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Microsoft developing service transfer Android apps to WP

by: AdrianMay 21, 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has been released for more than a year and a half, but it has struggled to become a worthy competitor to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. The small number of devices running WP, as well as the relatively poor ecosystem have led to sales of just 2.7 million Windows Phone gadgets in Q1 2012. The mobile operating system powered only 2.6 percent of the smartphones sold worldwide in the first three months of 2012, which is disappointing for a product developed by a company that is so used to dominating markets.

While the poor sales will probably go on for a while, as far as apps go, Microsoft is [...]


LG bids Windows Phone adieu, plans to focus on Android [Update: Denied]

by: Bams SadewoMay 1, 2012


With Windows Phone failing to make a dent in the smartphone market, at least in its pre-Nokia Lumia 900 days, some phone manufacturers are getting uncomfortable with the special relationship between Microsoft and Nokia. One supporter of the platform is even going so far as to stop releasing Windows Phone altogether.

LG Electronics, South Korea’s second largest phone manufacturer and a loyal supporter of Microsoft’s Windows Phone from the beginning, told Korea Herald that they are not going to release any Windows Phone in the near future. Claiming that the company hasn’t reaped any financial benefits from partnering with Microsoft, the spokesperson said that [...]


Steve Wozniak loves Windows Phone, thinks it’s better than Android

by: Bams SadewoApril 30, 2012

For people who consider the words of Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and geek extraordinaire, as law, you might want to know what “the Woz” thinks of Windows Phone devices in comparison to Android phones and the iPhones. Upon announcing to the world via his Twitter account that he has picked up the flagship Nokia Lumia 900 phone, Wozniak apparently had nice things to say about the $99.99 device.

Talking to A New Domain, Wozniak professed his love for the Windows phone and how he’d prefer it over Android phones “just for looks and beauty”. He said it was shocking to see how apps appear on the phone’s screen and how they are “much more beautiful than the same apps on [...]


Windows Phone Marketing GM quits after 5 months, got “smoked by Windows Phone”

by: Bams SadewoApril 19, 2012

When Gavin Kim joined Microsoft to become the GM of Marketing for Windows Phone, big expectations were set from the get go. Fresh from Kim’s successful stint in Samsung, Microsoft had hopes that the former Samsung executive could help bring Windows Phone to the top of mind of customers, so the pressure was on. Fast forward to today, and Kim has decided to call it quits after just five months on the job. Uh oh.

A spokesperson for Microsoft confirmed the news to ZDNet, saying that “Gavin Kim has made a personal decision to leave Microsoft.”  The official statement also said that, “We feel very good about the work he has done to set the team.” Eugene Ho has been chosen to [...]


If Windows Phone takes off, who will lose market share?

by: Mike AndriciApril 13, 2012

I’ve been writing about Android since the release of the first smartphone to run the OS, the HTC Dream (those of you from the US might know it as the T-Mobile G1), back in October 2009. At the time, I must have read about a hundred articles by authors of all calibers, all arguing why Android didn’t stand a chance to become what it is today: the largest smartphone OS in the world by market share.

But despite the fact that I’m a big Android fan who honestly believes that Android is the best mobile OS out there, I’m not going to make the same mistake that all those writers did back in 2009. I am not going to let my preferences get it in the way of observing how [...]


Is Nokia’s $99 Lumia 900 a threat to Android?

by: Bams SadewoMarch 26, 2012

Nokia’s flagship device, the Lumia 900 smartphone, is set to hit AT&T stores on April 8. After being out of the limelight for so long, does the Lumia 900 offer enough incentives for buyers to put Nokia – and to a certain extent, Microsoft – back on the smartphone map in the US and the rest of the world?

It’s quite telling how both companies are craving to have a bonafide hit on their hands as the Nokia Lumia 900 is positioned at a competitive $100 price point with a two-year contract. Despite its dominant global presence – and ever dwindling numbers in terms of market share and mind share – one would be wise to add that Nokia has never conquered US soil. [...]

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