Taking on mobile malware like a ninja (infograpic)

by: Joe HindyJanuary 23, 2013

If something must be done, it’s best to take on that task like a boss. Or like a ninja. Both are perfectly acceptable ways to deal with stuff. However, one problem that’s affecting more and more smartphones is mobile malware. Now there is an infographic that helps you figure out what to do about it.

If you’d rather just get straight to the infographic, you can find it here. It’s quite informative and could help beef up everyone’s knowledge on malware.

It outlines such things as what malware is, where it comes from, and how it gets on your device. There are some statistics, like how over 50% of smartphone owners don’t have any malware protection. Perhaps the most important segment is how to handle it if your phone comes down with malware.

Unlike many infographics, this doesn’t suggest you download any specific anti-virus software or anything. So it doesn’t feel like an advertisement for anti-virus software like most do. Could this infographic be helpful? Let us know if you learned anything new!

  • MasterMuffin

    That infograph was made for iPhone?

  • RarestName

    Malware? What malware? :)

  • I do disagree with it a little, jail breaking a device can make it more secure because you can install patches that the OEM haven’t implemented. Classic example was the Exynos camera issue, it was fixed really quickly on CyanogenMod.

    • raindog469

      I came back here after looking at the infographic just to make the same comment. I’d add that some non-stock ROMs provide opportunities for additional security, like selective permissions that allow you to continue using known-good apps while preventing newly installed apps from accessing SMS, network connections, contacts, etc. Essentially, it’s a second layer of sandboxing not available to unrooted phones. Google’s reasons for not providing it are about developer relations, not security.

      Yes, some kid rooting his phone and then installing a bunch of pirated software is at risk, just as he would be on any other platform. Those of us who trust the XDA developers’ security more than our carriers’, or have a security background, have a lot to gain.

      But I’ve had root on every computer I’ve ever owned and, knock on wood, have never encountered malware. Some of us are just a little less gullible than most.

  • 1ceTr0n

    Staying off porn sites is also a no brainer