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Biggest flops of the year in mobile

by: Simon HillDecember 10, 2012
Join us as we discuss the epic fails of mobile tech in 2012. These are the devices, platforms, apps and features that promised much and delivered little.
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Nokia launches Windows Phone based Lumia 510 for those on a budget

by: Gary SimsOctober 24, 2012
Although Nokia has released details of its upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones, it is still releasing phones based on the older version of Windows Phone. In this case, the just launched Lumia 510 runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. The new Lumia 510 is aimed at the low-end of the smartphone market and really isn't going to be a threat to anything that Samsung, HTC or Sony are shipping.The entry-level smartphone does have one thing going for it though, it features a 4-inch display which was unexpected as the Lumia 610 and Lumia 710 both have 3.7-inch displays. All three phones have a screen resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. However, besides the display the phone is definitely low-end. [...]
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IDC: Android rules the world market with 59% share, Apple second with 23%

by: Bams SadewoMay 25, 2012

Mobile phone tracker firm IDC has released the latest numbers of worldwide smartphone shipment for the first quarter of the year. This period has all but confirmed the dominance of two particular mobile platforms, Android and iOS. The dynamic duo secured a combined 82% share of the 152.3 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2012 and made it tougher for other mobile platforms, such as Symbian, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7/ Windows Mobile, to stop falling further down the chart.

Smartphones running Android OS were at the top of the heap, with more than 59% market share. Samsung emerged as the dominant player in the Android universe, and was the biggest contributor to the [...]

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Not even Android can save Nokia now

by: RandyMay 18, 2012

How many of us first started with Nokia? I’m willing to bet that for most of you, a Nokia device was your first mobile phone. Having ‘grown up’ with Nokia phones, I’ve since made the graceful hop to Android, and it’s never been better. That being said, I still think back fondly, almost like an adolescent love relationship that all of us have had – and still cherish in my heart the time we spent together. However, this broken love is just a remnant from the past, and I, and the market, have affirmed their love for Android. Not everyone has plunged into the ever growing world of Android though, as we are still hearing cases [...]

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Windows Phone: 70k available apps, but are they enough to take on Android, iOS?

by: Mike AndriciMarch 26, 2012

Although the features, the UI, and the general experience matter a lot when it comes to choosing the “right” smartphone operating system, for many people the choice boils down to the number and quality of apps available for each OS. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has recently surpassed RIM’s BlackBerry store when it comes to the total number of available apps, although the comparison with RIM’s Blackberry OS (with its major downfall over the past few years) is not something to make WP7 users particularly proud. Although the number of apps available for Windows Phone 7 recently went north of 70k, that’s no match for roughly the half of million apps available for [...]

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Galaxy Nexus defeats Windows Phone. Windows Phone still declared to be “winning” [Updated]

by: Ankit BanerjeeMarch 26, 2012

In a market dominated by iOS and Android devices, it’s difficult for a new, or in the case of Windows Phone 7, improved OS, to accumulate any solid following. Just ask Microsoft and Nokia. In spite of all their marketing efforts, the two companies have found it hard to convince significant numbers of customers that Windows Phone is the way to go. But that doesn’t prevent them for trying.

Microsoft has gone as far as to launch the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge, a $100 challenge first seen at CES 2012, where they invited owners of iOS and Android devices to take part in random speed tests, such as taking a picture and posting it to Facebook, [...]

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Nokia’s CEO takes on Android and quad-core smartphones

by: Mike AndriciMarch 17, 2012

In a couple of gray-hat marketing moves dating back to the end of January, Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, first bashed the Android ecosystem, decrying its fragmentation, then went on to claim that quad-core smartphones are uncalled for, as they drastically reduce battery life.

In a Pocket-lint interview published back in mid-January, Elop was quick to point out that Nokia has a strong desire to differentiate their future smartphones as an alternative to both the iPhone and Android smartphones. He also left the impression that Nokia aims to further strengthen its association with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS. Moving on to pick on their biggest competitor, Android, Nokia’s [...]

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