Telstra opens Sony Xperia Z pre-orders, shipping to start on March 26

by: AdrianMarch 13, 2013


Although Australia was one of the first countries to gain confirmation of a wide Xperia Z rollout, Sony left it out the initial global launch waves. And, as it appears, Aussies will be left hanging a little more than expected, specifically until March 26.

On the flipside, the Z can already be pre-ordered from Telstra in three color options, all of which will be bringing you a nice bonus as well. No matter if you choose the black, white or online exclusive purple version, Australia’s number one carrier will be throwing in a free Sony wireless NFC speaker (normally worth $129).

You can only order the Z with contracts for now, but thankfully you have plenty of choices to go around. The S plan is the most convenient, having a monthly fee of $63 and including unlimited texts and 1 GB of data. The M, L and XL will require heftier $80, $100 and $130 monthly payments, but of course they’ll come with more data as well (ranging from 1.5 to 3 GB).

Xperia Z Australia

In all four cases, Telstra offers the Xperia Z with no upfront payment, but the overall 24-month costs will still reach a minimum of $1,512 (the S plan) or a whopping $3,120 (the XL).

Meanwhile, Vodafone and Optus, the other two networks expected to carry Sony’s flagship, are yet to announce something specific on release dates or pricing. Which probably means they’ll not start shipping the Z until April after all.

Off contract, the 5-incher is expected to go for sale in a matter of days via Sony’s online store and a couple of other retailers for $749. As for the non-waterproof Xperia ZL, that’s already available via MobiCity for $689 outright (only in black), but it’s not expected in carrier subsidized flavors anytime soon.

Anyone from Australia eager to get their Xperia Z pre-orders in? Or do you prefer the ZL?

  • Well_Said

    Thanks im happy with my lg optimus g pro which i recently bought from Korea. Ditched my iPhone 5 for it. Love the ips display

  • sonofgalaxy

    no Mega BASS!!! dont like this phone

  • hh

    Had xperia z for over a week now. Sweet sweet phone.

  • SonyFan

    Xperia Z wonderful phone…i’m happy to say its my phone

  • Daniel

    Vodafone will have it in stores from tomorrow!!!