Techradar Does A Hands-on Report On The Grid 10

September 19, 2011
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Fusion Garage’s latest release, the Grid 10 is an Android tablet is a rather unique Android tablet. This is mostly because it technically isn’t an Android tablet. Using¬†a new operating system called Grid OS, which is based on the Android kernel, its main feature is¬†that its basic operations are still Android-based, but with a different graphical user interface. This lets it run Android apps while delivering a completely different user experience.

The Grid 10 has some fairly basic specs for a 10.1-inch tablet. Running on an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip backed by 512MB of memory, it only has one 1.3MP front-facing camera and only 16GB storage. The price is another matter. Tagged at £259 when it gets released this October, it puts it at an attractive price point.

Techradar recently did a hand-on with the tablet and they’ve had a very positive experience with it.

Most of Techradar’s observations on the Grid 10’s performance is on its use of the¬†Grid OS. Using a giant grid where you can place your app icons, it lets you arrange your screen in a handy manner. The grids can also be minimized or maximized with a single tap. The grid also can be scrolled in any direction – giving you an infinite number of clusters for your apps.

It works pretty well, with seamless integration and animation, but it ¬†can be a bit difficult to get used to. Plus, the efficient use of your tablet requires you have a completer knowledge of how you arranged your apps on the grid.¬†Another difference is that it uses Bing for its search options – a definite difference from Android’s Google-based approach.

Another feature of the Grid 10 is its gesture-based navigation. A gesture will maximize a screen, minimize back to the Grid, go back or go forward.

Techradar also observed that while the Grid OS is Android-based, it doesn’t have any of the official Google apps you’d find on other Android tablets. Access to the¬†Android Market is also missing. The Amazon Appstore and Fusion Garage’s own app store may cover this disadvantage but its still a noteworthy problem.

All in all, Techradar notes that the Grid 10 is a good device. Combined with  its £259 price tag, Fusion Garage may have itself a winner Рa startling change of pace from its initial failure with the JooJoo.

Source: Techradar


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