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Acer to cut back on Windows Mobile, beef up Android lineup in 2010

by: Susan ElleryNovember 28, 2009

Acer A1 Liquid

Acer jumped head first into the smartphone market in 2009, releasing close to 10 handsets with only one, the A1 Liquid, running the Android OS. The A1’s status as Acer’s only Android handset in the midst of a a plethora of Windows Mobile handsets may soon change. According to Aymar de Lencquesaing, head of Acer’s mobile phone division, Acer will be offering a “much more balanced” portfolio in 2010, citing the momentum behind Android as the reason for this shift away from Windows Mobile. Doing the math, we can expect to see an additional 4-5 Acer-branded Android handsets in the upcoming year.

[via [...]

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Adobe Flash 10 for Android not coming this month – or anytime soon

by: Michael OrylOctober 5, 2009

Today Adobe announced that it plans on releasing developer versions and, later,  open beta versions of its Flash Player 10.1 for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS smartphones by the end of this year, but that Android won’t even get a beta until sometime next year – 2010.

That’s a far cry from what we heard from the company in June, which led folks to believe that we’d see the Open Screen Project’s Flash 10 player for smartphones, including Android, this month.  Heck, now it is saying that it won’t be until next year when Android gets even a beta version of Flash 10.1 (I don’t know what happened to Flash 10.0 on smartphones, [...]

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HTC Touch HD 2 to run Android?

by: James TromansSeptember 7, 2009

Register Hardware are attending IFA and have apparently learned something rather interesting for us Android enthusiasts. The HTC Touch HD, released last year, is due for an upgrade, but it won’t ship with Windows Mobile.

If we back up a moment, the Touch HD is still considered a high-end device, and packs a huge 3.8’’ touch-screen display and all the higher-end connectivity options, including a 3.5mm headphone jack. However, not one to hang about, HTC are readying the Touch HD 2. According to Register Hardware, HTC told them directly at the event that the new Touch HD 2 will run the Android OS.

A separate source “familiar with HTC’s plans” also suggested that [...]

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SPB TV provides streaming TV from around the world to Android

by: Michael OrylAugust 27, 2009

SPB TV for Android

I’ve been a fan of SPB TV on the Windows Mobile platform for some time now, so I was pleasantly surprised to hear from SPB that it has ported the application to the Android platform.

The application provides streaming access to digital TV channels from all over the world.  Not all channels, but a nice selection of channels from around the world in many different languages.  The free version has some functionality removed and fewer channels, but is certainly a worthwhile download.  The full version costs US$9.99 and offers many different channels.

The best part?  No subscription fees.

You’ll need an [...]

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CompuLab shows off dual-booting Android powered Exeda

by: Michael OrylJanuary 13, 2009

CompuLab Exeda

Well, we certainly didn’t see this one while roaming the halls at CES, but CompuLab has announced the Exeda, a smartphone that the company claims can boot up into either Windows Mobile or Android, depending on the user’s preference.

There’s all sorts of oddness going on in this design, as you can see.  It features no d-pad, but separate up/down and left/right controls.  There’s also a touchpad, of the type you’d find on laptops, for cursor control (like the optical joystick found on the Samsung Omnia, I’d wager).

And while there is an obvious ‘back’ button, there are no [...]

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Video of the Chinese market HKC Pearl running Android

by: Michael OrylDecember 23, 2008

The Chinese version of Engadget has posted photos of a device called the HKC Pearl running the Android OS.  The interesting thing?  It also appears to run Windows Mobile as well.  We’ve got photos and a video of the phone running Android after the jump.

The device appears to feature a 2.8″ QVGA touchscreen display, a trackball for navigation, a 624MHz CPU, 256MB of ROM, and 128MB of RAM.  It also appears to be a quad-band GSM/EDGE device, features WiFi and GPS support, sports a 1250mAh battery, and weighs 128g while measuring 109.1mm x 59mm x 15.5mm in size.  A microSDHC compatible card slot also appears to be built-in, and it looks like it has a 2 megapixel camera [...]

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How to run Android on your HTC Touch

by: James TromansDecember 11, 2008

Over at the xda-developers forum, someone has managed to get Android ‘ported’ to the HTC Touch, (before you get confused, know that the CDMA Touch is commonly referred to by its codename of Vogue). Obviously, this device was never designed to run Android, yet it appears to do so with little to no fuss. Sure, not everything is working right away – for example Bluetooth, GPS, and USB are still missing and the User Interface doesn’t fit 100% properly into the QVGA display – but overall it is a very successful application of Android and emphasizes how flexible the OS can be.

The best part is that you can try it at home without really having to stress about it going wrong. You can [...]

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Flash Player on Android? Yes indeed.

by: Nicholas AhnNovember 17, 2008

As if the title didn’t say it all: today Adobe announced a port of its Flash Player 10 for Android phones.  In their demonstration at their MAX event, a T-Mobile G1 was said to have been shown running flash.  The release of a flash player for Android marks the collapse of yet another barrier that marked the line between mobile and desktop grade browsing.

In addition to announcing Flash Player for Android, Adobe announced the upcoming release of Flash Player 10 for Windows Mobile 7.  You can already hear the iPhone users sighing.

Update June 22, 2009: Adobe has confirmed Flash Player 10 for Android is coming in October.

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It’s official: Motorola drops Linux Java and Symbian UIQ, embraces Android

by: Darcy LaCouveeOctober 30, 2008

In the company’s quarterly earnings call, Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed that he is reducing the number of cell phone platforms that his company supports.  Symbian OS and the UIQ user interface, as seen on devices like the Motorola Z10, will no longer be used except for devices that the company has already committed to building.  Motorola’s own Linux Java platform (originally called JUIX) suffers the same fate.

Jha said that his company will use Windows Mobile and Android for its mid-tier and high-end handsets for both consumers and enterprise.  That’s great news for newcomer Android.

The less good news is that the first Motorola Android phone [...]

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HTC’s John Wang says Android and Windows Mobile are complementary

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 30, 2008

Taiwan’s DigiTimes has posted a brief story on HTC’s CMO (chief marketing officer), John Wang. In the story Wang says that the Android platform and the Windows Mobile platform are complementary in nature.

Windows Mobile and Android handsets form separate ecosystems with their own merits and advantages. The former provide users with high performance, interoperability and a large library of applications, while the later give handset design companies and developers more flexibility.

He also argues that the future success of Android will not be built upon its open source nature, but rather the platform’s innovation.

[via SlashPhone]

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