The legal battle between Microsoft and Motorola just had some gasoline added to it after Motorola requested Microsoft give them a share of their new Surface’s profits. Today, in the opening salvo of Motorola’s suit against Microsoft, the phone maker’s lawyers brought up the Microsoft Surface and claimed that the device’s Wi-Fi technology infringes Motorola’s patents.

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While mobile data speeds are getting faster and faster, many users will still prefer to connect through WiFi networks, especially if the underlying infrastructure has a better quality and speed than the usual 3G or 4G connection. Companies like Google and Microsoft are vying for access to unused spectrum in some regions, in order to offer wide-area WiFi access to users.


So here’s the scenario: You have your own home network. It’s never been compromised as far as you know and it’s basically for sharing connections with tablets and smart-phones. Your WiFi hub is dutifully spitting out and receiving packets. One day, you get a notice from the MPAA saying you have a DMCA violation. They note they found it through your open WiFi network. Illegal? Not according to one federal judge in Illinois.


Wireless networks are usually limited in terms of speed, mostly due to power limitations in small devices. Researchers from the A*STAR Institute of Microelectronics (IME), however, have found a way to boost WiFi speeds up to 200 times — or up to 20 Gbps.

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Sick of depending on WiFi and/or phone tethering? We might have some good news for you – Asus and Google are apparently working on a Nexus 7 3G version, that is currently in production. We’ll you buy one or is WiFi just fine with you? Learn more after the break.

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Over the past couple of weeks, an increasing number of reports surfaced online regarding a construction flaw in the HTC One X’ design that leads to faulty WiFi signal reception in some units.

As... pointed out by multiple users from XDA-Developers, the problem lies within the hardware and not the software. HTC One X units that showcase this problem can be squeezed to increase the strength of the WiFi...