Hugo Barra’s three big problems at Xiaomi

Hugo Barra poses with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou
by 4 months ago

It was a busy week for Xiaomi’s head of international expansion, Hugo Barra. Late on Monday, the former Googler posted a picture of himself with Foxconn’s boss and then some 20 hours later, he was in Hong Kong launching Xiaomi’s flagship and announcing a retail partnership with Hutchison’s telecom arm, Three. What are the significance of these two events? Read on to find out.

Xiaomi kicks off global expansion with new Redmi brand

Xiaomi Redmi G+ Teaser
by 5 months ago

In their first international step toward becoming a major global player, Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced their new brand, Redmi, to the world. Redmi, previously known as Hongmi for sales within China, will make its first international sales in Singapore soon.

Hugo Barra’s first week at Xiaomi was ‘intense’

hugo barra at xiaomi
by 9 months ago

Hugo Barra was Google’s Vice President of Product Management for Android but he recently left Mountain View to join the fast growing Chinese handset maker Xiaomi. After his first week on the job it looks like Barra is enjoying the new challenges.

What’s your favorite Android underdog? Who do you root for?

Friday Debate no text
by 9 months ago

On this edition of the Friday Debate, we discuss underdogs. Everyone loves a good underdog story, and the world of tech regularly offers examples of companies that were dismissed as failures, only to prove ultimately naysayers wrong. So, who’s your favorite Android underdog? What company deserves to be on top but isn’t for some reason? Who would you want to see replace Samsung as king of the hill?