Yahoo! Mail on Android being used to send spam

by 2 years ago

Cyber security experts from Microsoft have spotted real-world examples of spam email sent, not from a dedicated spam server, but from Android phones. The spam being sent is the run-of-the-mill type trying to sell fake Rolex watches and other items (which can’t be mentioned in polite conversation) and their existence implies that the spammers have control of an Android based botnet. A botnet is a group of private resources (traditionally desktop PCs or servers) which have been infected with malware. Once infected the spammers can control the device and use it to send spam emails. This way they don’t consume…

Yahoo! Cricket: A must-have app for cricket fans

by 2 years ago

Bat-and-ball games, for some reason, attract a hefty number of fans the world over. Baseball, softball, and cricket are three of the more famous variations of bat-and-ball games, cricket being the most famous. Surprised it’s not baseball? Apparently cricket sits in the second spot as the world’s most popular sport, next to football. The sport’s popularity is mainly due to its large number of fans in India, Australia, and some parts of Asia and Europe. The sport was the brainchild of the British, so it’s really not surprising to know that those areas got hooked with it, since these places…

Yahoo! Brings Flickr App to Android Market

by 2 years ago

The official Android app for Yahoo!’s popular photo service Flickr is now ready for download free from the Android Market. The Flickr app for Android, however, is initially available to only a limited number of countries worldwide and works only for devices with Android 2.1 Eclair upwards. Yahoo! has yet to confirm whether it will be releasing a Flickr app optimized for Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets. Since the Flickr app is relatively new to the Android environment, we could not expect the first versions to work perfectly on some Android devices. But, if it does, you are one of the…

Is the Hulu Sale at Risk?

by 2 years ago

It seems that all of the sudden, the owners of Hulu, may have changed their minds about selling Hulu. Either that, or they want the bid prices to go higher, and this may be a way to do that. Over the past week of bidding, the price gap between what the bidders are offering and what the Hulu owners are willing to accept, has widened. Bids have gone from as low as $500 million, to $2 billion, with the most serious bidders being Google, Amazon, DirecTV Group and DISH Network. Yahoo wanted Hulu badly, too, but seeing how they’re low on…

Yahoo! Music Launches Play for Android: Combines, iTunes, and Shazam

by 3 years ago

Android users can now skip the stock music app with Play, an app developed by Yahoo! for free. Aside from being a music player, Play allows automatic scrobbling to, identifies songs similar to Shazam’s capability, and create playlists depending on a song or a mood, which is iTunes genius. At first look, Play looks bare without the option to purchase songs (Yahoo! says that will follow soon.), or the ability to play from the cloud or from Google Music (It is from Yahoo!, to begin with). However, it has its pros too, like being considerably faster than the Android…

Motorola BACKFLIP on AT&T to use Yahoo!, not Google

by 4 years ago

In a move that might surprise some, it appears that AT&T has had Motorola configure it’s BACKFLIP smartphone to use Yahoo! as the search engine of choice.  Yahoo! and AT&T have an ongoing agreement that stipulates that Yahoo! is the default search engine on AT&T’s MEdia Net web portal. As a result, there’s no voice searching capability on the phone and the Google search homescreen widget is nowhere to be found.  Yahoo is also the default search engine in the BACKFLIP’s web browser.

Palringo multi-service IM client for Android now available

by 5 years ago

Palringo has released a version of its multi-service compatible instant messaging client for the Android platform.  Now available through the Android Market, the Palringo IM client supports many different chatting systems, some of which I’ve listed below: Google Talk MSN Messenger Facebook Yahoo! Messenger AIM iChat QQ Other features of Palringo include the ability to share your location with friends or to send them pictures in just two clicks.  There is also group chat support. The app runs in the background and will notify the user when a new message arrives, just as you would expect it to. The Palringo…

Browser security issues anyone?

by 5 years ago

Apparently, a bunch of users at Android Community are experiencing a hack that redirects them from the Yahoo! homepage to a site that sells anti-virus software.  Are you experiencing this as well?  Leave a comment below! One of the main concerns of Android being open-source is the security.  In the future, we hope that Google will be able to identify and deal with these issues before these exploits become widespread and cause any real damage. [via Android Community]