Telstra Samsung Galaxy S2 now receiving the Android 4.0.3 update

by: Mike AndriciApril 27, 2012
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Galaxy S2 ics telstra

According to AusDroid, the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update is being rolled out to the Telstra Samsung Galaxy S2 in Australia as we speak. Connecting your Galaxy S2 to your PC and syncing it up with Samsung Kies is the method that seemed to work for most, but some users have already reported that the ICS update notification came over the air (OTA). It’s likely that the OTA update will come to all Australian Galaxy S2 owners from Telstra over the following days.

I’ll recommend that you download the update via Wi-Fi, as the Android 4.0.3 update for the S2 is a hefty 213MB. That might leave a dent in your data plan if you choose to download it over 3G. Let us know how the update worked for you in the comment section below!

As Optus Mobile has rolled out the Galaxy S2 ICS update since April 16, Vodafone is now the only Australian carrier that did not upgrade the Galaxy S2 to Android 4.0. On a side-note, Vodafone is also the only major Australian carrier without an LTE network available to their customers. Optus has put up its LTE network this month, while Telstra was the first to offer Aussies LTE back in September 2011.

  • Janu95

    When ICS is releasing in INDIA???

    • jatt surma

      its been released in india buddy..

      • i m nt getting it from kies.

        • Shailesh

          Wait for officail annowncement dont try carp ,pepole trying by own which will ditroy your phone

    • Gsharmas023

      ICE updated in india – version 4.0.3

  • Salman Shoaib Ss

    When is the ICS releasing in PAKISTAN ?

  • Alan_1375

    when is releasing to the US !!!!!!

  • Forcrap

    Is works great on my sgs2 annoying i have tp reorganise my phone apps again! Also not happy with more ” Telstra non removable apps” being installed as part of the update.

  • h_dog

    anyone know when Vodaphone gets the update?

    • Gsharmas023

      updated to ICE on vodafone india

  • Emziexoxo

    Fairly annoyed at having to reorganize all of my apps and main screens. Doesn’t do a screen shot anymore, that was a hately feature, sad to lose it. Lots of little bits an pieces that are a let down. Oh well tho.

    • Me

      Sure it does, just hit the down volume key and the power button to grab yourself a screenshot

      • Sokhorncam

        It works.

  • Spooge69

    Absolute crap upgrade. Screen had to be completely reorganised. My tethering is now a dial up speed and it keeps changing from hspda to 3g once per second. It will not connect to my work email now (microsoft exchange server) even though the settings do not appear to be changed. Do not carry out this upgrade until they have ironed out the bugs.

    • Dfsh

      I get the exact same issue of for tethering and hotspot. Jumping between hspda and 3G and not going faster than 5kb/s

  • S.Parker

    Like so many other Galaxy s2 users around the world that have upgraded to ICS, I have done so very regrettably due to now getting all these ‘Charging Paused, Voltage High’ warnings every 30 seconds to a minute that also keeps your phone “awake”, with the battery icon flashing 100% of the time. It is also no longer being recognised when connected with my computer in any form, nor will the phone recognise the computer. Very handy. Would appear that Telstra in their cost cutting maddness obviously invested plenty of precious tech time in testing this software upgrade (downgrade). Sorry for the sarcasm, but Telstra, you have basically turned my High Tech piece of communication equipment that I am paying you for the privelage of me using it, into almost a brick. Only difference being this brick vibrates at me in my pocket every time this voltage warning rears its head. And to allay any queries as to which version I downloaded, it was the one that Telstra made available to me…nothing else.

    If anyone has any helpful suggestions as to a useful solution to this problem they would be very much appreciated.

    S. Parker

    • Having the same issue, this is an Ice Cream Sandwich Galaxy S2 issue, but an update needs to be forthcoming really soon

    • Rachael_stevenson7

      If you find out how to fix this please post it! :) i have the same problem and it is driving me craxy i cant leave my charger at home!


  • Simovfh

    What a crap update.

    1 – the lock screen looks ugly as hell with a big stupid 0 and a tiny ok button. Haven’t found a way to change or customize it

    2 – images in gallery don’t rotate when you rotate the phone. Very annoying

    3 – msg emoticons look horrible. Why did they need to be changed?

    4 – no contacts tab at the top of screen when you select phone. No keypad tab when you select contacts. Also annoying.

    That’s just a few things I’ve found so far. There’s nothing I actually like about this update.

    • Johnny B Gone

      Also agree with item 4 above, very annoying. The images not rotating I at first didn’t like but it does have a ‘button’ which you can press to rotate them manually which I actually have come to prefer.

  • Johnny B Gone

    Annoying to rearrange all apps but what has pissed me off the most is that the ‘copy’ function that was previously allowed (where you tap on text, the blue arrow comes up and you tap on that and it gives you option to copy text) is no longer there! It is seriously one of my most used functions and it’s gone. WTF!

  • neil

    Absolute crap. trying to remove it and get back to the original I had back in Oct 2011. The worst part is that cute little statement from Google stating ‘That using this phone (the bloody one I own and Telstra supports) that in doing so is under the terms of Bloody Google’ , and there is no box to tick or deny. Stuff them, I do not want to be bloody tracked, stacked and bagged by some fascists in the US who love to invade my privacy.
    Oh yes by the way the current Google terms and conditions are in contravention to Australia’s (weak) privacy laws, just a minor oversight of Telstra’s and Samsung (Australia).

