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How to Make Your Windows 7 Desktop Look Like It’s Running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Alvin YbañezJanuary 31, 2012

Android fans simply love the design and beauty of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s skin. Consumers are allured by the captivating wallpapers, animated icons, the Roboto font, widgets, and every corner found on its skin. Google surely made a piece of art that captivates users to the point that many attempt to make their desktop PCs look exactly like that of Ice Cream Sandwich running on a big screen (e.g., tablet). David Molina, an avid fan of Android did exactly just that.  He customized his Windows 7 desktop and made it look ICS-like.

Here’s how Molina’s desktop looks like (courtesy of 9davidandres on Flickr):

You can also set your Windows 7 desktop [...]

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How to Copy Wi-Fi Profiles from Your PC to Android Phone w/ Wi-Fi PC Sync

by: Paul NuñalJanuary 7, 2012

Remembering wireless access points can be a hassle, most especially when you have tons of access points saved on your computer. Profiles of access points that are encrypted via WPA and WEP security can be hard to memorize if you transfer them from one device to another.

Connecting to the Internet using your mobile phone is very much the same as connecting wirelessly through your computer or laptop. You still have to input the same access point name and security associated with each connection you make. One of the most daunting tasks of many users is that they tend to fail in jotting down their Wi-Fi passwords, causing them to forget their log-in credentials.

If [...]

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Wintel Tablet PC Coming in Q3 2012

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 3, 2012

According to some sources, first-tier PC manufacturers Acer and Lenovo are all set to release tablet PCs. What makes these tablet devices special is that they have been on the success of both platforms, Microsoft Windows 8 and Intel Clover Trail. The target launch of these new devices is set to be on the Q3 of 2012.

“Intel is set to unveil its Medfield processor, designed specifically for Android-based smartphones and tablet PCs, in the first half of 2012. But as Medfield is eclipsed by ARM-based processors in terms of performance and power saving, PC players are putting more hope on Intel’s Clover Trail platform.”

Sources even believe that these Wintel [...]

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Why Can’t Android Manufacturers Just Re-Invent the Wheel?

by: LucianDecember 11, 2011

I’ve just stumbled upon an article on Techcrunch that says much of what I’ve been saying in the past about the whole idea that Apple should have legal monopoly over the tablet market because of some patents or because they happened to make a more desirable tablet than anyone else up to that point.

The thing about the patent system is that it doesn’t account for how businesses are created in the real world. Every now and then you’ll have a company that creates a new “product category”. Well, they actually create a “product” first, but since that product can’t really fit in any existing category, it ends up defining [...]

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Using Plex to Stream Videos to Your Android Device

by: Edmund ApostolDecember 1, 2011
Plex is a streaming media Android app that can support numerous formats and stream videos from your desktop to your mobile device.
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5 Reasons Why it’s too Late for Windows 8 to Challenge the Almighty Android

by: Matthew SabatiniSeptember 22, 2011

Folks, numbers don’t lie. Android OS has taken a clear majority of the smartphone market over the past year and competitors seem to be falling behind. Why is it that Windows 8 is even being considered as a competitor when it now only controls 9% of the Mobile OS Market? Keep reading to hear the top 5 reasons that won’t be happening. 1. Windows Marketplace?

One of the main reasons for choosing one mobile OS over another is it’s app store. While Android and IOS currently boast close to 500,000 apps each, the Windows Marketplace has yet to break the 10,000 mark. This is clearly an area where they must catch-up if they want to stay a competitor.

2. [...]

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Windows Live For Android?

by: Aerol BibatJuly 23, 2011

Well, this is a bit of a surprise. The Windows Team have recently blogged that they’ve given developers access to tools so they can integrate Windows Live on several mobile platforms – one of them being Android.

For those not familiar with it, Windows Live is Microsoft’s own internet suite of tools. If you’ve got an old Hotmail account somewhere, then you’ll probably be able to use it, along with Messenger and SkyDrive. It’s looking to be a seamless integration with an easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is sign-up once and then you can have access to your Live account and have it accessed by third-party apps.

The big [...]

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Mobile phones, PC’s, and the games carriers play

by: Darcy LaCouveeJanuary 25, 2011

If you’re not familiar with what ‘rooting’ your phone means or what root access gives you, it’s not really that different from being a complete Administrator of an account a PC. Without having administrative rights, you are limited in what you can to the computer itself. If you were to bring a phone into a carrier’s location they would not be obligated to support you and your issues if you have ‘rooted’ the device. In the same breath these carriers are selling laptops, netbooks, notebooks or whatever the hip marketing term happens to be at that moment (I am going with “notebook”), with windows installed that have administrator accounts that have the highest elevation of access [...]

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Android not enough for Motorola

by: James TromansFebruary 22, 2010

Despite literally being pulled from the fires of failure by Android, Motorola have opted to speak out about their desires to push their own new OS as CEO Sanjay Jha clearly puts it; “If I had more money for R&D, I’d be developing an operating platform.” Indeed, Jha states that Motorola require diversity in their portfolio, something I think anyone could agree with. When discussing the possibility about a Windows Phone 7 Jha says, “I’m open to it…I think I need diversity in our portfolio.”

Motorola had a great time of it when they were the first to release an Android based 2.X device. An aggressive marketing campaign saw that the Motorola Droid really did do very well on [...]

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Android 2.0 on HTC Touch HD

by: James TromansJanuary 13, 2010

Ever since I used the Samsung Omnia i8910HD I’ve been investigating the success of Android ports to this device. For me, a version Android supporting 720p video recording afforded by the hardware on this device, along with some of the new features found in Android 2.0, would be perfect. Unfortunately on this occasion I have missed out to the HTC Touch HD. It seems to be the case that Windows based devices are getting the Android treatment before Symbian.

The non-English speaking video below shows what appears to be a fully functional HTC Touch HD running Android 2.0. Typically, the primary difficulties lie in getting the radio, WiFi, etc. to work, but this appears to have been [...]

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