TCL Android TV

TCL Android TV

The first thing to note regarding this device, is it is not Google TV. Far from it. In fact, this puppy is looking to make headway in China where Google TV might struggle. Indeed, electronics manufacturer TCL have revealed their own configuration running Android to become the first of its kind on the Chinese market. Word on the street is that this device has been in development since Android was first released.

This new TV will offer Internet browsing, on-demand video as well as the Android market. Furthermore, it will integrate deeply into your home entertainment set-up. Akin to what you may have heard regarding Google’s Harmony Link, the TCL Android TV will allow you to control a plethora of devices from the TV. In the future this might even include smartphones and other handheld devices too. We can really see China going for this as an alternative to Google TV.

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James Tromans
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