Your wish is their command: Razer announces Project Fiona crowdsourced specs, still no ETA

by 1 year ago

We’ve probably heard the “created for the people by the people” marketing gimmick used at least a few dozen times in the past years or so, but no one took that approach as literally as Razer. The small computer peripherals manufacturer unveiled the bold “Project Fiona” gaming tablet prototype back at CES 2012 and then left it all up to the public’s will.

Intel hosting Windows 8 tablet event on September 27, will also detail Clover Trail

Windows 8 tablet
by 1 year ago

Microsoft’s marketing efforts for Windows 8 tablets started with a big bang at the IFA, where a bunch of gadgets were officially unveiled, and they’ll continue with an Intel press event scheduled for September 27. The event might not sound like a big deal at first, considering that we aren’t expecting many new products to be on display. However, we’re not only going to hear from Intel, but also from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and ZTE at the press conference.

Microsoft Surface Windows 8/RT tablets unveiled: specs, features, release date and pricing

by 2 years ago

Microsoft on Monday unveiled its first tablets ever, a Windows 8 and a Windows RT machine that are both going to be known henceforward as Microsoft Surface. The name seems awfully familiar not only because an earlier report suggested the product will be called Xbox Surface, but also because the company has coined the “Surface” term long ago, although at the time it described a touch-based product that was about the same size of a tablet. We have recently wondered what operating system the new Microsoft tablet will run, as some sources suggested the device may not be a Windows…

Could Windows 8 tablets arrive too late to matter?

Windows 8 Tablet
by 2 years ago

As Android seems bound to overtake the tablet market share crown from the iPad, there’s a new contender on the horizon: Microsoft’s Windows 8. Granted, the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 seems to show that Microsoft did their best and have developed a decent OS, not to mention the impressive hardware announced for the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. But, it’s not all pink butterflies, as there are some that believe there’s a chance that Microsoft’s tablet OS will arrive too late to a very competitive party. One of those people is Alan Masarek, CEO of QuickOffice (the developers of the…