Android Pay continues to be an exciting feature for those who can take advantage of it, but it seems people aren’t exactly going nuts over using NFC payments just yet. Part of this might be due to the slight hassles one must go through in order to set up Android Pay. If you have been looking for a good excuse to go through the process, though, now is your time.

Google is currently running a “Tap 10” promotion in which users can get incentives (rewards) for simply using Android Pay. The terms are quick to mention that not all users may get the same rewards… if any. Some users might walk out empty-handed, and it all depends on the decision the “sponsor” (Google) makes.

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Regardless, we believe these possible rewards are definitely worth giving Android Pay a try. These include freebies like song downloads and a free Chromecast. All for simply tapping to make purchases with Android Pay. It’s not like you would be spending any extra money here, really.

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You can get started tapping now, and the promotion will continue until February 29 at 11:59:59 Pacific. There are some limitations, which you can read all about here. The main one is that you have to be within the 50 main US states and the District of Columbia. Also, there is a reason why they call it the “Tap 10” offer. Rewards are given only for the first 10 taps you use Android Pay for. Oh, and you must redeem your rewards by March 31st.

So, there you have it, guys. It’s time to start using Android Pay. I would definitely do it for the chance to get a free Chromecast!

Edgar Cervantes
Edgar Cervantes has over 5 years of experience in tech journalism. Exploring the latest gadgets and constantly studying the industry are part of is daily drive. Regardless of what he is working on, you can be sure he is always trying his best to bring you the best content. He will be dead honest and will bend to nothing.
  • gusto5

    Bring it into Canada, and we’ll Tap 10 for sure!

  • Scr-U-gle

    So the rewards are in reality random; you might get one you might not.

    If this is the case what are the odds of getting them, how many songs per day/week/month are given away? How many chrome books?

    Sounds like a scam, just like those scratch cards where they offer £100,000 but neglect to say how many card and winners there will be.

    • catholic_citizen

      Good God, it’s an incentive to use Android pay instead of your debit card. It’s supposed to be fun. I don’t see people running around buying unnecessary items in the hopes of winning a chromecast or some such.

      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Scr-U-gle

        All the people who use androne just don’t really understand the world around them and hand over billions of dollars worth of data for a cheap iPhone knock off that always ends up costing more than an iPhone.

        It’s another scam that will cost more of people’s privacy and earn Scr-U-gle billions,

        • Armaan Modi


          • Scr-U-gle

            Here we go, a couple who don’t really understand the world around them:
            All of googles revenue comes from selling data on users, they make no real money anywhere else.

            With only 18 months of software updates, you need to buy three devices to get the support levels given as standard with one iPhone.

            A iPhone 5 has better support than a galaxy S6, the S6 has a rrp higher than a iPhone 6s.

            The world explained.

          • Jake Warkentin

            I’m using nexus 5 from two years ago, they still gave it android six, I had a fourth gen iPhone became obselete after two years, I think they’re comparable, plus you have to remember android is open source software and the individual manufacturers can make adjustments, so a nexus device gets everything on time straight from Google, but a Samsung is usually late because Samsung makes their modifications before releasing an update and can decide when devices become obsolete. Android is fine but you have to be discerning. I also like Google because their native music when purchased is usable on any device vs iTunes where its only readable on an apple device for no apparent advantage and I think that’s unfair

          • Scr-U-gle

            Good fairytale, but the no iPhone has had a life of less than four years, fact.

            The only change has been the 4s/ipad 2 onward pushed it to five years.

            If you had bothered to do your homework you would know that Scr-U-gle only support for upto 18 months, the odd phone might get two years, but they are hens teeth. Out of the 30,000 odd different devices a year, maybe ten get the actual 18 months (Scr-U-gle clearly state “upto”).

            Google have it written in stone in their T&Cs, don’t come to me to blame, go have a pop at Scr-U-gle.

            And the last lot of Nexus devices have had to wait for updates, unfortunately for you, this is all widely reported. Only certain phone on certain carriers, in certain regions get updates, not all, not even your Nexus phones.

            Samsung drop support because they are closely linked with Scr-U-gle and do as they are instructed.

            And we all know how open source they really are, Locked boot loaders, forced data dump, enforced services, they have never really been open source. It just a con.

            I am getting bored of having people on androne lying about things to try and not make a point. The last one that tried that pretended his six month old phone was four years old. He still only got 12 months of updates, late on his nexus.

          • Chris Meyer

            Why does it bother you so much what others do with their information?

            I understand the terms of using a google device and i have no problem with/supporting it. I develop and buy android devices and yes I root my phone to get updates quicker but im comfortable with that. I can not stand the interface that apple phones use and i feel its old and outdated. I enjoy the functionality of an android phone over an apple phone.

