Tasker gets updated to v4.4, adds tons of new features

by: Andrew GrushJuly 18, 2014


For hardcore Android fans looking to make the most out of their experience, there’s few apps more valuable than Tasker. With a little tinkering, just about anything is possible with the automation app, and now a good thing is getting even better in version 4.4.

The latest update introduces a truckload of new features, alongside tons of bug fixes and improvements. Here’s the full changelog of new features:

  • action category System
  • state System / Active User
  • testing Mobile Data via Net / Test Net
  • initial NDK framework for device compatibility testing
  • AutoCast, UDPSender, Send/Expect and Twilight to action plugin suggestions list
  • state Power: added Other
  • event: Steps Taken (Android API 19+)
  • event: Received Data SMS
  • action HTTP Get/Post: added optional User Agent parameter
  • action Element Focus
  • event Assistance Request (drag up through bottom-middle of display)
  • contact group matching via CG:groupmatch
  • contact group selection dialog e.g. for Call state
  • action Phone / Test: Contact Email, Name, Nickname, Organisation
  • state NFC Status (Android API 18+)
  • element Button, Text, EditText: font parameter (inc App Factory packaging)
  • action Test Tasker: global vars, local vars, profiles (named), scenes and tasks (named)
  • action Run Shell (not root): Stop action from another task will interrupt shell process and give result code 258
  • scene element Image: Click Highlight Colour
  • Test Display: Display AutoRotate and Orientation
  • Servers Ultimate, Screenshot Easy, Task Light to builtin action plugin list
  • monitor notification: pulldown action: disable (Android API 15+)
  • prefs / monitor: two custom pulldown action tasks (Android API 15+)
  • variables in action labels are replaced when action is logged to Run Log
  • Run Log: Perform Task mentions task name
  • Run Log: warning about disclosing sensitive info in variables
  • Prefs / Monitor / Display Off: control for magnetic field sensor
  • action Set Tasker Pref: setting for Steps and Magnetic Field sensor
  • sensors in Prefs / Monitor / Display Off Monitoring, option Yes, And Keep Android Awake
  • condition operators equals and not-equals (strings)
  • Day Select: added Last month day
  • BT Connected state: detection of existing connections for some device classes (headset, health, a2dp)
  • action: Battery Info settings: help text noting that it’s not usable with Samsung ROMs

If you already use Tasker, today’s update will bring plenty of welcome changes and new features to the mix. For those that have never tried it, we won’t lie, the learning curve is step but it’s worth it.

To download the latest version of Tasker you’ll want to head on over to Google Play.

  • Paco Inurreta

    Ive been using Tasker since january I think and its amazing how you can make your device do stuff at certain hours without you even remembering.

    Question: Anyone tried using a Pressy or a Klick-“clone” with Tasker? I just ordered one :D

  • Sudeepto Dutta

    Whenever someone starts the Apple Android crap battle, I just say TASKER. Well Tasker may not be for everyone out there, and that’s why we have so many automation, scheduling , calender, reminder apps in the Play Store.

    But that’s where Android users have the edge of having the utmost control over their device .

    Home automation . Or task automation. ?? Hah, I would say LIFE AUTOMATION :)

  • n900mixalot

    Still needs bluetooth proximity/strength, but good job Tasker!

  • Nacos

    Android without Tasker is like body building without steroids. ;)

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  • James from Dallas

    There is some nice new features coming from what I read hear.
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    As to eliminating the charging adapter, the race appear to be on between Witricity with wireless magnetic resonance charging versus uBeam with wireless ultrasonic charging. I believe wireless charging will come to pass. I actually thought it would be here In the marketplace by now; but there must still be issues. Not just the technology, but the billing standards for this technology might be a big issue to solve. Still, on the home front, some base station that can charge your smartphone at distance of say 30 feet, similar to Bluetooth support, would be awesome. Nokia has produced from wireless inductive charging pads similar to pads I saw used by Intermedics back in the early 1990s to program pacemakers. The issue, however, is that when the phone is charging on the pad you cannot make phone calls, possibly with the exception of using the loudspeaker on the device for hands-free use.
    Battery life for smartphones and recharge times are a huge issue for many. Any improvement in this area would be greater. Solar does not seem to be that efficient a technology to me; however, even 20% extendibility to existing battery life I am sure would be appreciated by many. I also prefer smartphone that easy replacement of batteries, so fresh batteries can be used while another one is charging. I have yet to see an external charger that is solar, but I personally have some that plug into an AC socket or have USB connectivity for charging from a laptop or external AC-USB adapter.
    Wireless charging will to me be the biggest paradigm change to smartphones. I also think Wireless-Display (Wi-Di) will also be great if available for smartphone. I picture renting a hotel room and connecting to a TV without a fixed wire USB or HDMI cord; I relay or redirect the signals from my cellphone to the hotel room TV-Monitor. Many hotels already have flat screen TVs with HDMI or USB ports; so you can use the hotel TVs from a laptop, tablet or cellphone. I have some Bello HDMI cables I already use from my laptop to connect with a hotel TV/Monitor. So, I can watch Netflix or Hula as desired. Maybe newer hotel TVs have or will have built in internet support for Wi-Di. Hotel cable may not be something customers want to pay for, especially if there is a huge mark up for that service. Picky business travelers will look for this. Monitors may advance in the future where travel monitors or projectors could get as big a view maybe even larger than a hotel TV. Maybe then, hotel TVs with cable connectivity will not even be a desire for some, even many down the road. I think there is the idea of an RGB projector as integrated into a cellphone or smartphone, and also supported external projectors for smartphones; I am far from an expert in this area, but it something I will look into someday.