XDA releases Android Hacker’s Toolkit book, get it now for $21

xda Android-hacker-toolkit
by 2 years ago

With over 4.5 million registered users, the XDA-Developers community has established itself as one of the strongest and most connected Android hacking online “groups”. And what better way to grow and expand than by helping other, more inexperienced users gain access to this wonderful developing world? That’s probably exactly what Jason Tyler and Will Verduzco asked themselves when they started working on the “XDA Developers’ Android Hacker’s Toolkit” book, released yesterday, and available for purchase both in “physical” and e-book forms. The book intends to be a “complete guide to rooting, ROMs and theming” and is a “simple, one-stop resource…

XDA brings back the S Voice, working again on non-Galaxy S3 devices

galaxy s3 s voice app
by 2 years ago

Droid-Life On Monday, we reported that a leaked Samsung Galaxy S3 ROM became available for download for all, packed with all the goodness of the smartphone’s great features. Not surprisingly, the full Galaxy S3 ROM came from XDA, everybody’s go-to site for all things amazing. As soon as the S3 ROM became available online, one of its key features, the S Voice app, became available for download as well, for all Android users who want to try out the proprietary Samsung voice command app. But most of the users who tried out the app said that it failed to work….

Boost Your Droid Razr’s Life with a Razr MAXX Battery Transplant

by 2 years ago

There isn’t much difference between the Motorola Droid Razr and the Motorola Razr MAXX, although we can say that the latter’s battery performance is ten times better than its younger Razr counterpart. If however, you have the old Motorola Droid Razr but want to get the battery life of the MAXX, you can now do so by taking the battery and the battery door from the Droid Razr MAXX and replace that of the Droid Razr. This has been successfully done by Wardo5757, who is an XDA Senior Member. Now isn’t that enough assurance that he knows exactly what he’s doing?

Beats Audio – What’s All the Fuss About?

by 2 years ago

As you may know, in August 2011, HTC bought the majority ownership of Beats Electronics, the company that makes the favorite high-end headphones of Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, and a bunch of other celebrities. Beats Electronics’ business model is simple – create product, get rapper/basketball player/movie-star endorsement, sell like crazy. But when they paid $300 million for Beats, HTC probably wanted more than just a piece of the niche, albeit lucrative high-end audio equipment market. HTC wanted to take advantage of the valuable Beats brand image. Erick Renko/Flickr Fast forward to MWC 2012. In Barcelona, HTC launched its new generation…

Grand Theft Auto III can Now Be Modified [Plus How to]

by 2 years ago

If you’re a fan of playing Grand Theft Auto III on your Android smartphone or tablet, you’re in for a special treat! Just recently, the hacker community got to discover that the game can be modified on Android devices. Just like the original PC version, GTA III makes use of the same filestructure on the mobile version. If you know how to tinker around and locate your directory for Android/Data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/GTA3 on the internal storage of your device, you can easily download several mods. With the help of the new mod, you can come enhance the graphics display of your game….

Manually update your Nexus One to Android 2.2 Froyo

by 4 years ago

That didn’t take long. The over the air (OTA) update for Froyo on the Nexus One just started last night, and already somebody has found the update file on a Google server (for the T-Mobile version, at least).  The Google link comes from XDA-Developers, and the directions below are taken from an old AndroidCentral post. The safest way to get the Froyo update is to just wait for it to come OTA, of course.  Do the manual update at your own risk…. Download the update zip file from Google. Rename the file to Copy the file onto your…

Android ported to the Windows Mobile-powered HTC Vogue

by 4 years ago

We have to hand it to the folks over at xda-developers, they sure know how to hack an HTC phone. One of  the latest endeavors allows HTC Vogue owners to replace their stock Windows Mobile OS with Android 1.6. The process is not for the faint of heart as Android will completely wipe out Windows Mobile. You can not dual boot and have both operating systems on your phone at the same time. Once you have sampled Android, you can revert back to Windows Mobile if you so desire. This Android 1.6 port is only available for the older HTC Vogue, not…

Android 2.1 ROM with Sense UI leaked for the HTC Hero

by 4 years ago

Those screen shots that showed the HTC Hero running Android 2.1 were a harbinger of better things to come. Instead of merely drooling over Android 2.1 with Sense UI running on someone else’s Hero, you can now experience it first hand. Available now for your downloading and flashing pleasure is an Android 2.1 ROM complete with Sense UI for the HTC Hero, courtesy of xda-developers. If you have a penchant for flashing, then follow the relatively straightforward directions and let us know in the comments how it turns out. [via Engadget]