Earlier today we reported that the latest YouTube app update allowed you to share and control YouTube videos on your Google TV directly from your favorite Android smartphone or tablet. Not... only is this insanely fun, this is the start of something big. Remember last summer when the Nexus Q launched? Almost immediately the Android and Google TV community collectively wanted these feature...


Google has just released a pretty significant update to the YouTube app for Android that will let users push a YouTube video from their smartphones to their Google TV box. This feature is incredibly easy to use thanks to the inclusion of a “TV” button that is located in the YouTube app on your phone. This button is located just beside the traditional “share” button at the top of the screen.


The highest-ever and fastest-ever jump has not only broken height and speed records for skydiving and manned balloon flight. It also broke records elsewhere. On YouTube, the live coverage of Felix Baumgartner’s near-space jump (23 miles or 39 kilometers high) and supersonic skydiving stunt as part of the Red Bull Stratos project garnered 8 million concurrent views from around the world.

Google Hangouts

A YouTube promotional video posted by Google suggests that a new UI for their “Hangouts” might be in the works. The current UI has a top bar with icons, and lower left bar. As we know it, Hangouts also shows the Google+ logo embedded into the video. The YouTube video clearly showsa different UI. The version shown off briefly in the video has a simplified left bar with icons. Even the embedded Google+ logo has been moved out of the video feed and is now directly above it.