Santa brings Jelly Bean to Telstra’s Galaxy S3 and One X on Vodafone and Optus

by: Bams SadewoDecember 19, 2012


Close to a month after the arrival of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy S3 on Vodafone, customers of Telstra who sport the flagship phone can now join the buttery smooth party, with the carrier confirming that the OTA update is being gradually rolled out “over a two-week period” starting today.

The Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S3 comes in at 295MB in size. Hence, it has been advised to download the new firmware via WiFi to save your precious data allowance. The software package will also be available to download via Kies.

Meanwhile, those who own the Vodafone-branded HTC One X will also get to flaunt JB before the New Year. Vodafone has started rolling out the software update that will bring Android 4.1 and several bug fixes today. Unlike Telstra, the operator will not charge customers for downloading the package via mobile network – as long as you’re in the country and use the Vodafone Live! APN.

We’ve also heard that Optus One X users can also expect to see the Jelly Bean update notification today.

We’d love to hear whether you’ve seen the Jelly Bean updates or not on your Galaxy S3 and One X. Any problems upgrading the phone? Thoughts after installing JB? Don’t be shy to leave some comments below.

  • klynn

    samsung galaxy 3 jelly bean update today now phone does not work at al!!!!!!!

    • pickle

      Same here. keeps restarting. I can make calls and use internet (tho very slow) but SMS isn’t working at all.

      • klynn

        I can not event turn mine on. Half an hour after downloading i went to swipe screen and nothing just a black screen. Took the battery and Sim out still nothing. Tried to charge…Nothing….Grrr

        • StockyLocky

          Mine worked well for the first day and then i started to notice problems. facebook began to crash then messages. phone completely crashed several times when it had never done so since i bought the phone on release day. now it is sitting on the “samsung galaxy s III GT-19300T” screen as it has done so for the last hour.

  • govand

    htc one x optus, I didn’t get it until this time

  • Ash

    I just had a software update read update recomended for downloading the android jelly bean 4.1 in future..something like that..i forgot the exact one x on virgin mobile(optus network)

  • Robert Hutchinson

    Got JB on my Telstra SGS3. Works fine. I would still prefer stock JB

  • Lara

    Some reports from users having issues with Telstra JB. Should I d/l JB on my two s3’s?? We FINALLY get JB but it’s got problems working with the phone. WTF?! testra? Can someone wo JB on their Telstra phone give me a detailed answer? Tnx

  • Lara

    I CAN’T download JB OTA. It keeps saying I have to request it. WTF?! Anyone else having this issue??