % in the status bar). Dissapointed that you cant change screen brightness by swiping status bar side to side anymore. Also, nothing is smooth anymore, seems like everything lags a little bit (hopefully that gets fixed). All in all very nice though. A lot of features added, although there are some things missing that stock ics has. Hopefully there is a small update not far away to fix these little issues

  • Kevjentzsch

    How do i know if i have the update available?

    • Mustang_man69

      Open Samsung Kies on your computer, connect your phone to computer, Kies will let you know.

    • Lee64

      when kies opens it should tell you new firmware is available

  • Why do carriers always have to be the ones to release os updates to the users?
    Samsung should enforce that all their phones receive firmware updates directly from them irrespective of carriers.
    The carriers delay updates a lot!

  • Tim

    I haven’t got a prompt for it anywhere? Can anyone help me out? :(

  • viper2611

    Is is not avail on keis yet for at&t yet only t-mobile. at&t’s response is that it is an update from Samsung. Not the carrier
    I got fed ul with waiting so i upgraded to 4.0.3 via doin download.

  • Swchoi89

    Ok, why is this ICS different than the one on Galaxy Nexus? Such effects as the TV-effect when you power off, or the skins are still almost the same as the Gingerbread

  • Speamer

    The new update is okay, and the battery life is way better, but seriously? ICS on the Nexus and other devices is much “cooler” and interaction is more fun.

  • David Newman

    Update to Android 4.0.3 has resulted in blue-tooth not being able to wake phone from sleep mode. This makes hands free impossible as phone voice commands are not available directly from blue-tooth device without first manually unlocking the phone.