Nvidia shows off Tegra 4 enhanced graphics [video]

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 25, 2013

tegra 4

If you’re an avid Android gamer then you’ll no doubt be following Nvidia’s new Tegra 4 very closely. Today Nvidia published a brand new video showing off some of the capabilities of its new powerhouse chip, comparing some of the Tegra specific graphical features available in Zombie Driver. Take a look.

There are clear improvements to the lighting and shadows, but I do wonder whether Nvidia has purposely turned the settings down on the non-Tegra portions of the video, as the game looks ridiculous low quality without the Tegra enhancements. But then again we did see some of the first Tegra 4 benchmarks this morning, which absolutely blitzed the competition. Hilariously the Tegra 4 thumped Qualcomm’s S4 Pro after all that trash talking a few weeks ago, I told you that Nvidia wouldn’t take those comments lightly.

Sadly Tegra 4 devices won’t be appearing for a few more months yet, but even so this is a good sign for Android gaming. Bring on Project Shield.

  • Ban

    I don’t see how this is a good thing for android gaming, just more fragmentation and exclusive stuff. And not trolling I love android but I seriously don’t like what it’s done to the android gaming ecosystem.

    • androidperson1234

      I completely agree. If android wants to be better than IOS in the gaming aspect then some games or graphic enhancements should not be tegra exclusive. The work around through root is unacceptable to the average user.

    • cycad007

      Playing Devil’s Advocate here…but perhaps Tegra 4 does the following:
      1. Brings a more capable GPU than Samsung & Qualcomm
      2. Enables compatibility with Windows RT (Direct3D is somewhat supported)
      3. Brings enhanced games to nVidia’s customers

      Frankly, I see nothing wrong with nVidia’s approach. Most (if not all) games have generic equivalents. If you don’t wish to purchase a Tegra Zone game, then you don’t have too. nVidia is simply stating that if you (the customer) want the best games….buy a Tegra-equipped tablet/headset. Its one way they can utilize their strengths (graphics) over Samsung ($$$) and Qualcomm (modem).

  • Against Exclusivity

    All I see is that you can play games at Dusk during gameplay…….