  • judeshaw13

    I agree utter crap update. Battery sucked flat after 2 hours of full charge and phone hot. Now I can’t search on the internet although I can go to the apps store. How convenient for them. Jude

  • kollan

    I have updated it, everything is fine except my browser. I can browse any more. it says “unable to connect to internet”. checked all the setting s but still. planning to go back to old version . can ne1 help me plz…….

    • Eqjunkie

      Mine also isnt able to browse now since the Telstra update. Your better off using ODIN and grabbing a custom ROM to install and get rid of the Telstra one

  • Rickyjosey

    Confuddled!? Iv spent hours preping my phone for the upgrade(not to mention months waiting for the official release) was just about to factory restor BUT after reading all these comments im thinkin its not worth it. Is it really that bad? Its disapointing to hear ics is worse than the origanal.
    Thanks for the warnings

  • David

    Don’t know what the complaints are, just installed it works fine. Apart form no contact button when you push the phone button, I’ve got no complaints. Much more polished UI.

    • Sokhorncam

      I got blurred on this point too.

  • not happy phone user

    samsung and telstra …. what the hell were you thinking !! up dates are for improvments. this is just crapp !! oh did I mention its is crapp. i had a great phone and now its a has been piece of dung. the apps have changed, my contacts are now spread all over the place, social hub is …oh did I mention its crapp. very disapointed. i want it back the way it was thank you. I paid for a top of the range phone and phone service I want it back the way it was. oh … did I mention your up daye is crap.

  • Ryan_giggs_au

    Does anyone else have the problem of the keyboard not working in the google play store. I cannot type anything.

    • Sokrhoncam

      It’s ok for mine.

  • Descarroll

    My Galaxy S2 is a total wreck since upgrading to ICS. It is so bad and I have spent so much time trying to resolve the problems that I am going to throw it away and buy a non-Samsung, non-Android phone.
    MS Exchange mail account settings on Andriod provide for me to sync email, contacts, calendar and tasks. On installing ICS none of these would sync either way (phone to server or server to phone). I was not getting any error messages when setting up or when trying to sync. The phone seemed to go through the motions of syncing, although very quickly, but didn’t actually sync.
    I checked that all the account settings were the same as previously (when I used Gingerbread) and had my IT provider check the MS Exchange server but it still wouldn’t synchronise. I removed the account from my phone and reinstalled it without any result even though the phone seemed to accept the account settings without any problems but to no avail. I previously had no problems with Gingerbread. Then, without me doing anything and totally unexpectedly after six days of trying, re-trying, re-setting, etc, Activesync started to work.
    However, my Galaxy S2 with ICS is still a wreck with the following issues:
    Since installing ICS I have reset the phone twice to try to get functions operating.
    It still refuses to sync my two Telstra Bigpond email accounts. These accounts are visible via the email app but not visible via Settings/Accounts and do not receive mail.
    Next, I have no bluetooth functionality. I have a paired my vehicle Parrot device but the bluetooth connection does not work. Now I am unable to Unpair the device.
    Now the battery is running flat in a few hours without any usage (with bluetooth and wifi and data turned off). Before data was turned off the phone was showing sending and receiving data almost continuously.
    Finally, Outlook Tasks entered with a reminder at local time sync to Exchange at GMT and vice versa.
    Now I can’t go back to Gingerbread.
    Samsung’s product should be better than this. Their new tablet is getting a caning and now this disaster, as evidenced by the blogs all over the internet. I doubt that this would happen with Apple.

  • Chell

    Absolute rubbish!!!!! I hate it!!!! I get the MAPSamsung settings error message so often especially when I go into my sms’s or other applications! It is making me very angry! It is a bloody buggy platform! AND it has ruined my ability to use the full site pc site of facebook and I cant add names into private settings in my statuses anymore as it wont let that happen and it bugs up the whole facebook page! THANKS A LOT!!! Absolute CRAP!!!!

  • P.T. Mac

    Samsung Galaxy SII – on Telstra (Australia)

    any info on how to rollback to older version of ICS (2.3.3 or 2.3.5)

    I did not expect a great phone to get WORSE with a newer OS. I have the Telstra version of ICS 4.0.3 and am experiencing problems with:
    – landscape to portrait screen orientation no longer works
    – battery usage last 25% to 30% of time between recharges
    – Bluetooth stack not compatible with VW in-car

    New ICS features DO NOT make up for lost features – I want to rollback & get rid of this useless upgrade.

  • Fircyber

    the lock screen doesn’t work well. every time I click the notification, the goes lock up. however when I wake it from sleep it doesn’t lock up. the face lock also doesn’t work properly.

  • Angelo

    Has anyone figured out how to go back to the previous version? ICS is a DISASTER. Bluetooth no longer works, MS Exchange no longer synchronizes, battery is flat in half the time it used to previously (with everything switched off), contact’s phone numbers have changed. I used to have the best phone on the market. Now it’s flat out just being a useable phone.

  • Chell

    How do we roll back please??? This horrible new ICS is giving me a lot of trouble. To the person who made this update, I hope you are reading this!!!! A lot of us don’t like this new update at all!!

  • Beanz

    Massive battery drain for about a week then for no reason it works properly again. Cannot sync to MS Outlook emails via business server. Only got the phone originally to get emails when away from work, what a terrible “upgrade”.

    • ruuuger

      Hello, can you tell me more about your battery life before and after, you installed 4.0.3. Because right now, im on it. And im kinda of bugged out about it.

  • Dangerfieldgeo

    Great work Samsung………….. and i was once a devotee

  • You need to fully charge the battery. Then put the battery in a sandwich bag, and then into the freezer for 5 minutes. Take it out of the freezer. The battery should be ready, and not trigger the heat switch in the galaxy s2