Chameleon’s Kickstarter hits a snag, campaign to be restarted this week

by: Mike AndriciJune 11, 2012
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Chameleon Kickstarter
When Bogdan first introduced the revolutionary Chameleon launcher back in March, the developers (Teknision) were undergoing negotiations with several Android manufacturers for integrating their unique homescreen in future Android tablets.

Fast forward a couple of months, and Adrian reported that these negations have failed and that Teknision decided to turn Chameleon into a Kickstarter campaign, aiming to raise $50k in pledges before June 15, so that the app can make its way into Google Play at some point during September.

Unfortunately, I’m now here to report that, although Teknision did manage to raise the $50k they were hoping for, the entire campaign will need to be restarted due to an error on the company’s behalf.

As you may know, all Kickstarter campaigns need to register an Amazon account for receiving payments. As it turns out, Teknision made the wrong decision of registering with an employee account. Since that unnamed employee is no longer working for Teknision, the company cannot use that account anymore. Unfortunately, since it cannot change the Amazon account linked to a specific Kickstarter campaign (it’s in Kickstarter’s Terms of Service), the entire campaign needs to start over again from $0. As an obvious consequence, all existing pledges will be cancelled and refunded.

To make up for their error, Teknision will be offering a pack of five backgrounds to anyone pledging $5 or up. According to an official press release from the company, the new Kickstarter page should be live in a few days. It sure looks like the best initiatives are sometimes rewarded with a lot of bad luck, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Twistandcrawl

    The employee should have claimed the money. Why would a company NOT register an account, involving money, in the company’s own name? Seems kind of unprofessional. Was this employee the cleaning lady? I don’t feel comfortable relying on this company to last long when they employ (see what I did here?) this kind of oversight. Is this company run by Curt Shilling?

  • Tc948

    Hey Twistandcrawl, I see your point here, try this though for good will. They trusted their employee sufficiently, to use their account for the fund raising… might be wrong, but it feels a lot better ;)
    BTW I used to work for a small Software developer, which would have done the same in the early days. In a SMB every penny counts.

  • Funny how small things will eventually have such big impact.

  • Jp

    Hi everyone

    We just re-started Kickstarter. We’re more driven than ever on releasing the best homescreen ever on Android.

    Thanks for all your support!

    The Chameleon/Teknision Team