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Sprint may purchase wireless startup FreedomPop

by: William Neilson JrNovember 12, 2014
Sprint is in talks to possibly purchase or invest in FreedomPop.
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A wireless carrier is already pushing bogus 5G technology

by: William Neilson JrAugust 19, 2014
Wireless operators have begun marketing 4G as 5G.
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LTE guide: what LTE is, how it works, and how it affects you

by: Nate SwannerJanuary 10, 2013
Terms like 4G and LTE have been tossed around with abandon the past year or so. Every carrier is either touting their LTE network, or promising you’ll have it soon. LTE is definitely our future, but it’s not our present. We are on the brink of some really fast data transmission speeds, so let’s get to know our new friend LTE. Is it really the new Standard? More importantly, when will you get it?
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Sprint buys out Clearwire shareholder and takes controlling share of the WiMax company

by: Joe HindyOctober 18, 2012
In a move that no one can really explain, Sprint bought out the shares of Eagle River Holdings recently to give them a controlling share of Clearwire. Best known as the guys who gave Sprint WiMax, Clearwire is now controlled by Sprint, who owns. 50.8% of the shares. Why has Sprint bought Clearwire? The answer isn't known.
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Pay-as-you-go 4G data launching at FreedomPop, 500MB free every month

by: Simon HillOctober 1, 2012
How about 500MB of 4G data for free every month? That's what FreedomPop is offering and beyond your allowance it's a pay-as-you-go proposition at $10 per gigabyte.
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Sprint: No More WiMax Phones, Focusing on LTE

by: AlexanderJanuary 16, 2012

There was so much news last week at CES, there is still more news trickling down to us. Sprint said last week at CES that their focus is now on LTE and producing LTE devices, meaning they are done with WiMax. You might remember back in the spring of 2010, Sprint was the first to market a 4G device, the HTC EVO 4G, although it was WiMax 4G and not LTE 4G. Which as we now know WiMax didn’t pan out like the way Sprint wanted.

Sprint is now in the process of migrating their WiMax coverage over to LTE which is what Verizon and AT&T are already using for their 4G networks. LTE has now become the standard in wireless, with half of the major US carriers already having it [...]

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Sprint LTE Set to Land in 2012 – New Phones On the Way Too

by: Matthew SabatiniDecember 11, 2011

Just recently, we wrote an article about all of the U.S. LTE wireless providers. It was easy to tell that Verizon had a firm grip on the LTE market in America. However, almost every other provider behind Verizon was either working on an LTE network, or building upon its current 4G network. However, Sprint, America’s third most popular wireless provier, was not working on an LTE network to our knowledge at the time of the article’s publication. Instead, Sprint had decided to lengthen their WiMAX deal with Clearwire. As soon as you think that Sprint is going to stay with WiMAX forever, their CFO begins to tell the public otherwise.

Sprint CFO Joe Euteneuer [...]

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Our Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint video review – part 1

by: Michael OrylAugust 18, 2010

Not much to say here, since I say it all in the video. Here’s part 1 of our Samsung Epic 4G smartphone video review.  Part 2 will be coming along in the next day or so.

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Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S phone launching August 31 for $250

by: Derek ScottAugust 12, 2010

Samsung Epic 4G

Today Sprint announced availability and pricing info for its second 4G WiMAX smartphone, the Samsung Epic 4G, a Galaxy S smartphone. The Epic 4G will be available August 31 in all Sprint stores, as well as in RadioShack, Best Buy, and Walmart here in the States. Sprint stores will open at 8am on August 31 and the phone will cost $249.99 with a 2 year contract, after a $100 mail-in rebate.

To reserve your Samsung Epic 4G, head here.

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Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G breaks records, gets reviewed by us

by: Michael OrylJune 7, 2010

HTC EVO 4G for Sprint

Sprint said this morning that it’s opening day sales of the the HTC EVO 4G broke the previous records set by the Palm Pre and Samsung Instinct.  The carrier also said that the 3 day sales total for the EVO were triple those put forth by the Instinct and Pre.  So it seems that in spite of the lack of WiMAX coverage in most of the country, people just can’t resist that massive 4.3-inch touchscreen display.


Our Todd Haselton did a full review on the EVO 4G and I posted it on yesterday afternoon. Not unexpectedly, he liked the device quite a bit, but was put off by the lack of 4G [...]

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