Samsung, being one of the largest manufacturers of screens, is always looking to stay on the bleeding edge of display technology. Screens today are brighter than ever before, and the resolutions are drool worthy, but the underlying principle of slapping some pixels onto a glass substrate hasn’t been changed for decades.


Shortly before the Galaxy Note 2 was released, rumors were rampant that the device might feature a flexible AMOLED display. With Samsung continuing to state that it intends to begin mass producing... these displays, is it possible that we will see a flexible display on an improved version of the Note 2?

In 2011, Samsung wowed CES audiences with demonstrations of a flexible AMOLED display. The imp...

Samsung flexible display

Although they always kind of seemed like a very distant technology to actually become reality, flexible displays are, by all means and purposes, inching ever closer... to their release. The rumors and reports about Samsung’s Youm foldable screens have piled up over the last few months, and another pretty trustworthy source now tells us that these panels could enter...


Just about a year ago, flexible displays seemed like a dream, but things progress quicker than we’ve ever imagined. Samsung has been making waves in the media for a couple of months now, with... its “bendy” panels, and, according to some fresh official claims, there’s already “huge” request for flexible OLED screens.

Kwon Oh-Hyun, Vice Chairman at Samsung Electronics, told the...