Must read Android: top 12 stories this week

by 10 months ago

Here’s what’s been going on in your world of Android this week: we got to see the upcoming Nexus, the new iPhones left us mostly unfazed, we discussed the pros and cons of 64-bit chips, Hugo Barra filled us in on his plans at Xiaomi, and got a few more details about the HTC One Max.

Hugo Barra discusses his move to Xiaomi, and why he left Google

Nexus 7
by 10 months ago

In a recent interview with Kara Swisher of All Things D, Hugo Barra was candid about his involvement with Xiaomi, and his reasons for leaving Google. Barra discussed all kinds of things from why the Chinese device manufacturer is so impressive, to his transparent exit strategy from Google.

Xiaomi Zimi expected to be announced on September 5

Xiaomi Invitation
by 11 months ago

Xiaomi has begun sending invitations out for a September 5 announcement, in which the world expects to see a first from the chinese manufacturer. While the announcement is not specific to any device, it’s believed we’ll see the new Xioami Zimi.

Xiaomi made more in Q1 2013 than all of 2012

by 1 year ago

Xiaomi is very popular in China. So much so, that many treat a device release from them as an event, worthy of skipping work for. They have 14 million users in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan combined, which comprises the bulk of their 20 million worldwide users.