            Id say if you want to convince people to not use google phones, try it on a site not called “android authority”

          • Scr-U-gle

            Actually the vast majority do not understand what Google do with their data and do not realise that android devices have a life of upto 18 months.

            Even less know about how many laws Google break all the time regarding privacy due to living within googles walled garden.

            For example, look back through this website and see how many articles are posted about street car data theft (which Google are spending billions around the world trying to retain the data they gathered illegally), the 25% failure rate of autonomous cars, or the way Google were seed funded and partner with the CIA, NSA & DARPA.

            You will find nothing, and when someone mentions this, they get abused by moroids.

          • DTGstl314

            You should probably try having sex with an actual consenting adult human being (rather than your iPhone) at least once before you die.

          • Scr-U-gle

            Just ask your mother, but maybe she doesn’t count anal as sex?

          • Jake Warkentin

            Wow dude really cares about this problem, “the world explained” yeah cause it revolves around cell phones. I didn’t mean the 4 became obsolete as far as software updates, just had apps stop working and crashing all the time. I think there are lots of good android phones and even more shitty ones, I just can’t afford a $600 dollar phone being a 19 year old in the army. Android gives me lots of options and ios only has the one

          • Scr-U-gle

            Of course it did, that’s why my wife managed to keep hers for four years without any effort, stress or drama, didn’t need to risk rooting it with some crap third party Version of the OS!?!

            You do realise the iPhone 4 (4th generation) was released when you would have been 14/15! Your mummy and daddy paid son.

            I suggest you check your facts before trying to bullshit us all.

            Just some basic maths would tell you that (from) $350 for upto 18 months of updates, compared to a 5c or 5s with guaranteed minimum of 60 months, have a go at your times tables. That’s 3x$350 ($1,050) is equal to one iPhone that today has better support than a new androne phone from 2015/16.

            Also there is a word for people who falsely claim to be in the military!

            You seem to have forgotten that the pay for being in the military is public knowledge. The lowest paid is $18,378, and with only your cock to keep, what else apart from alcohol and hooker do you spend that on?!? You don’t need to look after your parents, they can afford to buy you iPhones, they must be rich?!?

            Considering you are 19, in the military so wouldn’t have gone to university, have wealthy parents who apparently would let there uneducated middle-class son join at the lowest level, you must have been 17 when you joined up? You could be on upto $28,569.60, no bills, no rent, no food to buy, and remembering you have rich parents who buy you iPhones when you’re at school, you need to come up with a better story than you have, you are rich enough to spend over $1,000 when I spend $600 over the same period.

          • Torquemustache

            Oh my god how long did it take you to write this, I like to hunt, money feeds my obsession and yeah, most of it is savings but don’t you wanna buy a house someday? I just think that’s an unessessary amount of money to spend on a phone, I paid for it myself mowing lawns in the summer because I wanted to afford an iPhone to fit in at school cause yeah, I was 14 you can do math, but since you are saying the iPhone is cheaper at a yearly level maybe I should consider it. I just joined, I worked at different farms before. I haven’t even been in for a full year yet. I’ve never encountered anybody who hates Google this much, did you have a bad experience working for them or something?

          • Armaan Modi


        • taytortot

          Lol, what?

    • taytortot

      Google hasn’t mentioned anything about Chromebooks. Unless you’re talking about Chromecast?

    • Austinfacts

      Everyone look at his username. Don’t take him seriously.

      • Scr-U-gle

        Boohoo, can’t take the truth eh???

  • Sean Koniarz

    Anyone know how to get this to activate? Mine is not showing up but I always use tap to pay

  • Total_telecom

    Seems root cloak doesn’t work on this.

  • Jonathan Kramer

    I just installed the app, added a card but don’t see the promo come up.. The list of stores that accept it could be bigger too

  • DTGstl314

    How pathetic must one’s life be to spend hours on end trolling an Android message board for no apparent reason? I can think of lots of productive uses of my time. Devoting 4 or 5 hours of the day on an iOS forum trying to be the most hated person on the board isn’t one of them.

  • Sam

    Late to this but for reference; I thought U.S. law required prize/reward promos like this Tap 10 include everyone who is eligible (anyone who has a compatible credit card setup on Android Pay on an NFC Android phone) but I am no lawyer. Through Google support chat I got confirmation that users are selected completely randomly and can be selected at anytime during the promo period. However, I doubt there are many people who will be selected at this point in the promo (Mid Feb.). From the support representative: “Even though you do not see the punch card yet, that doesn’t mean you still won’t get it though, so no worries. I would definitely recommend to check back often in your Android Pay app to see if you have been invited to be part of the promotion. If you were not selected this time, no worries! We run new promotions all the time.”