Tegra 4 powered HP Slate 8 Pro appears on GFX Bench

by: Robert TriggsAugust 14, 2013

HP Slate 7 mwc2013 [aa] (2)

Just yesterday, a new unknown device, simply called the HP “Bodhi”, appeared on GFX Bench’s list of result. The Tegra 4 powered device put in a decent performance, as you’d expect from something powered by Nvidia’s latest mobile graphics technology, but it was a bit of a mystery device. Fortunately, the device’s name has now been changed, suggesting that it’s a new tablet from HP called the Slate 8 Pro.

HP’s current Slate 7 doesn’t appear to have captured much interest in the tablet market, but perhaps this hardware update can provide some competition to the almighty Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab, providing that the price is right of course.

Hardware wise, the Tegra 4 chip will be clocked at 1.8Ghz, which is a significant upgrade over the old dual-core Cortex A9 chip found in its predecessor, and should easily outrun the Nexus 7 2013. The tablet supposedly also comes with a 1,600 x 1,200 pixel display, which would provide a rather nice 250 ppi, providing that the new Slate is an 8-inch tablet. To top off the features list, there’s also 2GB of RAM, a 5,000 mAh battery, Android 4.2.2, and microSD card support for additional storage.

Of course, some of this could be subject to revision before any official announcement, and we’re still not quite sure exactly how big the tablet will be or how much storage it will come with. But if HP keeps the price in a similar range to the Slate 7, the specs listed here could make the Slate 8 Pro a real contender in the mid-range tablet market.

Obviously, there currently isn’t any information available on pricing or a potential release date, but hopefully we’ll officially know more about the Slate 8 Pro soon.

  • OMGgary

    Is it Tegra 4 or Tegra 4i? I didn’t think Tegra 4 was coming until Q1 2014 according to some recent reports.

    1600 x 1200 res is kind of disappointing. Why, HP, why?
    That’s 4:3, like a resolution Apple would use, leaving a load of black space above and below the picture when watching most movies or tv shows.
    The gpu is pushing 1,920,000 pixels. That is only 153,600 short of the 2,073,600 pixels of a full HD display, so it is almost working as hard as if it had a 1080p display, yet because of the aspect ratio it will probably feel like you are only looking at a souped-up iPad mini :-/

    • K.

      Tegra 4 is already available. In addition to the Nvidia console Shield, you have the Toshiba Exicte Pro and Excite Write and the HP slatebook x2. It is also rumoured that Nvidia is preparing its own 7″ tablet called Tegra Tab.

      • OMGgary

        Ah, seems you are right. I’ve not been reading up much on Tegra 4 and was under the impression that it was the Tegra 4i in the Shield.

    • Sean Karpa

      I will be buying the Note 10.1 at some point. Certainly after the next refresh; however, I really hate the 16:9 ratio screen. It just isn’t as useful. I agree it is better for movies but that is far from the reason I would buy a Note tablet. The 4:3 on the iPad is closer to what a piece of paper would feel like. The 4:3 ratio is just more of a working screen to me.
      It was like the 16:9 ratio Toshiba laptop, great for movies, worthless for actual work.

  • lesportif

    Tegra 4 (not 4i) + 8″ + great ppi + 4:3 !!!
    Ok, I want it.

  • Jesse

    I want to buy a 7 inch tablet with hd plus with and led light in the back plus with and hdmi and micro sd card slot plus with a usb port? Any tablet out there like that